How Much Money Does iDubbbz Make? A Detailed Breadkdown


Ian Carter, better known as iDubbbz, is one of the fastest-growing internet personalities on YouTube today. He is a comedian, a personality from YouTube, a writer, director, and singer. iDubbz has turned the fun of sharing videos online into a career that earns him quite a bit.

Widely recognized for his ‘Kickstart crap’ series on YouTube, Ian Carter is a very popular YouTuber with over 7 million subscribers to his main channel ‘iDubbbzTV’. The ambitious YouTube star went on to create two more channels’ ‘iDubbbzGames’ and’ iDubbbzTV2 ‘earning himself attractive amounts of subscribers on both channels as well, although the most popular of him remains his main channel ‘iDubbbzTV ‘.

He is also fervently followed on other social media platforms, such as Instagram with over 1.4 million fans, Twitter with 1.4 million followers as well, and Facebook with 130,000 followers. His main channel consists mainly of three series of vlogs that have earned him practically all of his fame. The most successful of this series are the videos of him called ‘Content Cop’.


Ian Carter was born on July 27, 1991, in San Antonio, Texas, to an American couple. His parents later separated, marking the most troublesome phase of his life. Ian has two brothers, Troy and Kevin Carter. As expected from the boys who grew up together, the three brothers enjoyed playing video games together. They have appeared in the first game videos of him. There is no doubt that this had a huge impact on Ian Carter’s life.

Not much is known about his education, but it is known that he finished high school. His last name is also debatable, as a couple of his videos have his brothers calling him “Riveter” instead of Carter or Ian, pointing to the fact that he may be keeping his true identity a secret for privacy reasons.

He is closer to his fellow YouTubers such as Filthy Frank, Maxmoefoe, and Anything4visions. He has collaborated with fellow YouTubers and channels like h3h3Productions, PewDiePie, Boyinaband, HowToBasic, and of course, with the aforementioned Filthy Frank, Anything4views, and Maxmoefoe. Ian Carter is dating his fellow YouTuber Anisa Jomha.

Ian Carter started his YouTube channel on August 17, 2012, but didn’t upload a video until August 30. He started filling in the channel by uploading videos of his own gameplays. When most parents think that allowing kids to spend too much time in front of the TV screen playing video games can only have negative effects, Ian Carter’s career so far has proven them wrong.

The first video was of him playing the vacation portion of the game ‘Overgrowth’. He continued to upload gaming videos and remained an average YouTuber until 2013 when he first uploaded ‘Gaming News Crap’. The video was viewed multiple times, gaining over a million views in just a few months. So Ian started creating more of these videos and titled them the series ‘Kickstart crap’. Following this, he created a series of videos that poked fun at irrelevant and substandard content, and called it ‘Content Cop.’ In these videos, he is dressed in a police costume and appears to be making sarcastic taunts and comments on YouTubers who use controversial methods to gain subscribers and views on their channels. His other famous series is called ‘Bad Unboxing’ in which he opens his fan mails.

He has over 230 videos on his main channel – several of the early game videos have been deleted by him from his channel, making it a channel dedicated solely to the three current series of him.

How much money does iDubbbz make?

Carter’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. In addition to his mass followers on YouTube, he is also popular on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and his mass presence on each of these social media networks pays off for him as well.

With more than a billion views and millions of followers around the world, he makes more than $350,000 a year just from that.

Primary Income:

Carter created a comedy and unboxing channel and called it ‘iDubbbzTV’.’ iDubbbzTV’ has a huge number of subscribers, as in our time of writing it boasts 7.9 million subscribers and has recorded a total of over 1,381 billion views.

His primary YouTube channel ‘iDubbbzTV’ stats in 2021:

Daily average video views: 420,715

Daily average earnings: $105  –  $1.7K

Weekly average video views: 2,945,005

Weekly average earnings: $736  –  $11.8K

Monthly average video views: 12,621,430

Monthly average earnings: $3.2K  –  $50.5K

Secondary Income

Ian Carter created a secondary YouTube channel called ‘iDubbbzTV2’ on April 9, 2015. He only shares comedy content on the channel. The channel has 3.07 million subscribers, and its videos have been viewed more than 258 million times.

Carter made a third channel on April 21, 2015, for uploading game clips and called it ‘iDubbbzgames’. The channel shares content for games and non-packaging. It was created in 2015 and ceased to operate for a while, but in 2018 it started functioning again and is currently active. The channel has 863 thousand subscribers, and its videos have a total of 7 million views.

A huge number of Ian Carter subscribers and views are the key to him earning a great sum from social media video sharing websites. The YouTube star started out as a gamer and then started uploading videos of his ‘Kickstarter Crap’ and ‘Bad Unboxing’ series. Today, his ideas have gained the fame and wealth he wants. It should be noted that the income received by the YouTuber is a variable percentage that depends on the amount paid by the advertiser and the type of ad. It’s a very small percentage that only becomes interesting when there are millions of views. In addition, the Google portal pays between $1 and  $13 for videos made in places like the US and European countries for every 1,000 views of a video. There are various sponsors that may produce an additional income, but it is still not known how much iDubbbz makes from sponsors – if any.

In addition to his video game career, Carter is also a singer, although this part of his career seems like a one-off. In 2017, he collaborated with Boyinaband to sing the song Asian Jake Paul. The song reached number 27 on the American R&B/HH digital song sales, further bringing an unknown amount of money as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About iDubbz

In the following section, we will cover some of the frequently asked questions regarding iDubbbz. Let’s dive right into it!

Who is iDubbbz’s Girlfriend?

The popular YouTuber is in a relationship with another internet personality, Anisa Jomha. They started seeing each other in October 2016 and are still going strong. Anisa was born on January 25th, 1993 in the Canadian city of Alberta. She started out as a video game streamer on Twitch playing games like League of Legends and was made popular by her preference for revealing outfits. Since then, Jomha has moved to YouTube, where she posts videos that discuss a wide range of issues. As they say, a couple that works together stays together. iDubbbz and her girlfriend often collaborate on his vlogs. For example, the meeting between him and Tana Mongeau at the San Francisco convention was recorded by his girlfriend.

Did iDubbbz Ever Get into an Online Fight?

Due to his vlogs that basically criticize other YouTubers, iDubbbz has been involved in a number of well-documented fights with his peers. In September 2016, he released an episode of Content Cop criticizing Leafy, a popular video game streamer and vlogger. He called Leafy a bully and taunted him for his “inferiority chin complex”. The videos got massive views and Leafy lost some of his subscribers as a result. Another of iDubbbz’s famous feuds was the one with a popular vlogger, Tana Mongeau. The beef began in December 2016 when Mongeau criticized iDubbbzTV for its use of derogatory words like n-word and retard.

He responded by teasing Mongeau at a convention in San Francisco in January 2017. Additionally, he released a video on ‘Content Cop’ in which he showed Tana using the ‘N’ word in the past. The video garnered more than 3 million views and Mongeau had to issue an apology. The latest episode of iDubbbzTV’s Content Cop was released in October 2017 and focuses on popular YouTuber and rapper RiceGum. The video was accompanied by a diss song known as Asian Jake Paul.

Does iDubbbz Really Have Cancer?

The cancer rumor emerged after retired YouTube personality FilthyFrank shaved his head, in a video collaboration with iDubbbz, and donated the hair to ‘Hair Cake’. But it doesn’t look like Ian Carter has cancer.

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A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Ian Carter has really made quite a fortune for himself by being creative and funny. No wonder why so many young people seek to have a career as a YouTuber. Anyone who ventures into producing content for YouTube would like to get to that level, but it’s important to recognize that it’s not all about money.

A good YouTuber is the one who first thinks about his or her topic and audience, thereby achieving a significant number of subscribers that, combined with the number of views, will allow him to increase their income. Ian Carter, or iDubbbz, has clearly found the way.

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