Vlog Ideas: The Ultimate Inspiration List


If you recently started or are planning to start a vlogging YouTube channel, you can’t start unprepared. 

Novice YouTubers usually prepare 15 to 20 vlogs and videos, because planning is the essential part of channel growth. 

If you’re struggling with good vlog ideas, we wrote a comprehensive list of the best vlog ideas worth trying out.

We know that it’s not easy to start anew. 

However, YouTube users enjoy seeing original and quality content. 

What you create needs to be engaging and provide value for your viewers. That value can be anything from getting to know you better, learn from personal experience, or informational, romantic, family, and educational content.

With that in mind, we crafted a list of personal, educational, informational, lifestyle, and many other vlog ideas that will help you either kickstart your YouTube vlog journey or bring refreshment to your channel. 

These ideas could even spark your creativity and help you come up with your own.

Top Vlog Ideas You Must Try Out

Creating a vlog isn’t as easy as some would make it out to be.

It takes a lot of technical know-how and even more creative skill to capture footage that’s worthy of an audience’s attention.

Fortunately, we’ve done a lot of the legwork for you and picked out some of the best vlog ideas so you can cherry pick the ones that sound best to you.

Before we go through them, though, we want to highlight what we believe are the biggest do’s and dont’s of vlog creation so that you don’t fall into the same traps as many have before.

Do’s and Don’t of Vlogging

If you’re going to make it as a vlogger, or at least create a vlog or two that strike a chord with the viewers, then it’s worth paying attention to the successes and failures of those who have gone before you.

  • Do think of vlogging as a habit that you need to cultivate on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have aspirations of becoming a daily vlogger, it’s a good idea to put out content regularly. If you stick to some kind of schedule, you can build your confidence and vlogging skills while also growing an audience. 
  • Do think about what niche you’d like to explore. It’s ok to be a generalist, and talk about anything and everything that comes into your mind, but usually it’s those vloggers who specialize on a certain topic like gaming or travel that rise to the top of the pile quickest. Once you have a following, then it might be easier to branch out into other topics and types of content.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that everything you film will be interesting to your viewers. Yes, some viewers wil watch anything you put out, but usually this is only once you’ve proved that you have a magnetic personality. Before that point, you will need to be selective as to what you film, and some smart editing can go a long way to cut out dead air and uneventful footage.
  • Don’t script out everything you are going to say. Sometimes it’s a good idea to script out a few words if you want a strong introduction to a video, but usually it’s best to improvise to the best of your ability so what you’re saying sounds natural.

Introduction Vlog

There’s no better way to start it all than with an introduction vlog. 

It helps people learn who you are, what are your goals and aspirations, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. A lot of vloggers forget to make an introduction vlog and their reach suffers. Viewers don’t want to follow someone that they don’t know.

So, make a short script where you find the most effective way to introduce yourself to the viewers. 

Talk about who you are, education, what you do, where you live, and what are your hobbies. The vlog doesn’t have to be too long. Still, when your potential audience discovers your channel, it’d be good to find a pinned video about you where you talk about yourself.

Plans For The Future

This can either be part of your introduction vlog or a follow-up vlog. There are a lot of ways to shoot this vlog to make it interesting to the viewers.

For example, you can either talk about your general future plans and how this channel follows those plans. 

Additionally, you can talk about what are your particular plans with this vlog. That includes the content you’ll create, potential YouTubers you’d like to collab with, what are your monetization plans, whether you’ll make your events or even products, etc.

It’s also good to include the information about videos you’ll upload, such as duration and how often you’ll shoot the videos to make your subscribers excited and hyped for the new content.

Talk About Personal Struggles

A lot of YouTubers started their vlogs because they had financial and other struggles. For many, vlogging is a genuine coping mechanism that lets them unwind while providing valuable content for the followers and subscribers.

As your audience starts to fall in love with your content and your personality and vibe, it’d be a good thing to shoot a vlog where you talk about struggles you had to overcome to start or run this channel. 

Of course, you’re not obliged to make this kind of sensitive vlogs. You should always focus on content that makes you feel comfortable with yourself.

Bucket List

Everyone has their bucket list to complete, and we’re sure you do too. Along with your plans and goals for the future, you should definitely disclose your bucket list to the subscribers. 

A lot of vloggers would like to travel, ski, skydive, scuba dive, or visit some particular place on Earth.

This kind of vlogs also helps the viewers learn more about your interests in life. They can also give you insight into whether your audience would like to see you complete the list as you’re shooting vlogs.

 For example, if one of the goals was to visit Japan, you can make multiple Japan vlogs to share your experience.

Morning Or Evening Routine

Vlogging makes you influential towards your viewers and audience. Your habits and routines can affect them to start doing the same. If your good morning and night routines are good and commendable, you can share them.

We’re sure that your subscribers would love to see the small rituals you do, even if it’s just jogging or reading a book. Perhaps, that could help them create a routine of their own and stick to it. 

Give a lapse of different morning and night routines and watch your subscribers react.

House Tour

As you’re growing your audience, your audience begins growing more curious about everything about you, including the place you live in. With that in mind, shooting a vlog about where you live and make vlogs is a great idea. 

Perhaps, your audience has something in common with you, and seeing that in the video helps them grow closer to you.

Highlight Your Day

“A day in my life” kind of vlogs are extremely popular on YouTube, along with the house tour videos. Your audience will learn more about you, and you can share favorite things you do along with the morning routines.

Highlights of your day can be anything, starting from breakfast or lunch, to work, gaming, reading, or playing sports. You should focus your content in the direction where your niche is. If you’re a tech or gaming vlogger, you should highlight your day in the gaming style.

If you’re a food vlogger, you should put special emphasis on cooking and preparing food. If you’re a fitness vlogger, the best thing you can do is shoot a day in your life where you focus on gym and exercising, along with a healthy diet.

Also, you can focus your day towards work and friends, if they’re willing to be a part of your video.

Draw My Life

There are a lot of vloggers who dedicate their channel to their artistic skills and creativity. After all, generating unique vlog ideas is more than creative. If you make vlogs to showcase your art, the “draw my life” vlog is the best idea for your channel’s growth.

The challenge consists of describing your life story with illustrations. Even if you’re not good at drawings, your audience will find your illustrating skills hilarious while getting to know you and learn from both your mistakes and success. 

A lot of vloggers bring a simple paper or a whiteboard where they easily make doodles and illustrations that are connected to their life stories.

Facts About Me

You can write down some information about yourself that you thought not many knew, and then shoot a video revealing those facts about you. We’re sure that they’d give a lot of people a good laugh.

To make the game even spicier, you can ask them to ask questions about you in the comment section of the previous video and then answer them with facts about yourself.

Make a Rant

Rants are a risky game because not a lot of people like to watch a video that has hate in intents. 

However, if a global event recently took place and a lot of people are disturbed by it, be it an environmental situation, a bad new product, or a video game, you can make great content by ranting about it.

Make sure, to be honest, and transparent with your subscribers. It’s also important to have a target audience that will resonate with your way of thinking.

My Top/Least Favorite…

This idea has a lot of opportunities. You can talk about your favorite TV shows and movies, sports clubs, games and much more. 

You can also talk about other things like your favorite colors, animals, subjects at schools, and others. We’re sure that a lot of your subscribers will share your opinion.

Additionally, you can create vlogs about your least favorite things like football clubs, games, consoles, TV shows, seasons of certain video shows, and other stuff. 

Just make sure that you’re detailed and give constructive reasons as to why you don’t like certain things. Otherwise, you’re risking to face a backlash.

Talk About Some Talent

Everyone has a talent or more of them. Sometimes the talents are common and shared by a lot of people around the world. Sometimes, they’re rare and bizarre. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with talking about your talent, unless you feel uncomfortable.

Otherwise, you can talk about what makes this talent special, when you discovered you had it, how that talent helped you through life, and more. Perhaps, someone from your audience feels the same way about it as you. 

Additionally, it can help others embrace and use their talents in their everyday life.


Pranks are always there to make someone laugh. But, pranks are quite popular, and with that competitive on the YouTube market. A lot of YouTubers with millions of subscribers and billions of views have made some memorable pranks.

Gather a group of friends, family, or even your significant other to make memorable pranks and make your audience laugh. You can either use someone else’s idea for the prank. 

However, we believe that your audience would rather prefer it if you came up with something of your own.


Challenges are also a great way to boost up your presence and popularity on YouTube. There are a lot of challenges to pick from. Still, food challenges remain the most popular challenges out there. 

They’re also interesting to the audience because you’re able to interact with a larger group of people or even collab with other YouTubers who are open to complete a challenge.

Of course, you can always come up with a challenge of your own and be a trendsetter. 

But, if you struggle with a good idea, there are many existing YouTube challenges you can give a go.

Behind The Scenes

Your audience wants to know what’s that which makes your YouTube videos and vlogs outstanding. 

That’s why behind the scene videos are a good way for them to get to know your work and you, and how you work on your videos.

If you recently recorded a more complex video or vlog, making bloopers and funny scenes that you didn’t want to edit and showcase, you can share them with a Behind The Scene video that covers your entire shooting process. 

It’s usually more fun to do with friends and family, or whoever helps you make your vlogs great.

Clean With Me

Clean with me is a great way to market your hardworking and neat skills. They are also a great way to build an audience and reach if you’re too lazy. Perhaps, you haven’t cleaned your room for a while, or it’s already time for the spring cleaning.

Whichever may be the reason, perhaps your cleaning influence inspires the viewers to do the same. 

Share the contents of your wardrobe and record how you clean and sort the things you don’t wear often as opposed to the apparel you wear often. There are a lot of opportunities.

What I Eat in A Day

This type of videos is often popular with food and diet vloggers, as well as fitness vloggers who want to share a certain calorie count for their diet. Craft and cook some popular and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and share the preparation process with your audience.

Additionally, you can explain why each meal is beneficial to you, while sharing nutritional value. Those who are following you for a weight loss program will benefit from this the most.

Tell a Personal Story

Personal stories are some of the best assets vloggers use to win the hearts of their audience. We’re sure you have an interesting and unique story to tell. 

It doesn’t have to be anything tragic or brutal, it can simply be a funny life story related to an event that recently took place.

If you’re struggling with telling a story or coming up with an interesting story, maybe your friends or family can remind you. It can be anything from a childhood experience to a birthday party that had a funny outcome.

Of course, it can also be an inspirational story that motivated you to take certain actions throughout life. Remember you’re an influence to your audience so always tell a story that will give them a value they can use.

Conduct an Interview

Believe it or not, a vlog doesn’t always have to be about the content creator in question. Yes, though YouTube is regularly inundated with vlogs about creator’s personal lives in which they talk into the camera or speak from their experiences, this isn’t the only style of vlog out there.

One idea is to bring someone else into the mix for an interview-style vlog.

To pull of the vlog interview, you’ll need to be a little creative with your video setup. The norm is to have your camera set up as you usually would (on a desk or table at eye level), and then have the person you are interviewing sit to the left or right of you in frame.

This approach brings a sense of comfort to the viewer since it feels like they are watching a couple of friends chill on the couch together having a conversation. However, it isn’t the only way of doing a vlog interview.

If you want to get creative, you can shoot a POV style vlog in which the viewer feels as if they are in your position as the interviewer. To pull this off, have the camera placed next to you or hold it with a tripod to keep it steady, and ask questions from behind the microphone to the interviewee in front of you.

While this could feel like an interrogation, it lends a different quality to the interview which is rarely seen. You could even go a step further and have cameras setup aiming at both you and the interviewee, for some POV swapping shots that simulate a conversation between two people.


When you have a niche that’s focused on education or providing valuable information, reviews are some of the best things to get by. 

If you’re a beauty vlogger, you can try to make a video review about a face cream or lotion you recently used. If you’re a gamer, you can give a review of a game you bought and played recently. The possibilities are endless.

If your YouTube channel starts to grow more popular, you should reach out to potential sponsors and companies that can check out your work and collaborate to promote their products with valuable product and service reviews.

Covering An Event

Let’s be honest, YouTubers cover different events and cons all the time. If there’s a good band in your town or you’re attending some cool and geeky event, making a video out of it is worth it. 

Your subscribers will learn more about your preferences and see how you have fun on the go.

Fans that couldn’t attend the event will also have detailed coverage of the event they looked forward to but couldn’t attend due to distance or some personal reason. We’re certain that they will appreciate it.

How-to Guides

How-to guides are extremely popular. People live fast lives and don’t have time to read lengthy guides and blogs that explain a certain topic in detail. They can easily navigate by following a video. 

Moreover, if you’re good at explaining and teaching, they’ll get even more value from your vlog.

With that in mind, one of the most productive video ideas allows you to shoot a vlog based on how to use some gadgets, new phone, play a video game, learn a programming language or even cook something. There are countless possibilities, just make sure to stick to your niche.

Q&A Videos

One of the popular options for many vloggers is to shoot a Q&A video, which is similar to talking about facts about yourself. 

For example, using some social media channels, you can leave it to your followers’ creativity to ask you questions that you’ll answer in a special vlog. It’s a great way for them to get to know you better while keeping up with your activities.

These videos are a great way to fill the gap between resting from coming up with original vlogging ideas and putting out other types of content. They are ideal for those who’ve run out of inspiration and are looking for new ideas.

This is something you can do with your friends too. Test how well they know you and how good you know yourself. If you know another YouTuber personally, you can collaborate on this one and have a great time.


Everyone likes getting gifts, especially around holidays. Giveaways that YouTubers host either independently or by collaborating with some brand attract a lot of new viewers and have the potential to build a loyal audience.

You should host a giveaway of a product or a service that is closely related to the niche you’re covering with your vlogs. Usually, something that provides value for your viewers, and is related to the reason why your target audience follows you.

It can be consultations, Bootcamp, an e-book, course, a bundle of products, or some beautiful fashionable apparel you chose in collaboration with the brand you promote.

Just, don’t host fake giveaways to gather the audience. There’s a chance that some people will unfollow or unsubscribe once the giveaway is over. Make sure to give them the reason to stay and tag along with you.

Gaming Video

A lot of people start their YouTube vlogs because they’re gamers who want to pave their way into the gaming industry. Gaming videos have a lot of potentials. 

You can shoot reviews, how-to tutorials, explain certain character and gaming dynamics, or just record general gameplay videos.

A lot of people watch walkthrough videos to manage better in the game they are playing, especially if the person they’re watching it from is already well-versed with video games. 

Video game videos are especially helpful to people who are stuck at a certain boss or level and could use a hand to move forward with their gameplay.

Also, seeing you play some games and having a positive opinion about it will encourage a lot more people to try it out. Make sure to show all the tricks and provide a unique experience. Even if you make mistakes, it’s not bad, your viewers will recognize the dedication.

If you recognize yourself as an enthusiastic gamer, it’s time to turn your hobby into something more serious and potentially earn a lot of money.

Use Your Viewers’ Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with running out of inspiration now and then. It can happen to anyone. 

If you have a busy lifestyle, it’s normal that you’ll struggle with content creation here and there, but hey, that’s what a good audience is for.

Gather your subscribers and viewers and ask them what they’d like you to shoot the most. Normally, a lot of YouTubers use other social media channels to keep in contact with their followers and share valuable content. 

Just ask them what they’d like to see on your profile, and you’ll get an idea in no time.

There’s usually a special type of video your viewers are attracted to, so many of them will share the same opinion. All you have to do is ask, and see what they want.

Take a Quiz

Quiz types of videos are quite popular. Additionally, they are a great way to spread your network and involve other YouTubers in the content you create. Gather with some of them, or even compete in a quiz online.

Even if you’re alone, there are a lot of quizzes that you can take online. Do a little research, or ask your followers to suggest you a good and informational quiz online. 

Test your knowledge and use your answers to both impress and give your viewers a hilarious time.

Relationship Advice

If your vlog is about psychology, communication, and mental health in general and you share information about your personal life and relationships, relationship advice videos work great.

A lot of people, especially those younger struggle in relationships. You can talk about what things you changed about yourself or applied to your relationship life to grow with your significant other. 

You can also let your viewers ask relationship advice and then answer it in a separate YouTube video.

Good advice can brighten someone’s day, try it out sometimes.

Talk About Meeting Your Significant Other

If your partner plays an important role in building and maintaining your YouTube content, then your audience will want to hear a story about you two. A lot of couples run their own YouTube channel and do an amazing job.

If you met in a specific way that marked your relationship, your audience will be even more eager to hear your story. Spice it up, and make sure that you both appear on the video to tell your story.


Everyone loves a reaction video because often it turns out to be f hilarious. You can find a compilation of funny news and viral videos that marked the past week. Watch the videos and film your reaction to make your audience laugh.

Reaction videos never go out of fashion. That’s why you can watch older videos and recaps or read your comment section on other YouTube videos. 

There are a lot of entertaining events to cover, just make sure you prepare yourself in advance.

Additionally, you can film yourself react to some horror movies or scary videos. If you recently installed some scary game, record yourself play it as you get startled.


Compilations are a great way for seasoned YouTubers with a lot of video materials to provide an amazing blast from the past. Compilation videos include combining multiple videos and watching the reaction of your audience.

The video material usually includes bloopers and “deleted” scenes from video material you didn’t include in your videos. If you feel okay with that content and it’s SFW, there’s nothing wrong with making a standalone compilation video out of it.

Transformation Video

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a diet vlogger who lost or gained a lot of weight over some period, transformation videos are a great way to motivate or inspire your followers to do the same.

Transformation videos are usually made when someone loses a lot of weight, performs surgery, or tries out a new workout routine that yielded amazing results.

It’s important, to be honest, and transparent to your viewers when shooting videos like this so that they can trust you that they can do the same just if they try hard enough.

Workout Routine

Another great way for fitness vloggers to attract new viewers and build an audience is to share their workout routine.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a video from the gym. You can also share your in-home gym or even perform an outdoor workout.

Talk About Travelling

Travel niche is one of the most popular niches on YouTube and it attracts a great number of vloggers. It’s also a niche that requires your utmost transparency.

A lot of travel vloggers enjoy telling stories about their previous trips. Highlighting their favorite spots, great spots to take photos, restaurants and bars, and other entertainment venues where you can have a lot of fun.

Additionally, you can reveal a plan for your next trip and ask your audience that lives or has been there what are some places worth seeing. 

You can suggest travel blogs and collaborate with other travel vloggers when it comes to visiting some country or city.

Lastly, you can tell a story about an event that took place in the last place you traveled to. That can include meeting new people, a funny struggle in communicating with the locals, an unpleasant event, a concert or party that took place, and others.

Travel Budget

This vlog idea is quite important for people who want to travel on a budget. Talk about your research about the place you want to visit and how much money you should dedicate to each destination you visit.

Also, try to give tips on how to delegate budget effectively and not spend too much money on a whim. Traveling often includes shopping so advise on how to remain mindful of spending money and not go broke before you have to go back.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vlog Ideas

If there were ever questions about vlog ideas you wanted to ask, we answered the most commonly found questions.

What should I vlog about in my videos?

You can vlog about pretty much anything. We encourage all our readers to pick a niche when they start their vlog. A niche is the core topic that you will vlog about, and it should be close to your hobbies and interests, while also being valuable to the viewers and profitable.

How do I talk in a vlog?

It’s important to be as natural as you can be, and try not to be awkward. That means staring into the camera lens while talking to show confidence, remaining composed, clear and sufficiently loud, and focused on what you’re trying to convey. 

Also, make sure to smile and convey the topic you’re talking about in a good mood. 

What should I make my first vlog about?

Something closely related to your niche and personality. We believe an introduction video, followed by your plans in the future with a focus on your niche is the best.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

We hope that our extensive list of vlog ideas helped you start your first vlog or fill the gap in content caused by the lack of inspiration.

The best part about these vlog ideas is that most of them can be applied to nearly any niche and any kind of vlogs. Moreover, both beginners and vlog veterans can find interesting ideas that they can use.

What is the best vlog idea you applied on your channel? Leave a comment and let us know!

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RunGunShoot Team

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