32 YouTube Challenges You Must Try In 2024


YouTube challenges are a great way for both new and seasoned YouTubers to strengthen their audience and attract new visitors to subscribe. 

They are also a great way to make others laugh. A lot of YouTubers start their trend of bringing challenges into life, while others follow that same trend.

Another great thing about challenges is that they usually don’t require high-end equipment to record and are happening on the go. 

Additionally, they will be easier to record while making a lot of people laugh in the process.

If you’re creative enough, a good idea for your YouTube challenge could kickstart your YouTube career. Not just that, it’d probably inspire many others to do the same or come up with similar content.

Why are YouTube challenges important? 

For one, they are usually extremely funny and will easily keep your attention high. They can also help you build your network by collaborating with other YouTubers and interacting with your audience.

If you don’t have ideas for a good challenge, don’t worry. We researched and compared different YouTube challenges throughout the years. 

We compiled our favorite results below, so you can check out some of the funniest and most popular videos present on YouTube.

Best YouTube Challenges to Try Out

Let’s dig in together with the most popular YouTube video challenges you can come across in 2021. Some may be older, but they’re worth trying. 

We found challenges that are categorized differently. Most of them are related to food, although there are a lot of fun endeavors that don’t include it.

Let’s dig in together with the most popular YouTube challenges you can come across in 2020. Some may be older, but they’re worth trying. We found challenges that are categorized differently. Most of them are related to food, although there are a lot of fun endeavors that don’t include it.

Bean Boozled Challenge

Do you remember the jelly beans from the Harry Potter movies?

As you may know, they come in different flavors, some of which are extremely delicious, while others, not so much. 

The same jelly beans inspired the Bean Boozled challenge, which is one of the most popular challenges on YouTube.

Many YouTubers tried out the Beanboozled Mystery Bean Set which you can find on Amazon or local grocery stores. Some were surprised by the good flavor, while others were disgusted. 

Some of them may taste like buttered popcorn or coconut, while others can come as bad as spoiled milk, toothpaste, or even barf.

Watching the reactions of different YouTubers is hilarious and keeps the audience engaged. It also contributes to better organic reach. With that in mind, the Bean Boozled challenge is not hard and anyone can try it out.

Keep in mind, either go big or go home!

Chubby Bunny Challenge

Chubby Bunny Challenge also holds the score for its popularity and made its name as a classic and must try by every new YouTuber emerging to the scene. 

After all, it’s a game that has been popular for a long time before YouTube. The key point of this challenge is to try saying “Chubby Bunny” while your mouth is full of candy – usually marshmallows or the actual chubby bunny candies.

Of course, your mouth won’t be full immediately. You start with a single candy or a marshmallow, which is fairly easy. But there are multiple rounds and as long as you can say “Chubby Bunny” then you add another candy. Gradually, the game gets more difficult, it’s a challenge after all.

The goal is to be able to say “Chubby Bunny” as long as your mouth is full. Those who can’t last long enough lose.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s never a good idea to stuff your mouth with candies and try to speak consecutively. Filling your mouth with the chubby bunny marshmallows can cause a choking hazard and potentially lead to death. 

With that in mind, play it carefully and safely. Winning isn’t the point if you’re unsafe or choking.

Eat It or Wear It Challenge

This challenge isn’t for picky eaters, so better get ready, both physically and mentally. And oh, it’s not only about the taste. 

You should try wearing some older or weary clothes so you wouldn’t be sad about potentially damaged clothes once the filming is finished.

How does it work?

You can put different foods in different bags. It’s important for the bags not to be transparent so that others can’t see what’s inside them. After that, you put the number on the bags and let other participants pick their number.

Once the number is picked, the challenge is to eat the foods hidden in the bags with a certain number. For some, it could be a yummy meal while for others it can be yuck. If you refuse to eat the meal tucked in the bags, you will have to wear it.

Keep in mind that the food is usually supposed to be yucky, so you’ll likely end up wearing more things than eating. Still, the winner is the person who chose to eat more than wear. 

The challenge may spark surprise, excitement but also disgust. It’s not easy for those with picky tastes and a sensitive stomach.

It’s worth mentioning that picking the right food is of utmost importance. Some YouTubers or general participants in the challenge could be allergic to certain types of foods like eggs, so make sure that everyone is comfortable with the challenge they’ll get.

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Cinnamon Challenge

If you thought that this is a baking challenge, we’re afraid it’s not. This challenge has little to do with cooking, but a lot with how much you like cinnamon. 

This challenge was a popular game for a long time and migrated to YouTube over the last years. It’s still popular so a lot of YouTubers still practice it.

The point of the challenge is to put a spoonful of ground or powdered cinnamon. The catch? Well, there’s no water. The point is to make the least disgusted reaction, although the viewers will find them hilarious either way.

Although reactions can be extremely funny, the cinnamon challenge may not be funny to people who have asthma. The cinnamon powder can lead to suffocation which is why it’s not advised to people who have breathing problems, including asthma.

Luckily, we listed a lot more interesting challenges that you and your friends could find interesting to try out on YouTube. 

It’s extremely popular on YouTube, although not attempting it doesn’t mean you can’t put up with other equally popular challenges.

Ghost Pepper Challenge

Extra-hot peppers are usually seen in movies and cartoons, but for the Ghost Pepper Challenge, they can become a reality. 

The ghost pepper is one of the hottest peppers in the world. Given its dreadful reputation, a lot of YouTubers attempted the infamous challenge, dropping a lot of sweat.

The challenge sees its participants eating the ghost pepper and then filming their reaction. 

A lot of YouTubers who like eating hot and spicy food saw it as hard a challenge until filming the experience themselves. Ghost peppers have an extremely intense and overwhelming taste and a lot of people hardly put up against the challenge.

If you want to take place in one of the most intense YouTube challenges, we suggest you watch a few videos first. 

Based on people’s reactions, you should be able to estimate if this challenge is good for you or not. If you think you’ll struggle, keep a glass of milk nearby. Also, don’t forget to look for methods to soothe the effect online.

Baby Food Challenge

After the Ghost Pepper Challenge, the Baby Food Challenge looks innocent and soothing. 

After all, what can go wrong with eating baby food? 

We all did it. 

The challenge is nothing but trying out different flavors of baby food and giving a quick review of it with your reactions. Even Amazon is full of different baby food brands that offer meals your little ones will love.

But, if you want to make the challenge a bit more, well, challenging, you can group up with your friends and explore different baby meals. You can take a few elements from the “Eat It or Wear It Challenge.” 

For example, you can put the foods in different bags and have your friends try it out without knowing what’s inside. We’re certain that the reactions will be hilarious.

Pizza Challenge

Pizza, a glorious Italian dish, that took over the world with a great variety of flavors is now taking over YouTube with the popular Pizza Challenge. It’s fairly simple, but probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s best to do it in groups, where you experiment and compete with each other to bake a unique pizza with the ingredients you pick. Similar to other challenges, the result can be extremely delicious or utterly disgusting.

The pizza that tastes the best or the least yucky wins the game. If you do it in groups, make sure to get some of the most contradicting ingredients to make it a fun challenge. Also, don’t forget to film your reactions.

McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

McDonald’s Roulette Challenge is a great way to test out your luck. The challenge is full of action because you and your friends will have to go through different McDonald’s drive-through without knowing what you’ll order.

When asked what you’d like to order, you need to order exactly what the person ahead of you ordered. For die-hard fans of McDonald’s and foodies, ordering from one of the largest fast-food chains in the world shouldn’t be too hard. 

However, if the person ahead ordered something you don’t like, you may be a little disappointed.

Also, if you’re alone, perhaps it’ll be a little too challenging to eat a meal for 5 if the person ahead of you ordered the meal for their family. Regardless of whether you like McDonald’s or not, we’re sure that you’re going to have fun shooting this challenge, and so will the viewers.

Smoothie Challenge

Smoothies came as a healthy diet variant for a lot of hustlers out there. 

While they’re most delicious and suited for everyone’s preferences, some smoothies may not taste so good. If you’re a hardcore lover of smoothies, you should partake in this challenge.

How does it work? 

You have to pick a total of 20 ingredients. The first 10 should be the ingredients you love, while the other 10 must be the ones you hate. You can probably guess the rest of the challenge, but we’ll tell you anyway.

Keep in mind it’s better to do this challenge with your friends. After picking the ingredients, you need to place them in a bowl, and let other players pick random ingredients in the bowl to make a smoothie. Similarly, with other challenges, you’ll either love it or hate it.

10.000 kCal Challenge

Smoothies came as a healthy diet variant for a lot of hustlers out there. 

While they’re most delicious and suited for everyone’s preferences, some smoothies may not taste so good. If you’re a hardcore lover of smoothies, you should partake in this challenge.

How does it work? 

You have to pick a total of 20 ingredients. The first 10 should be the ingredients you love, while the other 10 must be the ones you hate. You can probably guess the rest of the challenge, but we’ll tell you anyway.

Keep in mind it’s better to do this challenge with your friends. After picking the ingredients, you need to place them in a bowl, and let other players pick random ingredients in the bowl to make a smoothie. Similarly, with other challenges, you’ll either love it or hate it.

Big Meal Challenge

Although the Big Meal Challenge also sees an abnormal amount of food being eaten in a short amount of time, it may not be as unhealthy as eating 10.000 calories a day. It depends on the one who attempts it. 

Still, if you want to eat a really big meal and shoot it, better make it presentable so it looks like a really large meal.

There are a lot of options out there, as well as ways for you to get creative with the challenge. If you don’t prepare the big meal yourself, you can always eat out. A lot of restaurants offer challenging meals which, if eaten in the estimated amount of time can be free of charge.

This is a great way for you and your friends to partake in the big meal challenge, while the restaurant also will get great marketing and expand its reach.

The Hungry Hippo Challenge

The Hungry Hippo Challenge was inspired by the original game from 1978 for 2 to 4 players who use hippos to take up the balls. Similarly, with the old game, The Hungry Hippo Challenge sees 2 to 4 players slurping in the small candy such as Skittles or M&Ms and then putting them in cups next to them.

The winner is decided based on the candy count inside the cup. It’s not a hard challenge, and it can be extremely relaxing while providing a lot of fun for your friends and you. 

Perhaps, shooting a video on the challenge will encourage all generations to reminisce about the classic game.

Pancake Art Challenge

Not all challenges include doing crazy stuff to win. Some can be artistic and creative. One of such challenges is the Pancake Art Challenge. 

Have you ever seen those cool videos on social media where artists make pancakes with a print of Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, or animals? 

This challenge is quite similar.

You and other people can compete on making the best pancake art. The one who makes a more creative piece wins. If you have difficulty deciding who’s the winner, you can leave it to your viewers and count the votes after uploading the video.

Singing Gargle Challenge

This challenge is so funny it could easily bring tears to your eyes. If you feel enthusiastic about trying it out, let us tell you that it’s nowhere near easy. 

The challenge consists of drinking a small sip of water or some other drink that will allow you to easily gargle.

After that, you need to try to sing a song while gargling. The person you’re competing with, or group of friends, needs to guess what song you’re singing. If they do, they win.

The challenge is entertaining and can easily make you burst into a laugh, especially if the person who is gargling does it in a rather funny way, or you guess the wrong song.

However, if you’re not careful enough, you may spill the water and splash everyone, or even worse, start choking.

Extreme Sour Candy Challenge

This challenge could bring you back to the childhood and memory of cheap, super-sour candy while making you laugh in the process. You can gather a group of friends and take the challenge of tasting sour candies and filming each other’s reactions. 

Sour candy can be quite hard to swallow, and making silly faces of disgust is inevitable.

But, the game isn’t fun if you won’t search for the sourest candies there are. There are plenty of options in any grocery store behind the corner. Still, we think you should search for some brands online or visit Amazon. 

Another option is to watch other YouTubers who participated in the challenge and see if you can get similar candy as they had.

Brand Name vs. Generic Brand Challenge

There are a lot of snacks and other foods that look surprisingly similar to some branded candies or snacks. With that in mind, a lot of times we find ourselves comparing them and wondering why they taste so different. 

This simple comparison can be turned into a fun YouTube challenge where you and your friends are tasting a brand name candy as well as a generic brand candy.

Those who can tell the original from the imitation wins the challenge. Although you may feel a little overwhelmed by some taste or end up not liking what you try out, you can use this challenge to sharpen your sense of taste.

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Saltine Cracker Challenge

Saltine challenge sounds like something quick and easy to get over with, but if you take a look at YouTubers who attempted this challenge, you’ll see that it gets much harder than that.

These thin, salty, and savory biscuits are extremely difficult to eat when there’s no water or you have to eat a lot of them in record time. This is exactly what this challenge is about. 

You have only one minute to eat 6 saltines, if you manage to do it, you win.

However, they are extremely salty and dry in the process, so pushing them down your throat without water within 60 seconds can be a quite big challenge. Based on the reactions of other YouTubers, we’re sure that they didn’t taste any saltines for a long time following the challenge conclusion.

Do you think you have what it takes to complete it?

Some saltine cracker challenges may require you to eat 7 rather than 6 biscuits. 

However, if you manage to eat more without drinking water, your viewers maybe even more impressed and hit the like and subscribe button.

Korean Spicy Noodles Challenge

Exploring different cuisines can be worth making a challenge, especially if they contain extremely spicy food such as Korean Spicy Noodles. 

If you are a YouTuber who wants to involve their friends or family in shooting, this is a great opportunity to compete while bonding and creating amazing content in the process.

Those who don’t have a habit of eating spicy food may not have a lot of fun with this challenge, but it’s still worth a try. There’s even a penalty if you lose. If you lose, someone will have to crack an egg on your had. That sounds like bad news, especially if you took a shower just before shooting the challenge.

10,000 Calorie Fruit Challenge

We know that the 10,000 fast-food calorie and big meal challenge sound extremely unrealistic. But, what about the 10,000 calorie fruit challenge? 

A lot of people don’t eat or forget to eat fruit on regular basis. Maybe, this challenge reminds them that they should eat it more often.

Eating 10,000 calories of fruit maybe a little less difficult to eat because fruit and vitamins feel certainly more lightweight compared to fast food. Nevertheless, it may include pineapples, oranges, mangoes, and a lot of other fruit that you may or may not like.

For some people, the challenge may be way easier, so you could also give yourself a period to eat it. For example, challenging yourself to complete the challenge within 1 to 2 hours could be more than challenging.

Nintendo Games Challenge

Derek Gerard is one of the most popular comedy YouTubers. His particular focus on his channel focuses on making hilarious YouTube challenges. Letting Nintendo Games Decide What I Eat Challenge is just one of the amazing challenges. 

He used the advice that came from his Nintendo games team players to eat for the day. Some of them were more than hilarious.

If you don’t have Nintendo Switch and play games on some other console, you could shoot a gameplay vlog where you could ask your teammates what you could eat for a day. Use their funny suggestions to shoot your next YouTube food challenge.

Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bear Challenge

Haribo Sugarless gummy bears grew in popularity as soon as they were featured. What sparked their popularity even more and made the sales skyrocket are the hilarious reviews on Amazon by users who were put through intestinal hell after eating those.

Binge eating the sugarless gummy bears resulted in intense stomach cramps and explosive diarrheas. 

The reviews each tell a unique story about how stomach cramps started at the wrongest moments such as aboard a plane, during an important job interview or a meeting, and even a date.

L.A. Beast is among the first ones who tried to put up with the challenge and eat a 5-pound bag of the sugarless gummy bear. The challenge is hilarious and made a lot of people laugh. 

If you have the courage and guts to do it, this is a great challenge.

Try Not to Laugh Challenge

We listed many food challenges, so before you get too hungry let’s move onto other hilarious challenges too. One of them is the good old Try Not to Laugh challenge. 

This game that made childhoods of a lot of people easily made it to YouTube, with a lot of stars making improved versions of the original challenges.

The title says it all, you and your friends can’t laugh, smile, or grin while watching a funny video, listening to a funny text, or anything else. This challenge is so big that nearly every YouTuber shooting comedy videos tried it at least once. 

Some didn’t stop just at shooting videos but made a whole playlist instead.

Because the challenge looks fairly simple (although not easy) there are countless ways to make it more difficult. Some of the ways could include inhaling a lot of air and holding your breath or even taking a sip of water without swallowing. 

That way, you avoid embarrassing yourself while winning a hilarious challenge.

The challenge may be too hard for people who try to smile or grin at least subtly, without making any noise.

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Say Anything Challenge

Similarly, like the Try Not To Laugh Challenge, you’ll have to meet up with your friends for this one. The more people you are, the harder the challenge. You and other players will be taking turns in saying different words. 

However, the catch is that no one is allowed to say the same word twice, or something that has already been saying. Moreover, you have only one to two seconds to say the word.

There are a lot of examples of this challenge being hilariously carried out. Other players keep track of each other by putting scotch tape over each other’s faces if you make a mistake. When the game ends, the person with the least mistakes wins.

“Not My Hands” Challenge

Everything is better when you have company. This challenge is no exception to that. This challenge doesn’t require a lot of people but the more the merrier.

Your friend will lend you their hands and you have to decide what you’ll use them for. Whether you’ll use them for working on the computer, dyeing hair, cooking, or putting makeup on, your friend has to do it for you. 

If you’re a beginner who wants to get some exposure and increase the number of followers this is a great challenge to start.

The challenge gets even more interesting if the person who does things instead of you isn’t experienced with the thing you asked them to do. That can easily lead to a hilarious end-result. 

Try it out and let us know how it went!

The Disney Challenge

There are a lot of musicals in Disney’s production, and it’s no secret that Disney movies made a paramount part of everyone’s childhood. With that in mind, YouTubers came up with The Disney Challenge to see how well they know the most popular Disney Classics.

In this challenge, one person will play different Disney songs. Others will try to guess which movie they are from. If there’s not a third person who can navigate between the songs, you can easily just select the songs you want to play and play them in the shuffle.

Each guess contains one point. There’s also a tricky part. If you guess wrong and the other person guesses correctly they’ll also receive your point. 

There is also a more difficult variant where you can also guess the song’s name in addition to the movie they belong to. If you’re not confident about this part, it’s best to compete over the movie name only for starters.

The person who guessed the most Disney movies and received the most points wins. 

Also, it’s irrelevant how many songs or which exactly songs you include in the playlist.

Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

For some people doing makeup can be hard. Yet, some people are so good at it that they can do it without looking. For this challenge, you’ll need two participants. 

The name is pretty self-explanatory, as all you have to do is blindfold your partner and let them do your makeup, blindly.

If the person is experienced and has a gift to do great makeup, you have nothing to worry about, you’ll look great. On the other hand, if the person is inexperienced, you can get eyeshadow and mascara all over your face.

Either way, both sides win. You and your friend will get a lot of laughs and new subscribers in the process. The viewers will enjoy and have a good laugh over this hilarious YouTube challenge.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge

A lot of guys aren’t fans of makeup and neither are they good with it. If your boyfriend is one of those guys and he also contributes to your YouTube channel, attempting the Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge is a great idea.

Likely, he won’t even know what mascara or crayons are for, but a good laugh and great time together are inevitable. 

On the other hand, if your boyfriend is a fan of makeup and keeps up with trends as much as you do, you have nothing to worry about.

Don’t think that this challenge is just for girls. If you’re a guy, you can always offer your other half a makeup session, where you promise them a great time. 

Who knows, maybe you do a good job. 

You can also ask your partner to do your makeup and see how it looks on you. Viewers will find it hilarious.

Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

This challenge is similar to the Blindfolded Makeup Challenge, although it is a little bit different. 

Perhaps, people who are not a fan of makeup will find this challenge more interesting to attempt but also watch. The name here is also self-explanatory, you’re given an object to draw and you have to draw it as accurately as you can.

 Of course, drawing the most accurate drawing is nearly impossible but both you and your friend will have a lot of fun and your viewers will get encouraged to try it out too.

If you have difficulties picking the object to draw, it’d be best to use some of the random word generator apps to help yourself. You receive the points when the other person guesses what object, animal, or the person you drew. 

The person who has the most points wins.

Touch My Body Challenge

Another challenge from the blindfold category includes making others who are blindfolded touch some part of your body that you choose and navigate them to. If they guess what part of the body it is, they get the point. 

Unfortunately, you get only one chance to guess the body part.

You may feel confident about being able to recognize certain body parts, but it’s extremely easy to get fooled. In most cases, the participants of the challenge have difficulties guessing.

This challenge is great for beginner YouTubers who want to kickstart their YouTube channels. Luckily, viewers like this challenge and can easily have a good laugh if you’re creative and funny enough.

Floor Is Lava Challenge

The floor is lava game will never get boring, so much that it developed into a YouTube challenge. 

A lot of YouTubers challenge themselves and their friends to quickly elevate themselves from the floor, as it turned into scorching hot lava. 

Who can last the longest without touching the floor? 

That’s all it takes to win.

The floor is lava game will never get boring, so much that it developed into a YouTube challenge. A lot of YouTubers challenge themselves and their friends to quickly elevate themselves from the floor, as it turned into scorching hot lava. Who can last the longest without touching the floor? That’s all it takes to win.

The Accent Challenge

The Accent Challenge initially emerged from The Ellen Show. However, it’s pretty fun and easy. 

All you have to do is write down a list of countries with prominent accents such as the UK, Australia, Russia, Spain, Germany, and others, and try to speak your language in their accent. 

Your viewers will love it and there’s a chance you get some insight from the native speakers who may comment.

The Accent Challenge initially emerged from The Ellen Show. However, it’s pretty fun and easy. All you have to do is write down a list of countries with prominent accents such as the UK, Australia, Russia, Spain, Germany, and others, and try to speak your language in their accent. Your viewers will love it and there’s a chance you get some insight from the native speakers who may comment.

Last To Leave Challenge

First made popular by the huge YouTuber MrBeast, the last to leave challenge is an exciting opportunity for a group of friends – or strangers – to compete for a prize. The premise of the challenge is simple: you have to outlast everyone else in the group.

Since the goal is so straightforward, you can be very creative with this challenge and come up with some unique variations.

In MrBeast’s video, there were several big YouTubers competing for an eyewatering prize pool of $100,000, so as you can imagine, the stakes were high! The rules were simple, whoever was last to leave the circle draw out on the floor would win the money. To date, the video has accumulated more than 60 million viewers, so it’s safe to say that the challenge was entertaining.

Obviously you aren’t going to have huge sums of money to give the winner of your challenge, or the draw to have top YouTubers take part in it, but with the right amount of creativity you could pull off something that can be enjoyed by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of viewers depending on how viral it becomes.

This challenge can last up to 24 hours, so make sure contestants are aware of that before they sign up.

Innuendo Bingo Challenge

Innuendo bingo is a challenge made famous by the UK radio station BBC Radio 1 .

Simply type ‘innuendo bingo’ into YouTube and you’ll be met with a whole host of Radio 1’s videos boasting millions of views.

So what exactly is innuendo bingo?

In short, this is a challenge that requires the participants to keep a straight face with a mouthful of water. If that sounds easy, try holding in the water as someone plays audio clips that contain innuendos from TV shows. That’s the premise of the game.

For some, this challenge will be easy. But for others, the water will leave their mouth before the end of every round.

For the best results, this challenge should be carried out by just a single person, so if you have a YouTube channel you can be the one in the hot seat.

A word of warning, though, it’s easy for discerning viewers to see when you’re faking a laugh and intentionally spewing the water out. Try to be as genuine as possible with this challenge for the most positive audience response.

Speed Drawing Challenge

The speed drawing challenge is a quick and easy one that you can do by yourself or with friends with minimal equipment.

To do this YouTube challenge, grab a couple of friends and get drawing. It’s as simple as that.

Typically, though, the most entertaining speed drawing videos are those in which there’s a time limit of course, and a theme.

So for example, you could challenge yourself and your friends to draw a Disney character in under a minute, and then compare drawings once the time is up.

This challenge might not seem that exciting, but it’s one of the easiest to set up and can lead to some hilarious results as contestants rapidly run out of time with their drawings.

The Whisper Challenge

The whisper challenge is an interesting one that requires headphones, music, and a few contestants.

To do this challenge, have one person wear some headphones that are playing music loud enough to diminish their ability to hear. Once you’re sure they can’t hear, one person will attempt to whisper a message to the headphone-wearer in the hope that they are good at lip-reading. 

You can repeat the challenge with everyone else wearing the headphones, and then complete the round by announcing out loud what it was that the original contestant whispered.

100 Layers Challenge

The 100 layers challenge is simple, although it does require you to have 100 items of clothing.

Though you can of course change the number to 50 or 25 if you are really struggling to pull together 100 garments.

As you might have already guessed, the name of the game with this challenge is to throw on as many layers as humanly possible. Nothing is off limits here, so a hat is just as valid as a t-shirt.

If you really want to ramp up the tension and potential for hilarity it might be worth setting a time limit, and having a counter in the corner of the video to keep the viewer’s attention.

Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

This challenge needs no explanation.

Get some Korean spicy noodles (the spicier the better), some friends, and see who cracks first.

Bring tissues, as this challenge will make your nose run and tears run down your face.

Tin Can Challenge

With the tin can challenge, you’ll need a strong stomach and a friend who’s willing to sign up for some mystery meals.

Essentially, all you need to do for this challenge is remove the labels of various tinned foods – think baked beans and fruit cocktail – and then have the contestant take a spoon and give the contents of the tin a go.

Use a blindfold for the best results, though it may be easy to tell what the food is just by the smell. In this case, assign points only for consuming the foods rather than guessing what they are.

Cotton Ball Challenge

In the cotton ball challenge, the contestant will place a bowl on top of their head, and a bowl full of cotton balls within reach. 

As you’ve probably guessed, the goal is to put as many cotton balls as possible into your bowl, but there’s a catch!

The contestant will be blindfolded, and has to use a spoon to scoop up the balls. 

Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Challenges

If you’re a novice YouTuber, you surely have some questions about shooting your first YouTube challenge. 

We tried to answer some of the most fundamental questions.

Are there challenges that I can do at home?

There are plenty of challenges you can do from the comfort of your home. Although we recommend doing challenges with your friends or YouTubers you team up with, there are plenty of challenges that you can do alone. 

Most of the challenges we listed above can easily be done at home, especially the food challenges.

What are the most popular YouTube challenges?

There are a lot of popular YouTube challenges. 

Some of the most popular and attempted challenges on the platform include Bean Boozled Challenge, Eat It or Wear It Challenge, Try Not To Laugh Challenge, and Touch My Body Challenge.

What challenges can couples do?

Couples can enjoy YouTube challenges as much as everyone else. Your significant other and you can partake in pretty much any challenge from the list we wrote, especially the Boyfriend Does My Makeup challenge. 

We believe that a lot of viewers will have a blast from the couple challenges.

What are some challenges that don’t take a lot of time?

We encourage people to shoot challenges that are engaging and have value for viewers. With that in mind, they shouldn’t be short. If you want to shoot something quick, however, you can attempt the popular “7 Seconds Challenge” which either involves doing a seven seconds long plank, perform a forward roll, stand or your toes, and other.

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A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

While there are a lot of popular YouTube challenges and new ones inevitably emerge, we decided to wrap up this list with the best YouTube challenges suitable for both novice and veteran YouTubers. 

The good side of these challenges is that you can bond with your friends and other YouTubers. Also, these challenges are creative and inspirational, so you can get a lot of your ideas that you can turn into a challenge and get a massive following.

What is your favorite YouTube challenge? 

Have you attempted some of the challenges from the list?

 Let us know in the comments!

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RunGunShoot Team

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