What Mic Does Pewdiepie Use? [Revealed]

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Felix Kjelberg, or Pewdiepie, took the YouTube world by storm with his facecam gameplay videos and OTT humor, winning over millions of viewers in the process.

While most of us couldn’t hope to replicate his monumental success on the video sharing platform, we can at least use the same equipment as the top YouTuber.

Pewdiepie uses the Rode NTG4 PLUS microphone, though he has been through many models over the years. There’s also the Razer Nari headset he wears with a built-in microphone. 

If you’re an aspiring YouTuber, or you just want to know how the very best manage to capture such clear audio, you’re in the right place.

In this guide we’re going to cover all the details you need to know surrounding Pewdiepie’s audio setup, and we’ll even touch upon the other pieces of equipment he relies upon to record his high-quality videos.

Pewdiepie’s Primary Microphone

One of the biggest priorities for anyone looking to record professional-level videos for YouTube should be a top-end microphone.


Well because even if your videos look crisp and clear in stunning 4k resolution, poor audio quality can ruin the entire experience for the viewer.

Just think about it, do you want to listen to a video that sounds like it’s been recorded inside of a tin can?

We didn’t think so.

As such, if you decide to make do with a built-in webcam microphone or something similar, then your videos will suffer as a result.

To make it big and attract a larger audience you need to make sure everything from the editing and video quality to the audio is top notch.

So, what microphone does Pewdiepie use?

In his recent videos, Felix uses the excellent Rode NTG4 PLUS shotgun microphone.

This microphone offers broadcast-quality audio, and is a directional condenser microphone.

As a shotgun microphone, you have to mount it on top of your camera for it to pick up audio, which makes it a solid option for keeping everything together.

The slender microphone is made by one of the best microphone manufacturers out there, Rode, so it’s anything but an average audio recording device.

It’s clear to see why Felix would rate this microphone so highly.

Here are the top features of the Rode NTG4 Plus microphone:

  •  High frequency boost
  •  Low noise circuitry
  •  Broadcast sound quality 
  •  DUrable metal construction
  •  High pass filter

Backup Microphone

You didn’t think Pewdiepie had just a single microphone, did you?

When you run a business recording videos for YouTube, you need to make sure you have a backup of just about everything – just in case.

In Pewdiepie’s case, his backup microphone is the AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII, which is an excellent choice if you value crisp audio.

We’ll be honest with you, this microphone is far from being cheap.

And for most people, it wouldn’t warrant the price tag just for making a few videos as a side hustle.

However, if you’re seriously committed to providing the highest quality for your viewing audience, then it might just be worth the investment.

Here are some of the best features of the AKG Pro Audio vocal condenser microphone:

  •  Built for studio-quality audio
  •  Peak hold LED informs you when audio is clipping
  •  H85 shock mount reduces ambient noise
  •  PF80 pop filter softens plosive sounds and sibilance 

Pewdiepie’s Other Equipment

Since you may be interested in recreating the level of quality in Pewdiepie’s videos for yourself, we thought you’d like to know more about his complete setup.

Much of the equipment Felix uses is custom-made for him, and you’ll notice that if you watch his recent videos.

The instantly reconizable bright red and black striped chair he sits on, paired with the headphones he wears of the same colors are both custom products you can get your hands on.

But it goes far beyond just a gaming chair and a headset.

Pewdiepie has so much equipment that there are entire websites dedicated to listing all of his gear that are updated on a regular basis.

We won’t go that far, but here are some of the other important pieces of equipment and devices that make up the Swedish YouTuber’s recording setup:

What monitor does Pewdiepie use?

Pewdiepie uses an ASUS 31.5 inch curved gaming monitor.

As far as monitors go, this is quite a modest option price-wise but will provide a highly immersive gaming experience if you don’t need a gigantic monitor to play on.

If you’re all about games that draw you in and immerse you in their worlds, such as racing games, FPS, and survival horror games, then this is a fantastic monitor to use.

It makes sense, then, that Felix would get a lot of use out of this curved monitor since he first got popular on YouTube producing survival horror gameplay videos.

What does Pewdiepie use to record?

As far as capturing game footage for his videos, Pewdiepie uses the Elgato Game Capture 4k60 Pro MK.2.

This device is expensive, but will allow you to broadcast gameplay footage in outstanding quality. You can record in a resolution of 4k at an impressively smooth 60fps.

You can also use the flashback recording feature which will allow you to save videos retroactively, great for those moments when something funny happens in-game but you weren’t recording.

As for recording himself and setting up the facecam, Felix relies on the powerhouse Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6k camera.

This camera is a monstrous unit, capable of recording in resolutions up to 4608×2592 and up to 60p.

What mouse does Pewdiepie use?

If you’re in the market for a new mouse, and one that’s incredibly unique, how about the custom Pewdipie Ghost M1 gaming mouse?

This bespoke gaming mouse from Ghost features a sleek red and black patterned shell and weighs less than 65g.

It is perfect for gaming with laserpoint precision and the PixArt 3389 sensor giving you an average response time of less than 1ms.

What keyboard does Pewdiepie use?

The Razer DeathStalker gaming keyboard is a top device for improving your game.

This keyboard features a glow in the dark backlight, 10-key rollover, and an ergonomic wrist rest.

Plus, with the Razer Synapse 2.0 software your personal settings will be automatically saved.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pewdiepie

Why is PewDiePie so popular?

If you’ve only just came across the name ‘Pewdiepie’ and you’re wondering why the man behind the YouTube channel is so popular it’s because he made a name for himself as a gaming YouTuber.

That isn’t to say he’s a pro gamer or engages in eSports though. 

Pewdiepie rose to fame for his funny in-game commentary and facecam footage, which has earned him millions of viewers (and dollars) over the years.

What equipment does Pewdiepie use?

As a YouTuber, Pewdiepie has invested in an awful lot of equipment over the years.

So much, in fact, that it would take too long to list it all here so we’ll stick to the most important purchases he made for his recording setup.

Pewdiepie uses a ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q Gaming Monitor, a Rode NTG4 Plus microphone and a custom-made Ghost A1 keyboard.

How much does Pewdiepie’s PC cost?

It’s estimated that the cost of Pewdiepie’s PC is somewhere in the region of $8500, and this price doesn’t include all the accessories and extras he uses with it.

This might seem like a ludicrous sum of money to throw down on a PC, but when you make a living from making videos, it makes sense.

Pewdiepie can easily justify the cost of his mega PC with the amount of money he earns, and it contributes to the quality of the videos he can put out.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

It’s always interesting to dive into YouTubers’ setups, especially those who have risen to the very top over the years like Pewdiepie.

As you’d expect, the Swedish YouTuber has some top-end gear, including a vocal condenser microphone, an expensive PC, and a custom-built keyboard.

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