Which Cameras Do the Best Photographers on Instagram Use in 2024?


The world of social media is definitely one that gives you ample opportunities to enrich your life. There is something for everyone here, regardless of what your interests and hobbies are. For example, plenty of individuals enthusiastic about photography manage to make a living by doing what they like — using nothing but a good camera and the power of social media! With this in mind, we’ll examine what equipment the best photographers on Instagram are using in 2020!

Best Photographers on Instagram

The best way to become good at anything is to learn by example. That’s why we’ve prepared a rundown of the most popular Instagram photographers and the gear they use!

Chris Burkard – 3.6m followers

Chris Burkard is a popular US photographer, though his work extends beyond the confines of his home country. His projects include taking pictures of all kinds of outdoorsy sights, most notably lifestyle pics and landscapes.

Which Camera Does Chris Burkard Use?

He uses a Sony α7R IV for most of his outdoor photographs.

Steve McCurry – 2.9m followers

Steve McCurry is another living legend in the world of photography. He travels light, without extensive equipment, and takes great pleasure in improvisation shots in different cultures. In most of his work, he uses color photography, and he’s known to use framing devices such as window frames and doors quite often.

Which Camera Does Steve McCurry Use?

McCurry most often carries a Canon EOS-1DX with him on his journeys.

Peter McKinnon – 2.4m followers

If there’s one thing you could say about Peter McKinnon, it’s that he’s as big of a fan of coffee as he is of photography; the former frequently finds its way to the latter. Unlike some of his peers, his work has an equal number of interesting interior shots and outdoor ones. He isn’t big on landscapes, and even outdoors shots seem interestingly claustrophobic and constrained.

Which Camera Does Peter McKinnon Use?

Seeing as he’s been a professional vlogger and photographer for a long while, Peter can afford the Canon EOS-1DX II, which is both premium-quality and highly expensive.

Alex Strohl – 2m followers

Strohl is a uniquely cosmopolitan photograph — a Frenchman born in Spain. His work is captured in various worldwide locations, but he does not try to orchestrate complex and contrived situations. Instead, he is constantly on the lookout for authentic moments.

Which Camera Does Alex Strohl Use?

He uses a variety of different devices to capture his work —  in most cases though, he utilizes a Canon 5DS and another Canon model, the 5D Mark III.

Max Rive —  1.8m followers

Max hails from the utterly flat Netherlands — but this sort of landscape isn’t his true love when it comes to photography. Instead, he adores mountainous regions like Switzerland; which is where most of his work is set.

Which Camera Does Max Rive Use?

When it comes to professional outdoor shots, Max likes the Nikon D850.

Hannes Becker — 1.5m followers

Hannes Becker is a famous European photographer, mostly dabbling in freelance work. He is from Germany, and he likes capturing subdued and intense moments in landscapes, various outdoor adventures, and lifestyle shots.

Which Camera Does Hannes Becker Use?

Becker does plenty of work using his trusty Canon 5D Mark III — but he’s become a drone operator in the past couple of years, using this device to capture wide landscape shots as well.

Dylan Furst — 1.2m followers

Many photography portfolios are colored by the area in which the artist lives. That’s why Furst’s work is mostly cold, with plenty of landscape shots from the Pacific Northwest. He also likes capturing people with interesting rural lives in the wilderness, as well as the local flora and fauna.

Which Camera Does Dylan Furst Use?

Just like Becker and many others, Furst is fond of the Canon 5D Mark III, with a variety of lenses. He also uses Adobe Lightroom for post-processing.

Christoffer Collin – 1.2m followers

Christoffer Collin is a famous Instagram photographer who’s constantly on the lookout for great shots of his surroundings. In his particular case, those would be the melancholic and lush Nordic landscapes. He also travels around the world, giving his followers a unique perspective of the world.

Jason Peterson – 1.1m followers

Most of the artists we’ve covered here are known for their colorwork. However, Jason Peterson is an exception in two important ways — one of which is the fact that he primarily does black and white work.

Which Camera Does Jason Peterson Use?

The other thing that sets him apart from his photography peers is the fact that he doesn’t use any fancy equipment. Most of the time, he uses the basic iPhone camera for his shots.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Photographers

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of the type of gear you want in order to become a professional photographer, we’ll answer some of the most often posed questions about this line of work.

What cameras do celebrities use for Instagram?

When it comes to celebrities, they’re a different sort of Instagram personality compared to your average photographer; unless of course we’re talking about someone who became famous through photography. Most celebrities use Instagram to let fans feel like they’re a part of their personal lives — which informs the type of equipment they use as well. With that in mind, most celebrities use Android or iPhone cameras found on their phones.

Do you need a camera for Instagram?

If you want to do photography — yes. While there are plenty of meme accounts on Instagram, or people posting other kinds of art; the main point of the platform remains photography. That’s why you’ll need a camera if you want to make Instagram-worthy content. Still, you don’t need to buy a separate camera, at least not in the beginning. Cameras found on the more expensive flagship phone models are usually more than enough for amateur work.

Though, if you want to do more than dabbling in photography as a hobby, we recommend getting an entry-level camera.

How do photographers use Instagram?

You can take photos from within Instagram itself, though professional photographers rarely use the app this way. Instead, they use their own dedicated camera devices to capture raw photography and then use post-processing software to style it to their desires. After that, they simply use Instagram as a way to build their brand by sharing content online.

 Is Instagram good for photography?

For someone who wants to make a career as a photograph, Instagram doesn’t offer advanced photo editing capabilities. However, it is the premier platform for sharing content and self-promotion for many careers, photography included.

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