Q&A Questions for YouTube Videos and Vlogs: The Ultimate List


Having difficulties with your YouTube content? Having no ideas what to do next? Need something to post right now?

There is a simple yet effective trick you can do to enrich your content collection and have fun in the meantime. If you dare to do an honest personal vlog, it can turn out to be quite helpful, entertaining, and may result in many new subscribers. What to do?

Do some simple Q and A questions for YouTube vlog. By question and answer, I mean to ask yourself some questions about topics you may want to discuss and give honest answers to those questions. It can be about anything you may find interesting and fun, something you know a lot about, or love doing. Of course, pay attention to your fan base’s age and interests, as you don’t want to insult anybody and lose followers immediately. Answer those questions honestly and voila, you have new content! It’s that simple!

Advantages of Q&A Videos

There are multiple advantages to doing this kind of vlog:

  • It’s simple and quick!
  • Both experienced vloggers and newcomers can use this trick.
  • Fans will get to know you better.
  • You will get tons of comments and new interaction possibilities.
  • Making it interesting and fun will surely bring new subscribers to your channel.
  • Answering these kinds of questions may even bring up new content ideas for the future (you may think of some in the process, or fans will provide them).
  • Q&A questions for YouTube are still popular, and everyone loves “would you rather” types of questions.

Sharing personal experiences with others is a necessity for societal and personal growth, and with Q and A questions for YouTube content, you will be the biggest and most important part of such a process. So try it out now and see how it goes. 

In case you have absolutely no idea what to talk about, I will provide a list of some potentially interesting and fun questions that you can ask yourself. These are mostly conventional ‘small-talk’ questions when meeting new people, and as such are a part of any personal introduction, which is basically what we are doing here.

The questions are sorted into categories for easier search and directed question bundles, based on topics. I hope you will find these questions useful and will get additional ideas from them. So, let’s begin.

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The Ultimate List of Q&A Questions for YouTube

Q&A Questions About Television

In all my life, I have never met a person who dislikes movies, which makes this one of the best topics when meeting new people. You can talk about movies, TV shows, series, and whatnot for hours and hours while comparing opinions and sharing impressions. So what can you talk about here?

–    What’s your favorite movie and why?

–    What’s your favorite TV series and why?

–    What’s your favorite panel show and why?

–    Do you have a favorite Disney cartoon?

–    Do you have a favorite Pixar cartoon?

–    Do you watch anime?

–    Which anime you find to be the best and why?

–    Who is your all-time favorite TV character and why?

–    Do you have a favorite villain?

–    Why do you like him/her so much?

–    Is there a character you hate with all your guts?

–    Is there a character that you find to be exactly the same as you?

–    What genre do you like the most and why?

–    Who was your first celebrity crush?

–    If you were an actor/actress, would you rather have a few famous roles or many less famous movies?

–    What TV series would you like to have been a part of and why?

–    Who is your favorite director and why?

–    What’s your opinion on horror movies?

–    Do you prefer classics or modern movies?

–    How often do you go to the cinema?

–    Who do you like watching television with?

–    What’s the most appropriate duration for a movie/episode?

Q&A Questions About Music

Similarly to television, everybody listens to music and musical taste has always been an important trait of personality. I know I have been biased since forever, and have had prejudicial thoughts about people based on their musical taste. In addition, there are lots of musicians that you may know, and talking about their job/hobby is always gratifying.

–    What’s your favorite music genre?

–    Do you have a favorite singer and why them?

–    Your favorite band and why?

–    What was the last live concert or gig that you attended?

–    Do you play any instruments?

–    If yes, why that instrument?

–    Is it difficult to play an instrument?

–    Do you find yourself to be a good singer?

–    What do you like to sing the best?

–    Have you ever had a musical performance of any kind?

–    Would you rather be a singer or a band member?

–    If you could choose any vocal qualities for yourself, which singer would you like to be like?

–    If you could choose any technical qualities for yourself, which musician would you like to be like, and why?

–    If you could choose which concert to attend next, what would you choose and why?

–    Would you rather be a maestro at playing only one instrument, or would you rather play several instruments but decently?

–    Is there any singer/band/genre that you detest and why?

–    Do you have any favorite music-related TV shows?

–    Would you apply to a singing competition?

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Q&A Questions About Books

Probably not an as popular topic as the previous two, but definitely one of the most rewarding interactions is about books. Whilst television has been present for the past 100 years, books have been present for thousands of years. A vast variety of everything can be found in literature, which makes it an inexhaustible source of interaction.

–    What’s your favorite book and why?

–    Who’s your favorite author and why?

–    What’s your favorite genre and why?

–    Do you have a favorite movement in literature?

–    What was the last book you read?

–    Did you like it?

–    Do you have a favorite book character?

–    Do you have a least favorite book character?

–    What kind of books do you consider boring?

–    Which book did you enjoy reading the most and why?

–    Do you like utopian/dystopian literature?

–    Do you have a favorite fantasy author?

–    If you could choose any fantasy world to live in (Hogwarts, Narnia, The Middle Earth, etc.) where would you live?

–    Is there a character that you find to be like you?

–    Who would you marry in real-life?

–    Which country’s literature do you like the most/least and why?

–    How many books have you read so far?

–    Do you have any other books in the plan for the future?

–    Would you like to be a famous author?

–    Do you think you could write a book?

–    What would you write about?

Q&A Questions About Sports

Another source of entertainment, but in combination with recreation and/or professionalism, sports has always been a widely discussed topic. As a vlogger, you can start some neverending debates, or simply gain a larger fan base by talking about your favorite sports.

–    What sport do you like/hate the most and why?

–    Which athlete do you like/hate the most and why?

–    Have you ever done any sports?

–    Would you like to be a famous sports star?

–    Do you think some athletes are overpaid?

–    What’s your favorite club and why?

–    When did you start watching sports?

–    Do you watch the Olympics?

–    Do you know somebody who is a famous athlete?

–    What is the most difficult sport according to your opinion?

–    Would you rather play individual sports (like tennis) or team sports?

–    Do you find yourself to be a team player?

–    Who is the most creative athlete you have ever seen?

–    Have you ever been to the stadium?

–    Can you name a whole team?

–    Who is the best basketball player of all-time – Jordan, Bryant, or LeBron? Or maybe someone else?

–    Who is the best football/soccer player of all time – Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Messi, Ronaldo, C. Ronaldo, or someone else?

–    What was the most entertaining sports event that you have ever witnessed?

–    Do you play some sports with your friends?

–    Are you good together as a team?

–    Have you ever won a prize from a tournament?

–    How much influential do you think athletes are

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Q&A Questions About Nightlife

Going from sports to a completely different end of the spectrum (but not necessarily excluded correlation) – the nightlife. This topic might not be the most suitable one if you have young fans and followers, but it is a great opportunity to promote your friends or local business this way. Having a good vlog about nightlife may get you into some good parties and even sponsorships. Be that as it may, nightlife stories are usually the best.

–    How often do you go out?

–    Would you rather go to a bar/café/pub/club/disco and why?

–    Do you drink?

–    What’s your favorite drink and why?

–    What’s your least favorite drink and why?

–    Who is the best drinking buddy that you know and why?

–    Do you have some memorable stories from partying?

–    Have you ever had a black-out?

–    How well do you behave when drunk?

–    What’s your opinion on drunk people?

–    Where in the world do you think the best parties are?

–    Do you prefer house parties or clubs?

–    Do you have a favorite place to go clubbing?

–    What do you hate about bars/pubs/clubs and why?

–    Have you ever tried a drinking competition or drinking games?

–    What’s the best drinking game that you have ever played?

–    What’s your ideal nightclub?

–    What music do you like to listen to when going out?

–    Do you dance when going out?

–    When was the last time you went out?

–    Would you rather go to a festival or a concert?

Q&A Questions About Traveling

Going out from the home to go partying isn’t the best home-leave for some people. Leaving the country and traveling to different parts of the world is what they love. These experiences are often shared with much enthusiasm and as such is an ideal topic for Q and A questions for YouTube vlog. As a matter of fact, many vloggers do have a good reputation for sharing their travel experiences and have earned quite a lot of cash this way. So try it out.

–    Have you ever left your country?

–    Where did you go and when?

–    Do you like to travel?

–    What’s the furthest you went away from home?

–    What was the longest trip you have had so far?

–    Which mode of transport do you prefer the best?

–    What’s the favorite country you have visited and why?

–    What’s the favorite city you have visited and why?

–    If you could choose to live somewhere else, where would you go?

–    When was the last time you traveled and where?

–    Do you have any funny anecdotes from some of your trips?

–    Are you planning to go somewhere soon?

–    Do you have any good friends in other cities or countries that you met while traveling?

–    Who do you like traveling with the best and why?

–    Have you ever had a severe culture shock when away? What happened?

–    What nation do you think is the best looking?

–    Where would you most gladly go back again if you could?

–    What’s the most impressive thing you have seen while traveling?

–    What’s your favorite reason to go traveling?

–    Do you have any advice for others?

–    Have you ever fell in love with a foreigner?

–    How many languages do you speak?

–    How well can you communicate with foreigners if no one speaks the other’s language?

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Q&A Questions About Food

Speaking of traveling, food can be even the main reason for packing your bags and hitting the road. Everyone enjoys a good meal (I know I do), and seeking the perfect meal can be a life goal to some. Share your experiences and see how well your vlog will be received among fans and friends.

–    What’s your favorite food?

–    Do you enjoy eating?

–    Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go to regularly?

–    Do you prefer fast-food or home-cooked meals?

–    How much do you eat daily?

–    Do you count calories?

–    What’s your favorite cuisine – Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc.?

–    What’s the best dish you have ever tasted?

–    What’s the worst dish you have ever tasted?

–    Have you ever been food-sick?

–    What’s the biggest intake of food that you had at once?

–    What’s your favorite pizza topping?

–    Have you ever tried some weird foreign food? What was so weird about it?

–    What’s the strangest meal that you’ve ever had?

–    Where do you pull the line when it comes to food?

–    What could you never eat in your life?

–    Do you have some food that you ate as a kid but not anymore and vice-versa?

–    Do you prefer sweets or snacks?

–    Do you think you’re eating healthy?

–    Do you have a special diet?

–    Would you try insects (like those prepared in the Far East)?

–    What meal do you think you could eat for the whole week (just one thing)?

–    Do you have any friends who enjoy food more than you? Would you like to be more like them?

–    Do you cook?

–    What do you like to prepare for a meal?

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A Final Word from Run Gun Shoot

As you can see, most of these are regular small-talk questions that you can hear every day. At the first glance, it may seem trivial and pointless to talk about such things, but trust me, many people like hearing that kind of stuff. Bonding with your friends and fans is very important and this is a proven way of doing that.

You can use all of these questions in your vlog, of course, and you can add some of your own if a good question has come up to your mind while reading this. It would be a smart move to use one category from above and answer those questions only in one video, but mixing some of these is possible, although a bit time consuming to prepare.

All in all, I hope you loved the questions and that you already have an idea of how to use them in your vlog. Be positive, be sincere, be fun (and have fun) while answering these questions, and good things will come.

Do you have any other questions you’d add to the list? Have you had success with a Q&A video on YouTube? Let us know in the comments!

Q&A questions for Youtube videos
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