How to Contact a YouTuber: A Guide to Networking on YouTube


YouTubers make engaging online content that often attracts viewers that help build an audience. It’s no secret that YouTubers have great exposure and interact with a lot of people, which makes them a great target for different marketing campaigns. However, contacting YouTubers usually isn’t easy for regular users, especially if the said YouTuber is extremely popular and has a high number of subs. Still, we dug a few ways on how to contact a YouTuber.

There’s a lot of ways why you’d like to contact a YouTuber. Perhaps, you’re starting a cruelty-free makeup brand, want them to promote your upcoming video game, or to test some product to encourage consumers to buy it.

Other reasons could be that you’re an aspiring YouTuber and would like to collaborate with the person you’re trying to contact or get help. Also, if you’re hosting a YouTube convention, of course, you want some known names to appear on it.

Regardless of what the case might be, there are several ways to contact one, and in this article, we will detail how to contact a YouTuber.

Methods for Contacting YouTubers

One of the most basic ways to contact a YouTuber is to search for the contact info directly on their YouTube channel. If the YouTuber is extremely popular, there will likely be contact information of their PR manager or some other person.

Still, there’s a chance that their email account or some other account will be left in the contact info from where you can contact them. That won’t always be the case. That’s why it’s important to do a little research of your own and see where you can contact them most reliably.


Marketing and online reach and presence play a great role in the popularity of YouTubers. Monetizing online content through ads usually isn’t enough, which is why a lot of YouTubers spread their reach on other social media. The first social media we’ll tackle is Facebook.

Not all modern-day YouTubers have a Facebook account. Still, making a Facebook page is often a starting point for many YouTubers to share their content online, and improve their reach. All Facebook pages have About Info coupled with other information including contact.

From the contact page, you can see whether the YouTuber has an email account where you can contact them, whether you’re some media outlet, a company promoting their product, or simply a passionate fan who’d like to keep in touch.

Keep in mind that a lot of YouTubers also reach out to other YouTubers to collaborate on different vlogging challenges and other content.

Alternatively, you can message the page directly and check the page info on how frequently they reply. Chances are if the YouTuber has great popularity, their PR or social media manager will reply to you and give you the information you need.


Most of the YouTubers effortlessly communicate on Twitter. They exchange their opinions there, give heads up to their fans, and much more. YouTube community is pretty active on Twitter, and given you can send a message on the said social media network, you can try your luck there too.

It’s similar to Direct messages like on Instagram, and they won’t show on anyone’s feed because they’re, well private. If you’re proposing some kind of collaboration or a deal, make sure to sound polite and detail exactly what you’re offering.

Also, YouTubers, or whoever runs their account for that matter, are more likely to respond to already-existing Twitter accounts rather than empty, new accounts that rather look to belong to a bot rather than a real person or company.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and a lot of YouTubers use it to shoot content that is promotional for their YouTube videos and vlogs. Additionally, they use it as a visual escape to tell their audience more about themselves, their interests, hobbies, and simply spread good energy.

Similar to YouTube, Instagram has a great reach for good content and if recognized, it’ll attract a great audience. A lot of YouTubers also leave contact information on their bio, especially if you’re willing to contact them for a business inquiry.

Usually, the information displayed in bio either leads to their website or private email where you can message them.

Additionally, you can send them a private Direct Message, where you can detail everything you want to tell them. Keep in mind that YouTubers with a lot of followers likely get hundreds of messages per day and it might be extremely difficult for them to keep in touch with all the messages.

Also, make sure to not message from a fake or suspicious-looking account.

Official Website

A lot of YouTubers have their official website. The website may display basic information about who a certain YouTuber is and what he or she does. Additionally, a lot of YouTubers run a blog in addition to their video content, as well as an online shop where they sell their merch or other products.

The official website has a lot of pages where you can find valuable info on how to contact a YouTuber. Some of that info can be found on the About page. However, the most reliable information can be found on their Contact page.

Make sure to pick the right email address, depending on what your inquiry could be. A lot of people who host YouTube conventions use the contact information on the official website to invite YouTubers to take part in the event.

Again, make sure to send a message politely and include the most necessary details for YouTubers or their PR to understand what you’re trying to convey. Unless you sound serious and legit, they likely won’t respond to your message.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a YouTube convention?

YouTube convention is an event that gathers a lot of digital creators in the field of gaming and other niches. It’s a great marketing conference where YouTubers expand their reach, sell their merch, and promote their business. They also get to interact and collaborate with different YouTubers, shoot amazing vlogs, and of course, interact with their audience.

What is the most popular YouTube convention?

The most popular convention for YouTube video creators is VidCon. The popular event has been held since 2010 and attracted a lot of popular YouTubers.

What content is good for YouTube?

We believe that content that delivers the most unique value to the viewers is what’s in, at the moment. That includes gaming videos, tips and tricks, unboxing videos, review videos, and much more. It’s not always just about the structure of content, but also how you convey it and how you interact with your viewers, both directly and passively.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to contact a YouTuber. That’s because creating online content seen by thousands and even millions requires being present online, especially on social media. While the contact information is usually available on YouTube channel, sometimes even in the video caption itself, sometimes you’ll have to search a little to find the right info.

All in all, contacting a YouTuber shouldn’t be hard, and they should reach back, as long as you’re keeping a polite tone.

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