How Much Money Does Markiplier Make in 2024?


Mark Edward Fishbach is an American YouTuber, better known as Markiplier.  He was born on June 28, 1989, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He began his career in Cincinnati, Ohio, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

The total number of views of his videos is over 14 billion. Mark has more than 27 million subscribers and was listed as the 36th place of “YouTubers with the most subscribers” two years ago. Markiplier specializes in “Let’s Play” clips, which often include horror survival games.

Based on his YouTube earnings and other various contract incomes, it is estimated that Markiplier’s net worth is around $28 million. Some argue that this makes him among the top 10 wealthiest YouTubers.

To get a clear idea of who Markiplier is and how he accumulated this staggering net worth, we’re going to take a look at his early life as well as his rise to stardom on the video-sharing platform.

Markiplier Net Worth

While some ballpark it at $35 million, the general consensus is that Markiplier’s net worth is less than $30 million. Not that this makes it any less impressive!

Fishbach has carved a career for himself making videos on the popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, and has never looked back since he started his journey in 2012.

Though he may be rolling in the money, Fishbach is a philanthropist who regularly donates to charitable causes. He’s shown a lot of support in particular for the Cancer Research Institute, since the incurable disease took his father’s life.


Mark is known for his sensationalist way of commenting on games in his videos. This includes shouting, screaming, swearing, and sometimes even crying during the “Let’s play” video series. He never censors vulgarities, although he knows how to be creative with word games to avoid removing ads from channels, while at the same time showing the audience a real spectacle. 

His channel is known for his pink mustache, a trademark of his brand and the alter ego of Wilford Warfstache, for which he dyed his hair pink, blue, and red. He often makes video clips, where he communicates with millions of audiences, talking about various topics, many inspiring ones, but most often about things that concern him and his channel.

Mark regularly participates in conventions, including Pax, VidCon, and Comic-Con, where he often sings, meets fans, and gives performances. He was also involved in the “Make a wish come true” campaign, where he fulfilled the last wish of a sick fan before he died.

Mark is known for playing indie and horror video games, including the series “Five Nights with Freddie,” “Amnesia: Dark Origins,” and his sequel “Garry’s Mod.” In addition to them, he became famous thanks to games such as “Surgeon Simulator 2013”, “Minecraft” and “Slender: Eight Pages.”

Fishbach has collaborated on these clips, as well as on comedy sketches with many YouTube colleagues. Some of them are LordMinion777, PewDiePie, Yamimash, Jacksfilms, and others. He has also collaborated with traditional media stars such as Jack Black and Jimmy Kimmel. Apart from being a successful YouTuber, Mark has also had some interesting movie roles. Some of the films he has worked on are: “Smash: The Movie”, Disney’s “Gamer Guide to Pretty Much Everything,” “Youtube Rewind” in 2015 and 2016, and “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Musical.”

What sets him apart and what makes him recognizable on YouTube are certainly the live charity clips. Playing games during these videos, he raised donations for many charitable actions, including the Depression and Bipolar Alliance Support Association at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the Best Friend Animal Society. Together with the viewers, he collected over 3 million dollars by April 2018.

Fishbach once took his YouTube channel down in 2018, following a fatal car crash his niece Miranda was involved in. The YouTuber eventually came back to the platform, and posts regularly these days, but tragic moments like this have defined the YouTuber and undoubtedly strengthened his commitment to good causes.

Early Beginnings

Fishbach joined YouTube on March 6, 2012. He created a channel called Markiplier and published a video on it for the first time only on April 4 of the same year. His first series was a series of video games “Amnesia: Dark Origins.” After playing several more series, including “Penumbra” and “Dead Space,” YouTube banned Mark’s channel.

Although he filed a complaint, he failed to regain his channel, and on May 26, 2012, Mark created a new channel that he still uses today -MarkiplierGame. In 2014, his channel reached the NewMediaRockstars Top 100 list, ranking 61st. That year, Fishbach announced that he planned to move to Los Angeles, California, to be closer to all the necessary tools for his channel, such as “Youtube Space.”

Mark and his YouTube colleague, Jenna Mae, appeared on the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live in September 2014, regarding the distasteful comments Kimel made to YouTube stars and “Let’shighest-earninge audience supported Mark and May, although they were somewhat unknown in the traditional media. In 2015, he placed sixth on the list of “Twenty most influential stars among teenagers in America.”


In early 2015, Mark started living with YouTube colleagues Daniel Kyre and Ryan Magee. The three of them created music videos and ran the YouTube comedy and music channel Cyndago. Matt Watson of Marker Studio later joined Cyndago, after the group moved to Los Angeles. Their work was recognizable by its unexpected endings and dark, often disturbing, humor. Cyndago was abolished after the death of Daniel. At the time of the channel’s cancellation, the group released 40 sketches and 14 original songs, which also featured Mark.

Fishbach then temporarily stopped publishing the clips and went on vacation from September 17 to October 5, 2015. Shortly after his return, his channel reached 10 million subscribers. Watson and Magee and Maggie have created a new channel called SuperMega. In September 2015, he dyed his hair pink for charity with the YouTuber Jacksepticeye. He later dyed his hair blue in November of the same year, then red, and on December 29, 2016, he returned his hair to black. In 2015, Fishbach hosted the “South by Southwest” gaming awards. In the same year, he participated in the creation of the YouTube New Year’s special “YouTube Rewind”, which gathers the most important YouTube stars of a certain year in one place.

In January 2016, Fishbach signed a contract with Revelmode, the new house of Marker Studios, together with colleagues Jaxeptical and PewDiePie. Revelmode was discontinued in early 2017 after PewDiePie was kicked out of Marker Studios.

Mark subsequently signed a contract with another Marker Studios house, Polaris. In 2016, Mark turned his focus to comic sketches, emphasizing the aspiration towards improvisational theater. In early 2017, he released an interactive video, inspired by the “Choose Your Adventure” game, called “Going Out with Markiplier”. The audience reacted positively to the video. 

Rise To Stardom

In late 2016, Mark formed a team called “Teamiplier” to help him create better quality clips and sketches. In the team are his girlfriend Amy, and friends Ethan, and Catherine. In June 2018, Fishbach’s niece, Miranda, died in a car accident, when she was only 19 years old. Mark released the video five days later, explaining what happened, and stated that he would not be able to create clips for a while.

Two days later, he released a video called “A Special Message from Miranda’s Father,” in which Mark talked about his niece, and her father, Michael, thanked Mark’s audience for their support. On the same day, Mark launched the “Donate” campaign to raise money for funeral expenses. The expected amount was 15 thousand dollars, which was doubled in just 9 hours.

Fishbach joined the board of comic book publishers “Red Giant Entertainment” in November 2014. In June of the same year, he performed at Comic-Con. In 2016, it was announced that Mark would release his line of comics. At the end of 2016, he signed a contract with the “William Morris Endeavor” company, expressing his desire to expand its content beyond YouTube. In 2014, he voted for the song “Smash!” Performed by Starmomb, which was conceived as a parody of Super Smash Bros. The song also received an animated video. In 2017, Mark lent his voice to the character 5.0.5 in the series Villainous.

Frequently Asked Questions About Markiplier

What is Markiplier’s salary?

Sources suggest that Markiplier is one of the highest earning YouTubers on the platform.

It’s estimated that he earns somewhere in the region of $10-20 million annually, and his net worth is around $28 million reportedly.

The YouTuber has managed to stay relevant for more than eight years now, showing no signs of slowing down or leaving the platform to pursue other enterprises.

What was Markiplier crying about?

Tragically, in 2018 Markiplier lost his niece in a fatal car accident.

The YouTuber posted a video to his channel to tell his viewers that he would be absent from the platform for a while.

The video shows Mark crying as he relates the awful news, and has accumulated over 6 million views to date.

What is Markiplier’s favorite game?

In a video interview with WIRED on YouTube, Fishbach claimed that he doesn’t usually play games outside of what he records for YouTube.

This might sound crazy, but when you game for a living, it’s conceivable that it could get old after a while and not be as enjoyable as it once was.

Fishbach does apparently enjoy the odd board game, though, and he cited ‘Nemesis’ in the interview as one of his favorites.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Mark Fishbach AKA Markiplier is a hugely successful YouTuber that has accrued a healthy net worth of around $28 million over his eight years creating videos on the platform.

A lot of the money he earns is donated to charity – particularly the Cancer Research Institute which he regularly raises funds and awareness for.

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