UltraProX Adventure Camera 10 Review: Tried and Tested

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After doing some earlier versions of UltraProX cameras review, we bring you the latest and the best – UltraProX Adventure Camera 10. If you want a small but powerful camera that can take 5 or 12 MP images as well as shoot videos and time-lapse, this might be the camera for you. The time-lapse can be taken in automatic and manual mode. The video quality grows from 640×480 all the way up to 4k resolution, and all this comes at an affordable price that’s very much appealing compared to some big-name brands.

About UltraProX

The company started small as far as the adventure cameras go, and shyly entered the stage as a minor producer. The sudden rise of its popularity has a lot to do with extremely affordable prices compared to GoPro and anyone who doesn’t need to keep the highest quality gear with them all the time, like mountaineers and skydivers, UltraProX products proved to do a very good job at capturing adventurous moments. The gear was firstly used by hunting or fishing enthusiasts and hikers, and the use expanded to all kinds of sports and other active endeavors.

UltraPro X Adventure 10 camera specs

Even though there are some bits in the specs that may not be on par with the top products on the market, what’s most important is the reliable and consistent performance across the specific settings and features which made us rest easy that our settings delivered what they were supposed to.


  • 4k Ultra HD, 10 fps
  • Full HD 1080P at max 60 fps
  • HD 720P at max 120 fps
  • 12 MP images
  • Time Lapse
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters deep
  • Wi-Fi, dedicated remote, USB, HDMI Video
  • 160 angle Lens 6G HD and a 5MP CMOS
  • MOV H.264 format
  • Class 10 Micro SD support up to 32 GB

Looking at the span of the list you can already see the impressive amount of features as well as the variety of uses the camera can take.

The Content of the Box

When UltraProX Adventure 10 camera arrives at your location, it comes in a neat box that includes more than you would expect, and most probably everything you need for using it on different occasions and settings. The company has done a great deal to provide users with reliable and useful add-ons that will serve their purpose, whether you are in the mountain, in cold, or on a hot beach looking for a dive-in.

First, there are different utility add-ons such as the handlebar mount that gives enough maneuverability in itself already. Different adhesive mounts, a cleaning cloth, and a USB are the basic setup everyone receives, and for a small price, you can order more batteries, a separate charger, a windshield mount, and other cool accessories needed for your shootings. The company provides ADATA cards but ordering an SD card usually is not a big deal.

The Performance

Checking the different features took us a while and there have been instances we were very happy with the results, while there were indeed some features that hadn’t worked so well.

The first of the latter features was the 4k Ultra HD mode. Since it’s working at meager 10 frames per second, this doesn’t make good videos yet. The only use we see working is filming very slowly changing states, such as dusk or sunset, or other very slow processes. The image is of course too choppy at ten frames for anything happening in real-time.

The other video modes performed very well on the other hand. At 1080 pixels Full HD the video quality we’ve shot was great, even at 60 frames per second. The most important here is to note that we’ve indeed registered full 60 frames per second in the videos we’ve shot. The video quality was kept even at 30 frames and most of us in the team couldn’t notice a significant difference.

The batteries noticed a significant difference on the other hand. Their life almost doubled once the frame rate halved and at 60fps they leaked out in about 25 minutes. This is somewhat low for longer shooting in nature, so more batteries would be required to keep the camera rolling. The charging time is next to average compared to other products. Although we remember products having lower battery life, the fact is that some products out there last longer with their batteries.

A 160 degrees lens gives a very wide view which always comes with its particular ups and downs regardless of the product. The appeal is of course the wide range the lens can offer. The sole rules of optics always lead to a certain amount of distortion in the picture. This can be especially noticed in horizontal motion videos, affecting the quality of the videos. The feature can definitely be utilized, but the initial enthusiasm does hit limits fast after a few initial tries.

As for the Wi-Fi feature, the app and camera communication went well the whole time, and users can really rely on the app to control the camera. Another great thing is the remote function dedicated to an appropriate device so you can control it even from a wrist. The camera is compatible with most drones out there and sits securely in most sockets, so the Wi-Fi feature can help to tweak the frames even better while it’s in the air. The feature seems too big to be limited on these few actions, so we can expect more from the manufacturer in the future. There is a big demand in broadcasting the videos straight from the camera, so we might hope this comes to reality sometimes in the future.

The app does most of the actions right, with a few exceptions. Turning on the Wi-Fi on the camera, connecting it with your IOS or Android device, and then turning the app on works fine. The Wi-Fi button sometimes won’t turn the feature off, so resetting the camera is needed. The features work fine as we said, like changing the storage settings, the resolution, and the frame rate. The problem however is the time-lapse settings. In the app, the lowest that can be set is three seconds, while on the camera there are options spanning from half a second until a minute.

As for the images and photos, we can say the quality meets our expectations. The images are clear, sharp, and they can really take the moment. Different burst rates trigger the right way, and the TFT screen on the camera makes the images visible enough to take them right even on very bright days. Even though this camera is really for videos and time-lapses more than photographing, we don’t see why the imaging feature won’t be of any use.

Pros and Cons

After our short description of the UltraProX Adventure 10 camera’s features and performance, let’s summarize it all down to a list that can help each reader decide if this camera meets their needs and what you can expect it from. And we can say, we’ve gotten more than we’ve expected!


  • The cost. This is the most appealing feature of this camera. At the third or even quarter of the price of other big brand names, the Adventure 10’s performance is good enough to be on par with them in most of its features.
  • Add-ons. There is a wide range of different accessories you can order with the camera and for the camera. The available accessories can improve the camera’s performance, the quality-of-life mounts for different purposes, including the hot shoe. The batteries and chargers, maintenance items… The most important thing is the number of add-ons the camera goes with vanilla, which includes the waterproof casing.
  • Quality. It’s hard to get the head around this one, but the quality of the product in most of its features, and those are the ones that can be the most important to a vast majority of users – is overly satisfying! This includes the time lapses from half a second up until a minute, very good imaging, all the way to 720p 120 fps and 1080p 60fps videos.
  • Flexible in use. The camera has a wide array of features that makes it highly versatile.


  • Battery. This is the biggest problem with this product. The battery life seems too short for any longer sessions. In fact, we could say these go on a lower end of the average, while some higher quality products do exceed them by a large margin. The company states one could get from an hour to an hour and a half of one battery charge, but we can argue that this depends a lot on the settings, and this life span can be in case of some of the lower settings available.
  • Windshield mount. Some vibrations made shaky videos when we used the add-on. It didn’t seem there would be problems when we mounted the camera, it seemed tight and stable. But, when we looked through the content, our impression was shaken (pun intended).
  • The waterproof case. Let’s take note that this is a rather problematic piece. Some users reported the case was leaking a bit, with a few drops popping after short use. We can’t say if there was mishandling or not, but it’s good to make a not there. The real problem is the audio. The camera is completely shut within the casing and the microphone is inside the bubble of air that distorts the underwater sounds.
  • Interface. For beginners, depending on what they’ve been used to in the past, the interface and the firmware can be a little challenging. This is of course wiped out once you learn to handle the device, but the first few tries can be frustrating and confusing. Help can be found online, which is good.

Frequently Asked Questions About the UltraProX

In the following section, we will cover some of the frequently asked questions regarding UltraProX. Let’s dive in!

Does UltraProX Adventure 10 have a 4k UHD Feature?

Answer: It does, but the 4k feature can work with only 10 frames per second. That’s good enough to make some low motion and still videos, but for anything more dynamic, it’s actually almost always useless. It’s fairly reasonable to question even why the feature is available in the first place. If you are looking to work with 4k, this is not a good product.

Why is UltraProX Adventure 10 so cheap?

The UltraProcompany is dedicated to manufacturing affordable yet reliable products that won’t match the top quality brand products in their highest-performance features but can meet their quality in the second tier features and on. By this, we mean, for example, the video quality. While big brands outperform UltraProX Adventure 10 in 4k resolution videos, Full HD and HD videos, that is 1080 and 720 video performance difference is unnoticeable.

Can I put UltraProX Adventure 10 on a drone?

Yes, UltraProX Adventure 10 is compatible with most drones on the market and can be very easily mounted on drones. The mounting is fairly stable so you don’t need to worry about how the camera falling off the drone. When used reasonably, of course.

Does UltraProX Adventure 10 come with a wrist control?

Yes. Every UltraProX Adventure cam 10 comes with a wrist remote control through which you can change the settings and choose different features, like taking a video or a photo, setting the resolution and frame rate, and various other features.

Does UltraProX Adventure cam 10 have a hot shoe mount?

The company offers different mounts in addition to the ones provided in the vanilla packaging. A hot shoe mount is a little difficult to find but it’s out there. The customer service can help you with placing an order for any camera accessory, and the accessory list is included on the company’s website.

A Final From Run Gun Shoot

To sum it up, this is a cheap product that can perform as well as some of the best products in certain areas, while giving enough flexibility and versatility for experimentation and a more serious amateur visual work. One product that can replace various products and do as good of a job as them.

Article by:

RunGunShoot Team

Our detailed review has been contributed to by multiple members of the Run Gun Shoot Review Team to ensure the best research and highest standard of quality. Have a good or a bad experience with one of the products? Please let us know, we love the feedback!

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