Top 10 Vlogging Websites You Can Use to Earn Money (2023)


It’s no secret that YouTube birthed a lot of famous, influential, and successful vloggers. However, it’s important to know that YouTube is not the only vlogging platform out there. The reason a lot of vloggers kickstart their careers on YouTube is that it’s flexible, easy to use, and relatively easy to attract an audience. Still, the internet is not a small place, and YouTube usually doesn’t suffice the needs of most vloggers as their digital presence grows. With that in mind, we compiled a list of the best vlogging websites you can use as an alternative to YouTube.

YouTube indeed gives a lot of growth opportunities for those who start making vlogs online. The company-curated its algorithm to cater to newcomers that want to grow and become successful. A high visit rate also makes YouTube one of the best options. However, YouTube isn’t only about vlogging, so your channel may not always pop up as recommended in the sea of competition and other categories.

As you start to grow, your shooting preferences, video lengths, the narrative, and the overall design you use will change. You will also want to reach out to other audience groups. That’s exactly what a new vlogging platform can bring you. New people will learn about the work you’re doing and you’ll grow a larger network.

Other platforms also allow you to compete with your competition using new formats, new tones, and much more. However, picking a new platform to use isn’t so easy, mainly because different platforms cater to different types of niches.

With that in mind, we wrote a compelling and detailed guide on which platforms are the best to choose to earn money shooting quality blogs, without depending on YouTube in entirety.\

Top Vlogging Websites You Can Use to Earn Money


Facebook went a long way from a simple way to connect with your friends and new people to a digital creation platform where you can run your business, as well as a vlog. In addition to vlogging features, Facebook appeals to a lot of content creators with an affinity for shooting live coverage of different events.

Facebook persists on the market thanks to its strong advertising system. That leaves you a lot of advertising to do and collaborating with other brands, vloggers, and companies to come and stay at the top of the game. That’s often nowhere near easy and stands as one of the biggest drawbacks of using the Facebook platform.

Nevertheless, Facebook offers the opportunity to present yourself to different audiences, including genders, age groups, various interests, and much more. Also, you’ll much easier see people hanging around on Facebook than YouTube, with great features Facebook implements frequently.

You can shoot anything from simple and hilarious vlogs to live streams of gameplays that can also be saved in a specially dedicated library. The only bad side of using Facebook that building your network and reach comes a little higher without advertising and sponsoring your posts.


Instagram is Facebook’s more visual sibling, given both platforms are owned by the same person. Instagram has always been an all favorite, especially when it comes to the younger population. But, in the recent two to three years, the popularity reached the sky with features that not many apps can be proud of.

A lot of YouTube vloggers move to Instagram after some time, because it’s considerably easier. First of all, Instagram has a huge user base, so there are a lot of ways to reach a different target audiences and promote your content.

Additionally, a lot of YouTubers use Instagram to promote their vlog further, with their great cooking, gaming, cluttering, fitness, and other tips. Instagram accounts of many users have an aesthetic and beautiful-looking feed that displays what they do.

There are several ways for vloggers to start a vlog and make money using Instagram. In addition to the basic video posts that allow 60-second footage to appear, there are also IGTV videos, as well as stories. There is also live coverage. The only downside is that live coverage can’t be saved as a post. You’d need to record it using a third-party app and upload it as an IGTV video.

Video stories are also tricky to save for your viewers to check out later. But, you can create a Highlight tab discussing certain topics you took on Instagram Stories and save them for your viewers later.


DailyMotion is a more professional version of YouTube. Still, they share a lot of similarities. This is an ideal option for seasoned YouTubers who’d like to spread their network to other platforms. This app is more versatile and transparent so you can shoot video content that can’t be easily categorized or fit in other video platforms.

Unfortunately, those who like all types of videos or are starting anew may face difficulties when making their vlogging profile. That’s mainly because, unlike YouTube, DailyMotion isn’t beginner-friendly. You’re likely not to see amateur style videos, but rather seasoned vloggers who already have a strong fanbase, and use professional shooting equipment, that is often way too expensive for the beginner vloggers.

Also, there’s not a lot of competition and users can find unique ways to monetize and advertise their profiles. Regardless of the competition, there is a large userbase that will be happy to watch your vlogs.

There are other minor drawbacks, such as a limit to video content of about 20 minutes. Furthermore, the file size can’t be larger than 150MB.


Cutting-edge technology vlogs are growing in popularity among geeks and everyone interested in technology. That’s exactly what d. Tube platform focuses on. It’s a relatively new platform, so it doesn’t attract a lot of users yet, but a lot of tech vloggers are transitioning there to make its name heard, attracting both new vloggers and new viewers.

This is not a typical Linus Tech Tips channel where you’ll learn how to fix a problem with your PC or assemble one. It’s not just a platform where you’ll listen about the new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone unboxing. This vlogging platform focuses on digital transformation as a whole, so you’ll learn about blockchain, decentralized networks, how data is used, cryptocurrency, and much more.

There’s also no advertising on the platform. Instead, different cryptocurrency tokens can be obtained and sold for user monetization. Although the audience is small, the app is going to grow shortly.


Vimeo is all about creativity, and much user-friendlier platform compared to DailyMotion. However, the competition from DailyMotion in sense of creating the most professional-looking channel grows higher. However, as we said earlier, Vimeo is user-friendly, and with that offers a lot of online tutorials on how to become better at vlogging, deliver better video edits, and more engaging content.

It’s great for seasoned vloggers who are ready to let go of YouTube and amateur video style and focus on making more professional vlogs, that will be creative, engaging, and hilarious to the audience. The audience is friendly, all the ads are internal, and you are not limited in sense of video length and size as you’re with DailyMotion.

The only bad side is that there’s no real-time algorithm that features popular videos. Instead, the Vimeo staff is in charge of what comes front.

Twitch IRL

Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platform, where the vast majority of its userbase streamed live gameplays and gaming tutorials. Now, the platform still focuses on that with emphasis on streamer promotion. However, the platform has extended in a way to embrace other genres and niches, as well as vloggers too.

The company rapidly grows and introduces new genres to its Twitch IRL platform. The vloggers are influential, they attract and keep a lot of viewers. Viewers mostly love it because the platform allows for swift and easy communication between the vlogger and audience when they’re, for example, streaming.

Its recommendation and searching function are quite strong, so there is enough of a spotlight for every viewer who is trying to build their name on the platform. However, there are a few drawbacks, depending on who.

For one, the audience comes to Twitch mostly to watch live streams. Usually, they’re not interested in looking into the libraries unless they follow a few particular streamers. That gets more complicated when more of their favorites are online, as most viewers prefer watching the online one, rather than the one who saved their vlog in the library.


Flicker earned its popularity as a photo repository website, where people could upload their personal or other funny and creative photos. But, just as businesses are growing exponentially, Flickr decided to enter the video and vlogging niche.

Although it’s relatively new, it’s a go-to place for many novice vloggers who want to grow their network wherever possible. Even experienced vloggers prefer building the network there, and if the industry hits off, they can easily become native to the platform.

However, videos on Flickr, aren’t the same as videos on other sites. Here, they’re referred to as long photos and can last maximally 90 seconds, which is not ideal for vloggers who make longer videos in the process.

Nevertheless the minor drawbacks, Flickr has a large userbase and even more, people are emerging and staying on the platform. Additionally, the short video playtime has inspired a lot of vloggers to get creative with the vlogs they create, similarly to how Vine functioned.


Patreon is one of the platforms that anyone can use, and if you’re growing bored of YouTube or Facebook, you can start a Patron account to shortlist your fans and ensure that they are loyal to you. Thousands of vloggers migrated to the platform because it helps see who your true fans are while offering a lot more benefits.

Although you have to pay to make the account, your fans will subscribe to get exclusive, engaging, and creative content from you. The better vlogging content you get to them, the more they’ll stay subscribed. Patron allows its users to progress easily and gain popularity and drive revenue that they likely couldn’t with YouTube.

It’s a great way to combine with YouTube or some other vlogging platform. Still, keep in mind that not everyone can cash in the subscription to stay up to date with your videos, so it’s important to continue delivering quality content.


Viddler is a relatively new and emerging platform for YouTubers who want to migrate and grow their vlogging network more. It’s a great option for simple vloggers who gained audience and reach and now want to brand their vlogs.

Viddler comes with a set of resources and tools which you can use to edit your videos easier and prepare them for uploading. That will make your vlogs catchier and more attractive to the audience that is getting to know you.

If you need help promoting your business, Viddler is great and supports personal development. But, although it has a large userbase, it’s only limited to the web application and on top of that, it’s not easy to use. A lot of people prefer the convenience of using the mobile app, and most of the options come with one.


Veoh is the last option we decided to include in our list, but nowhere near the least important one. VEOH is a great vlogging platform for those who vlog for fun and want to practice their vlogging skills before they try breaking the ice on a larger platform.

It’s easy to use, it has a decent audience, but unfortunately, it’s not affiliated with any brand regarding monetization, at least not directly. Users have to create great content, be interactive, and build a loyal audience. That will open a lot of doors for them including a potential collaboration with other brands.

It’s also quite versatile compared to some other apps, given that there are no restrictions in terms of genres, video length, and file size.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vlogging Websites

How can I make my vlog?

You can make your vlog quite easy. The first option everyone considers is YouTube. You can make a channel using your Google Account. But making a good vlog in itself isn’t enough. You will need decent equipment and a place to shoot your vlogs. Lastly, you will need good video editing skills to make your vlogs more appealing and interesting to the audience.

How do you get paid for vlogging?

There are a plethora of things you can do to get paid vlogging. Vlogging websites allow monetization through advertisements so you can sell the ad time. Additionally, you can sell verbal ads and promote products of other people who pay you for promotion. Lastly, a lot of vloggers also earn money through affiliate marketing and selling their products.

What are the benefits of vlogging?

There are a lot of benefits to vlogging. Vlogging helps connect people, gives tips to solve a particular problem, and helps resonate with different people around the world. Vlogging is also a great way to spread your word and help others if you don’t like writing blogs. Finally, they help entertain and make a lot of people laugh and if you’re doing a good job, you could even turn it into a side or full-time job.

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A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

As you can see, there are a lot of vlogging websites where you can grow your network. YouTube is great, but it doesn’t have to be your primary source of income. YouTube is a great way to start building your vlogging career, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and not one size fits it all. Internet is huge and different of mediums where you can spread your word and develop your online presence

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