What Camera Does Logan Paul Use?

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While he recently grabbed headlines for his epic boxing exhibition match with legend of the sport Floyd Mayweather, Logan Paul is more known for his career as a YouTuber.

Yes, believe it or not, Paul records videos for a living, which makes it all the more crazy that he managed to survive eight rounds with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. If you’ve taken the time to get familiar with his videos on YouTube, you might be wondering what camera he uses, which is a question we’re going to answer in this guide.

Logan Paul uses a Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II camera for his YouTube videos. The most obvious reason for choosing to use this camera is that it’s hugely popular among vloggers, a notable example being Casey Neistat. It’s an excellent camera, and it’s tailor-made for vlog-style videos.

Even if you just stumbled upon this guide and you don’t know who Logan Paul is (which seems unlikely given his recent surge in popularity), you might just be wondering what a good camera for vlogging is.

It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask, especially since more and more people are trying to tap into their vlogger personality in order to make some money on the side.

If you are a Logan Paul fan, we’ve got you covered too, as we’re going to dive into every aspect of his filming setup from the camera to the tripod and everything in between.

While he primarily uses his go-to canon PowerShot camera, Logan along with his brother Jake uses the Sony a7s II from time to time as well as the GoPRO HERO 9 action cam for capturing fast-flowing footage.

Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II

First up, let’s take a look at the vlogging camera that Logan Paul uses most, the Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II.

Paul didn’t choose this camera at random, it was a deliberate choice presumably based on the camera’s reputation as a top vlogging camera.

Over time, this iteration of the PowerShot series has built a reputation as one of the very best cameras for creating vlogs.


Well, primarily due to the compact size of the camera and its superior performance compared to the competition.

One of the most important factors for vloggers when it comes to selecting a camera is presumably portability, followed by video quality. The Canon model ticks these boxes, and many more besides.

The camera is fitted with a powerful DIGIC 7 image processor, and records in crisp 1080p, as well as 24p if you want to capture cinematic-style footage.

At this point you might be scratching your head and wondering why a YouTuber with lot of money like Logan Paul wouldn’t use a camera that could record in 4K.

It’s a good question, but the answer is simple: the file size of 4K videos is significant, and for many YouTubers it isn’t worth the extra effort to upgrade their footage to 4K, especially if they have a regular upload schedule.

Plus, you’d probably have to sacrifice some of the portability of the camera if you were to go for a 4K option, which many vloggers wouldn’t be prepared to do for obvious reasons.

The wide aperture lens of the camera is also a big plus, as it lets you shift focus from foreground to background at will, which is ideal for stylizing the vlogs. There’s also face tracking technology which will keep your features in focus as you record, while the large flip up screen helps you track what’s in frame at all times.

Sony a7s II

It’s not uncommon for Logan Paul to switch to the Sony a7s II for vlogging on occasion, as this is another excellent video recording camera.

It also happens to be his brother Jake’s camera of choice, so it comes with both brothers’ seal of approval.

What makes the Sony a7s II so special, though?

This mirrorless camera from Sony isn’t cheap, but as you might imagine, that’s not an issue for the Paul brothers anyway.

The low light performance of the camera is one of its best features due the full frame sensor and high ISO range.

The camera is able to record in 4K, too, so while Logan might prefer not to shoot the majority of his vlogs in 4K he can shoot some high-quality footage too if he wants to.

The body of the camera is compact and the feel of it is lightweight, which is another reason why it’s a good choice for vlogs where the person behind the camera is always on the move. Even while moving, the quality of the footage shouldn’t be compromised though due to the top-notch 5-axis image stabilization which should keep it steady.

GoPro HERO 9

Finally, there’s the GoPro HERO 9.

If you’re wondering what a vlogger would need an action camera for, then you need to think outside the box.

While you can make a perfectly good vlog with any old camera, Logan Paul isn’t just any old YouTuber. Like a small selection of other YouTubers, Logan Paul wants to provide something unique on his YouTube channel and to do so he has had to experiment over the years.

Experimentation might take shape in the form of new types of content, such as podcasts, or it could be something as simple as a new camera or accessory.

What the GoPro HERO 9 brings to the table is fast-flowing action footage.

If you want to record some exciting footage for a vlog, there are few better ways to do so than with the highly competent action camera that is the GoPro.

Simply pop it on the roof of a car, a helmet, or a surfboard and you can capture some truly breathtaking footage.

You could use the GoPro to make a unique vlog that takes the viewer on an adrenaline-fuelled adventure for a change of pace, or you could simply take the footage you capture and insert it into your standard walk-and-talk vlogs to mix them up.

There’s nothing quite like B-roll footage that isn’t just a panning shot of a city or some trees.

You’ll notice that if you watch any of the top vloggers, they aren’t afraid to inject pace into their vlogs with fast-flowing action, accompanied with equally energetic music.

Casey Neistat is a YouTuber who really has the B-roll footage down in his vlogs, as well as many others.

While Logan might not use the GoPro all the time, it’s a useful camera to have on hand for those rare action-packed sequences that make for epic footage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Logan Paul

What cameras does Impaulsive use?

Impulsive, the popular podcast produced by Logan Paul among others, primarily uses the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II to capture the host and guests.

The main reason for this is that Logan Paul already uses the camera for vlogging purposes, but also because the camera offers a lot of top features.

The camera provides 1080p full HD video recording and has excellent low-light performance, which makes it a solid choice for recording a room full of people.

What does Logan Paul use?

Logan Paul has a variety of equipment he relies on for his YouTube channel.

The most notable piece of equipment which is essential to his vlogs is the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II camera.

Aside from this camera, Paul uses an action camera, the GoPro HERO 9, a Sony a7S II, as well as a handful of accessories such as a tripod. All the Logan Paul cameras are top-rated, and worth checking out.

What camera does Jake Paul use?

It’s hard to talk about one Paul brother without mentioning the other, since they rose to fame together.

With that in mind, to film Jake Paul uses the Sony Alpha A7s mirrorless camera.

One of the reasons he uses this camera is for the various video recording speeds it offers, which range from 24 to 120fps.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Logan Paul rose to fame as a prominent vlogger on YouTube, so it goes without saying that he’s someone to pay attention to when it comes to cameras.

As of writing in 2021, Paul uses the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II as his go-to camera, for various reasons.

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