How To Make Money Vlogging in 2023


Many people express their desire to become a YouTuber, a dream profession especially among young people, who grow up accompanying the evolution of these digital influencers. After all, the glamour that surrounds the everyday lives of people like Pew Die Pie and many others catches the attention of those who dream of being famous.

However, one aspect that is not very publicized is overlooked by most people: the remuneration of a YouTuber.

Have you ever thought that it is possible, despite all the advantages displayed by YouTubers, that making a living from creating video content on YouTube is not that profitable? Of course, those famous millionaires are an exception. With today’s post, we’ll help you better understand how much a YouTuber earns, so you can decide if it’s still worth working on this medium.

How Much Money Can You Make From Vlogging?

Anyone with a channel on YouTube and who posts videos on this network is a YouTuber. There are a lot of rumors about famous YouTubers’ salaries. And these rumors become even more real when we observe the changes in the lifestyle of some famous people on YouTube, who often travel a lot, are very present in the media, wear clothes of famous brands, etc.

The Social Blade website, which specializes in paying YouTubers from all over the world, makes very high assumptions about the amounts collected by these producers of video content. Of course, it is possible to make money with videos on YouTube, but frankly, this network does not usually pay as much as we imagine and requires a lot of work on the part of the content producers.

According to an estimate from YouTube, for every 1,000 views of a video, the Youtuber author of this content collects around $4.50. This is because the YouTube algorithm that defines a YouTuber’s salary is constantly changing. Not to mention that just because 1,000 people are watching your video doesn’t mean you will necessarily receive $4.50. You may receive less because it is the platform that sets how much you will receive.

What is a View?

A view, by definition someone who has watched your video, is only taken into account when a YouTube user clicks on an ad available on your video or if they watch a video ad for at least 30 seconds (those shown before your actual content). So even if you have more than 3 million subscribers on your channel, the monthly amount you are making through YouTube may not exceed $5,000.

Obviously, if you think about that amount for a youngster, it is quite high. But don’t think that all you need to do to achieve this is to record videos with any theme. It all takes a lot of research and dedication but believing that you are going to make some money as a famous YouTuber overnight is just an internet myth.

The big problem for someone new to this network is imagining that only the subscribers and “likes” for their videos will earn them a lot. However, as you can see, just being famous and being well received by your audience will not be enough for you to keep the profession of a YouTuber as your sole source of income.

Should You Give Up Being a Vlogger?

That’s not what we mean. Late last year, Forbes published a list of the highest-paid YouTubers in 2020, and in the first place was Ryan Kaji with earnings of 29.5 million dollars, at the beginning of the same year his earnings amounted to seven million. He was closely followed by Mr. Beast with $24 million and Dude Perfect team with $23 million. The other 7 channels in the top 10 all have over $15 million of earnings per year.

Of course, those are incredibly successful channels with a 0.1% possibility of such success. Nevertheless, if you are striving to reach such goals, we’re going to give you some tips on how you can become a YouTuber and still get paid for it for a start. Later you can go on and upgrade your content, shooting for greater highs.

How to Make Money Vlogging

As you saw above, it’s not possible to make money just with the “likes” given to your videos by subscribers. But there are other ways to work as a YouTuber and get paid for it.


Advertorials are your posts on your YouTube channel that earn you money. Let’s explain better!

Some companies are interested in partnering with YouTubers to disclose their brands, especially if the channel is in the same niche and the YouTuber has a lot of followers belonging to the target audience of that particular company.

There is no exact number for this partnership, it will all depend on the agreement between the brand that will be shown on your channel and you. There are even companies that exchange this kind of advertising for products made available to the YouTuber.

What matters in this type of strategy is choosing a product or service to disclose that aligns with the interests of your persona, so that the advertorial does not interfere with the user experience on your channel.

Media presence

From the moment a YouTuber becomes very famous, he is recognized almost everywhere. This is because subscribers consider these people to be celebrities and want to meet them. So if you have a lot of followers and likes on your YouTube channel, even if you don’t have any financial return on that network, you can make money by attending certain events.

Today it is very common to see stores promoting catwalks and promotions with “Internet celebrities” – people known through their channels. Typically, these brands pay YouTubers when they show up when a store opens, for example, or offer products in exchange for such attendance.

In addition, there are also companies paying YouTubers who give talks and talk about their careers at certain events related to the digital market.

Regardless of the type of audience presence, if you’re famous on YouTube, you can get paid for attending an event and representing a brand.


The other way to win as a YouTuber is with views, as we explained earlier.

Basically, you have to set up your channel to make money from your video views. By doing this, you allow YouTube to serve ads from other people in your videos, either as a banner or as suggestions beside and below the videos, with videos of a few seconds showing off before your own content begins.

There is now a big problem with this kind of earning because Google recently changed some rules and for a channel to start charging with third-party ads, you need to have at least 10,000 views. So you have to work on your channel’s broadcasting strategy and that is done with content, our next topic.

How to Increase Engagement on Your YouTube Channel

Regardless of how you choose to make money from YouTube, be aware that you won’t be able to make money if your content is not interesting and of good quality. Therefore, the most important part of the video creation strategy is knowing how to do it with content that interests your audience.

Still don’t know what it takes to make a great video? So, stay tuned and follow the tips below.

Think About the Content

Many people believe that the first step in creating a successful video is trying to be clear about who your target audience will be. However, this does not always work. You may be planning to reach a certain audience, and after posting your videos, you end up realizing that the people watching you are very different from the people you imagined.

Fábio Porchat, one of the creators of the Brazilian channel Porta dos Fundos, previously reported that at first, they thought their videos would be watched more by young people and adolescents. But over time and after posting the videos, they realized that their audience was very different from what they thought.

That’s why the first thing you need to think about when creating your videos is the content. Once you decide what to talk about and see the audience’s reactions to your videos, you can figure out who your audience really is.

Define Your Niche

Still, regarding the content of your videos, it is very important to define your area of ​​intervention and, if possible, to choose a micro-niche to talk about very specific topics. This is because the more specific you can get, the more likely your material will reach a well-engaged audience, who really want to know more about what you have to say.

Make Your Own Videos

Have you ever heard the expression “do more of the same”?

Well, on the Internet (and everywhere else) nobody likes to receive the same content and information all the time. There’s no point in talking about the fitness world just because it’s all the rage now.

Of course, it is possible to innovate in a saturated niche to make videos about what you love. You have to do some research on the digital market to find out what is not there yet and find your differential, and then create your own content without copying other channels.


Even if you are the most creative person in the world, sooner or later everyone is artistically exhausted. This is when you need to recognize your limitations and think about ways to continue creating video content.

Think about the small improvements you can make, for example: hire a screenwriter, change the title of your videos, change the editing style you have adopted, alternate the days of your publications, or even make a video completely different from the ones you are used to.

Obviously, changing overnight can worry you and your subscribers. However, if you notice that this is a good strategy, think about it and you may end up changing your target audience and your niche.

Publish Periodically

Your videos should be posted periodically because people follow your channel based on your content and want to access your videos as soon as possible. This is why you need to have an editorial calendar and, if possible, choose specific days for your posts, so that your videos are recurring and people know when you are going to post new content.

Be careful not to post videos one after another as this may cause the videos to overlap. Remember to always leave time between your posts, so people have time to watch, comment, and share.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Making Money Vlogging

In the following section, we will cover some of the most frequently asked topics when it comes to making money from vlogging. Let’s dive in!

Is it worth being a YouTuber?

Having a YouTube channel is indeed a great strategy to increase your audience and get your audience to engage more in your business world. It is always important to let people know about the solution that your product or service can offer.

If you’ve made it this far and are comfortable shooting videos, but still aren’t sure if it’s worth being a YouTuber, know that there are other possibilities to work with videos without necessarily use this network.

Is it difficult being a vlogger?

It is very interesting to create video content, mainly, because people consume more and more audiovisual material, which is easy to digest and can be watched anywhere (for YouTube, as long as you have internet access ).

Some people are much more comfortable conveying information, whether through video, text, or other formats. Also, achieving financial independence by working with something that makes us happy is the ambition of most people.

Can I earn more money apart from just vlogging?

Being heard of has lots of benefits, especially in the digital age we are living in right now. If your channel has numerous subscribers, it would be advisable to expand your presence on other social networks, such as Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram.

Instagram is pretty much similar to YouTube in regards to earning money – you try to gather as many followers as possible (and if you are becoming famous, followers will come), upload content regularly, and get new sponsors.

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