How Much Does Logan Paul Make in 2024?

How Much Does Logan Paul Make

Logan Paul is one of the most iconic internet personalities of the previous decade. He was an avid Viner until the platform got shut down in 2016. Simultaneously, he had developed something of a cult following on his YouTube channel. Since 2018, he’s regularly hosted a podcast called Impaulsive, with almost two million active listeners.

His first step to stardom began in 2013 when his sketches garnered a significant following on the Vine platform. 

Shortly thereafter he created a YouTube channel, seeing as Vine began declining in popularity as a video platform.

His second YouTube channel dedicated to personal vlogs became the most popular one, with almost five billion individual views and 23 million active subscribers. 

It is among the top hundred most popular YouTube channels in the US, and among the first hundred and fifty channels in overall popularity.

Logan Paul is also infamous for various controversies. 

His most recent one involved a Japan trip, over the course of which he filmed and uploaded a video depicting a local suicide victim.

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Logan Paul comes from a mixed-heritage family, with ancestry that contains Jewish, Scottish, Irish, and English roots. He and Jake Paul, his younger brother, were raised in Ohio. From a very early age, Logan Paul showed an appreciation for video content creation — his first work was on a YouTube channel titled Zoosh, back in his early teens.

Paul was an avid amateur wrestler at the time. Once he enrolled in college, he already began his much-touted online career. The first YouTube channel he created started gaining in popularity and the same is true for his Vine account.

Logan Paul studied Industrial Engineering before dropping out of Ohio University; instead deciding to fully commit to his online social media career. He met a couple of other influencers who were popular on Vine at the time, and they all shared an apartment in Los Angeles in 2014.

The popularity of Paul’s content would take a dive at the end of 2017. 

That is when he attended a trip to Japan with a couple of friends. 

Over the course of the trip, he encountered the body of a recent suicide victim near Mount Fuji. Paul filmed this gruesome sight and posted it on his YouTube channel.

Speculations began to emerge over his visit to the forest where he encountered the body, due to the fact that the place was already infamous as the site of many suicides. 

In just one day after posting his video of the suicide victim, the upload garnered upwards of six million YouTube views.

His filming of the suicide scene is not the only behavior Logan was criticized for in Japan. 

The YouTube star misbehaved in a variety of ways, including starting fights with members of his group, throwing toys at random citizens, and even an officer of the local police department in Tokyo.

Activists, Japanese and US politicians, and fellow online celebrities reacted badly to his depiction of the suicide. Other YouTubers claimed that he wasn’t sensitive enough to the suicide victim and their family.

 Over the course of 2018, his popularity faded as multiple petitions sprung up for YouTube to delete his channel.

This backlash resulted in Logan Paul deleting the problematic video, and publicly releasing a written apology for his actions. After posting it on Twitter, he also created an additional video apology that went up on YouTube in place of his deleted video. 

He urged fans not to defend him nor his actions in this situation, and stated that he was sorry for everything.

YouTube condemned his behavior as well, and not only in this instance. Logan Paul suffered from suspended advertising revenue on multiple occasions due to his repeatedly problematic behavior. 

He routinely filmed himself tasering rats or taking fish out of the water to pretend to give them CPR. For a couple of weeks, Paul even moved his content to Twitch, but YouTube restored ad capabilities on his channel soon enough.

Logan Paul also clashed with members of the LGBT community, because of a remark made on his podcast in January 2019. 

He jokingly decided to “go gay” for a single month, implying that it was a matter of choice to become LGBT. Numerous activist organizations condemned this statement.

Since 2017, Logan Paul has lived on an Encino, California estate with Evan Eckenrode, one of his former Los Angeles roommates.

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How Much Does Logan Paul Make on YouTube?

When it comes to YouTube ad revenue, we can safely assume that Logan Paul earns between $5,000 and $25,000 for each uploaded video on Youtube.

In the past couple of months, Logan Paul has uploaded an average of 8 videos on a monthly basis, earning him up to $200,000 solely from ad revenue on YouTube. 

Paul’s videos rarely go past the 10-million mark these days, though his previous work used to be much more popular.

His lessened income is also due to YouTube dropping him from the Google Preferred program. This is a special part of Google’s YouTube ads platform, allowing rich companies to place better-targeted ads on the most popular content found on YouTube. 

For these ads, the rates for content creators are much higher than the regular ones. Also, participation in the program makes the videos more visible to the YouTube Premium audience.

Logan Paul was banned from the Google Preferred platform in early 2019, after his Japan incident. Despite repeated apologies, Google has not allowed him to return to the program.

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Sources of Income

Big YouTube stars can make a lot of money from ad revenue alone.

However, this is rarely their only source of income.

  •  Branded Merchandise

Both Paul brothers sell branded merchandise. When you have tens of millions of subscribers, you’ve got a valuable consumer base for your brand.

Logan Paul has 23 million subscribers on YouTube, but his brother Jake has just as many — providing them with a sizable target audience for their goods.

Both are YouTube stars, and they make numerous mentions of their merchandise over the course of their videos. 

Logan Paul has a “merch store” in his house, but it’s not really a functional store — it only serves for him to showcase the goods he actually sells online.

His younger brother even used a “merch truck” a couple of years ago. Jack Paul converted an unused military vehicle to create his personal merch store “on wheels”. 

He used the truck in his numerous tours, on which he embarked with Logan and their fellow YouTubers.

  •  YouTube Ad Revenue

As mentioned earlier, one of Logan Paul’s primary income streams is YouTube ad revenue.

Through posting content regularly to the video sharing platform – be it a vlog or another type of video – Paul is able to live off the revenue that viewers watching ads generates.

It’s reported that usually only 40-80% of views on a video count towards income from ads, but considering Logan manages to pull in millions of views regularly this doesn’t hurt his finances too much.

  •  Boxing Exhibitions

If someone had made a passing comment pre-2018 that the YouTuber Logan Paul would compete in several boxing bouts you’d have laughed them out of town.

If someone were to tell you pre-2021 that he would be fighting quite possibly the single greatest boxer the world has ever seen in Floyd Mayweather, you’d have seriously questioned their sanity.

But here we are.

Logan Paul vs Mayweather was a thrilling match, posing the question: can a YouTuber with barely any boxing experience take on one of the sport’s legends?

The answer was a resounding yes in many people’s eyes, as Logan Paul did the unthinkable and survived all eight rounds.

It has been reported that Logan Paul will make around $20 million from that exhibition. For most of us, that would be more than enough to hang up the gloves and ride off into the sunset, but we get the feeling thatLogan isn’t the type to rest on his laurels.

Yearly Earnings

Considering all of the above, how much does Logan Paul make a year?

Most estimates show that he rakes in something in the ballpark of $14.5 million per annum.

How did we calculate this estimate? His primary earnings come from YouTube ad revenue; Logan Paul does not release the figures earned from his merchandise sales, meaning we can’t take them into account due to a lack of their public disclosure.

But if we see the number of views his videos get, which is between five and ten million views on average, as well as the number of videos he posts (eight per month), we can calculate that he earns around $40,000 from ad revenue alone. 

And that’s just one day! 

That rounds up to about fourteen and a half million dollars on a yearly basis.

He was probably earning more when he was a part of the Google Preferred program, but that hasn’t been the case for years.

Logan Paul’s Net Worth

Logan Paul’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million dollars — a sizable feat, considering the fact that he’s barely 25 years old. While Logan has done some acting work in the past, his most lucrative work has come in the form of online vlogs.

Up until 2018, his brother and he posted daily vlogs, first on Vine and then on YouTube. 

This has provided them with huge popularity, which resulted in their wealth from merchandise sales and ad revenue on YouTube.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Logan Paul

How did Logan Paul get so rich?

Logan Paul grew his wealth primarily through YouTube, though these days he has greatly diversified his income streams to include everything from podcasts to boxing exhibitions.

What is Logan Paul’s net worth 2021?

As of 2021, it’s estimated that Logan Paul has a net worth of around $25 million, which means he almost has a million dollars for every year he has been on the planet (26).

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Logan Paul’s many controversial outbursts have only increased his popularity, though they have led to some losses in ad revenue and brand value. 

However, with the launch of his brand new fashion lines, he is likely to become an even bigger earner in the future!

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