What Camera Does Amrezy Use? [Gear Breakdown]


Amrezy is one of the popular beauty vloggers and bloggers who proudly presents her makeup looks on her YouTube channel and posts her makeup looks on her other social media, mainly Instagram. She is one of the few bloggers who openly talk about the difficulties of shooting, directing, and editing makeup videos before they reach users. That’s why in this article, we’ll take a look at what kind of camera does Amrezy uses to shoot her beauty vlogs, as well as post different photos on her Instagram and other social media accounts.

Making beauty vlogs that concern one’s skincare, makeup looks can be quite nit-picky. It requires perfect lighting, camera, and ambient to make the most truthful and accurate reflection of one’s look. Many YouTube vloggers use different camera setups like Canon 80D, but that makes sense only when shooting high-mobility action vlogs and pranks. For beauty streamers and vloggers, the setup is quite different.

Finding the setup that Amrezy uses has been quite difficult for us. When comparing different camera looks and information from the past, we found that she uses Sony a6000 to make her beauty and makeup videos. However, that’s not all. Finding the secondary camera was even more difficult as she doesn’t seem to even have one.

In a tweet that is a couple of years old now, Amrezy revealed that she uses her iPhone 8 for photos and some videos. While that’s not surprising, many celebrities are seen using iPhone for vlogs, videos, and oftentimes, even music videos, now in 2021, using iPhone 8 with so many new models is quite outdated. We’ll assume that she uses one of the newer iPhones for her photos.

The reason why it can be quite difficult to detect the camera Amrezy uses is that her Instagram feed consists mainly of professionally edited photos shot by professional photographers that use different camera setups, as well as the editing software. Whether Amrezy upgraded her iPhone setup or not remains a secret, but we have her confirmation that she used iPhone 8 Plus for quite some time. In some videos from 2019, such as her First Q&A on YouTube, she can be seen holding her iPhone XS Max, which is likely the phone she uses for some of the photos.

Now, let’s get into who Amrezy is and what kind of content she creates to entertain her viewers and followers. Getting a better idea of who she is and what she does will also help you in choosing the right camera setup for yourself.

Who is Amrezy?

Amra Olevic Reyes, also known as Amrezy is one of the most popular makeup artists who build her network on her YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets. Makeup has always been her passion thanks to its ability to transform one person into another. Her main brand is MAC Cosmetics, but she also collaborated with other makeup companies to deliver impeccable makeup transformations on her channel. Let’s get deeper into her bio.

Amra was born on May 8, 1998, in Montenegro, and in her early days, she spent in Bosnia and Croatia. When she was 9 years old, her family and she moved to New York City, in Brooklyn where she spent most of her childhood. Her early makeup artist career started in Brooklyn before she moved to California to pursue her influencer career.

One of the most attractive things about makeup that sparked Amrezy’s curiosity and hard work to invest in it is its power to transform people to look completely different than they do in real life. Whether it was just for fun or cinema, it didn’t matter. She has always been impressed with it and she wanted to try out doing the same.

She’s popular on YouTube. However, most of her fanbase resides on Instagram where she has 5.7 million followers at the time of writing this article. When she noticed that her channel and presence on social media, as well as influence, are growing, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she reached the peak of her career. Her YouTube channel has significantly fewer followers, capped at 89K subscribers.

Her YouTube channel is where she posts a variety of her videos and inspires thousands of makeup enthusiasts to try out her look and admire her. There are numerous vlogs about makeup tips, the best products, tutorials, and much more.

Her second channel of popularity was her Blogspot website where she posted regular blogs followed by makeup tips and products. That marked the early days of her career. She posted on the blog loyally inspiring many makeup enthusiasts until she announced that the website is under construction for an upgrade. Nevertheless, after November 2014, she didn’t post on her blog, where she’s known as Glamrezy.

Amrezy collaborated with numerous beauty brands and companies, but she’s most known as being an artist who promotes MAC cosmetics. Nevertheless, she collaborated with Sephora, as well as Anastasia Beverly Hills. Lastly, one of her popular affiliations is Anastasia Brow Studio.

Her focus on makeup, as well as other beauty tips about tanning, glamming up and keeping the skin clear were inspirational to numerous other influencers and celebrities who regularly express admiration towards her on their social media.

Even though her Instagram profile enjoys vast popularity and she promotes a glowing natural look in her photos, many people were curious about whether she has conducted any plastic surgeries on her face or other parts of the body. Nevertheless, Amrezy persistently denied that she had had any procedures done on her face. Nevertheless, she admitted to having used fillers in her face to achieve a fresher look. The rumors about the plastic surgeries are still going, regardless.

Amrezy’s net worth is over $1.5 million and she is married to her long fiancé Fernando Reyes on April 26, 2019. He, on the contrary, keeps his life more low-profile. Amrezy’s public appearances are relatively composed too, and when she’s not shooting vlogs or appearing at public events, her life is pretty private too.

Amrezy’s videos are mostly on Instagram rather than YouTube, where she has fewer videos than on her other social networks. Nevertheless, her videos are quite useful and full of valuable makeup and beauty tips that are not so easy to come across.

What Camera Does Amrezy Use?

As mentioned earlier, finding Amrezy’s camera setup for the YouTube videos was quite difficult. One reason is that she doesn’t post as frequently as other YouTube makeup enthusiasts and focuses her content on social media like Instagram.

Unless something changed over the past few months, however, Amrezy uses Sony a6000 which is enriched with beautiful features. Nevertheless, the camera is a little older, and there could be better options to consider in 2021.

Let’s start with the most basic features that Amrezy uses for her YouTube videos. It can shoot videos at 1080p resolution at 60 and 30 FPS and gives great control over the video quality.

While the camera doesn’t offer the XAVC S compression which is included in some newer models, it still works great for shooting bright, clear, and stellar videos, such that Amra uses for her makeup videos. It’s a typical camera that is used among consumers who are looking for higher quality videos, but nothing spectacular, like the today cameras that vloggers around the world use.

Sony a6000 allows the user to easily control versatile exposure settings, even while the video is still recording, which can be beneficial to makeup artists who notice that something is off during the recording. Even if you go for the complete manual controls, the camera will still control the Auto ISO, so all you have to do is adjust the shutter speed and aperture if you want to customize how your footage will look.

The camera also automatically takes care of the sensitivity adjustments so that the brightness settings are always adequate for the ambient that you’re shooting in. The best part of this camera is that it can allow users to change the aperture and exposure while the video is being shot. Along with that, the user can adjust the shutter speed and exposure compensation. You can also apply the auto exposure lock while the camera is shooting.

We spoke about the autofocus, but it’s worth mentioning that the manual focus allows AF-C settings. However, you’ll have to choose among three sensitivity options for peaking.

Autofocus may not be the peak feature if you’re shooting the videos as Amrezy does. Usually, vloggers who shoot pranks and action tweaks are seen getting cameras with impeccable autofocus because they’re always on the move. Amra’s makeup videos are more static than dynamic so autofocus doesn’t usually use its full potential. The Autofocus of this camera still allows for some control, where you can adjust how accurately the autofocus will follow you, while also customizing the focus drive speed for the Movie Shooting feature.

Now, let’s take a look at the image quality. With its 24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and Bionz X image processor, the camera was made to shoot great images. What’s even more impressive that it’s still a great option to consider in 2021.

While it’s intended for beginners too, professionals will have an easier time handling it and making outstanding quality photos. One complaint of many photographers is that the horizontal resolution target is significantly better than the vertical resolution target. The colors are mainly accurate and vibrant on the horizontal point as opposed to the vertical point.

It has a decent ISO quality. Additionally, the Dynamic Range Optimization delivers balanced images that have a perfect blend of exposure, saturation, highlights, and shadow. What’s more, even when making RAW images, you can bring the full potential of the camera’s features to the table, which works great for both professionals and newbies getting into the world of photography. The 24.3-megapixel sensor also means that the camera won’t make too chunky files, but it’s rather reasonable for a slightly outdated camera.

You may not be able to see the full potential of the image quality through the lackluster LCD screen that comes with the camera. However, once you transfer the images to your phone or computer you’ll be quite impressed.

Lastly, we want to express satisfaction with the camera price. It’s a little outdated model, which is why we suspect that Amrezy upgraded to something new. If we find out that she did, we’ll be the first to let you know in an updated article.

Besides the price, we’d like to talk about the design and ergonomics. It is made out of strong metal chassis that feel robust and premium. The metal build regardless feels lighter and more portable than some other cameras, which will feel like a feather in your hand.

The camera feels thin and easy to carry, and your fingertips will ideally lay and adjust to the shape and build of the camera. Regardless of such a build, it offers impeccable performance which will help you shoot great quality photos, as well as more static vlogs like the one that Amrezy posts.

It also allows connection to Sony’s smartphone app and it uses Wi-Fi and NFC transfer that will allow you to easily move your photos and videos to your phone or computer.

Secondary Camera

Despite the thorough research, we couldn’t grab more information about the equipment Amrezy uses, like the tripod, light, or secondary camera. In one tweet, she said that she uses iPhone 8 Plus for her photos. However, in some of her videos, we spotted that she uses iPhone XS Max to browse social media and likely search photos too. Maybe some IGTV videos and Reels are shot exactly with that model.

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A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

In this article, we dove into the camera setup that Amrezy uses to shoot her makeup vlogs on Instagram and YouTube, while also looking into her biography to get familiar with exactly what content she’s shooting exactly. We also took a good look at her camera and what it’s capable of offering in terms of performance and design. While her camera setup may be upgraded silently, or she plans to get an upgrade soon, this review will help you choose a great camera for beginners that isn’t crazily expensive. 

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