How Much Money Does Dude Perfect Make? [2021]

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Dude Perfect. You may have heard this name once. If not, you should know that it is a YouTube channel that carries out all kinds of filigrees and sports adventures. So if you like sport in its most crazy and unbridled expression, you have to follow them.

Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment group from Frisco, Texas that typically uploads videos on YouTube. The group is made up of twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, all of whom are former high school basketball players and college classmates at Texas A&M University. The group members hold many Guinness World Records. But as you can see yourself, they are not the most common records, but they all hide a point of humor, and above all – a lot of fun.

This fame has brought them a lot of money, but just how much money does Dude Perfect make? Let’s find out!

How Much Money Does Dude Perfect Make?

Since this YouTube channel has amassed 55 million subscribers and this brand has become the largest sports entertainment group, Dude Perfect’s YouTube business generated almost $20 million in a single year, according to Forbes, putting them at No. 2 in their most recent report on the highest-earning YouTubers, just behind the YouTube star of 8 years, Ryan Kaji.

Dude Perfect is an American YouTube channel that has a total value of $30 million, as of February 2021.

  • Dude Perfect estimated total earnings: $5M – $30M
  • Dude Perfect estimated earnings in 7 days: $50K
  • Dude Perfect estimated earnings in 30 days: $72,2K
  • Dude Perfect estimated earnings in 90 days: $72,2K

Their Instagram account has over 11 million followers, and as such is considered to attract various sponsors and monetary gains. Instagram accounts with millions of followers tend to earn tens of thousands of dollars per post as well, and Dude Perfect has almost 3000 posts so far! While it is unknown how much they have earned from this, it is surely hundreds of thousands of dollars US.

Speaking of sponsors, all social media stars are bound to have their sponsorship deals in no time at all, and since this YouTube account is incredibly popular, in addition to it being a sports channel, lots of deals have surely been made and thousands of dollars went into Dude Perfect group’s bank vault.

There are four mobile games for Android users available, bringing in more money. Their popular videos have helped them land a television deal for a show that airs on Nickelodeon, develop a merchandise line, tour the United States, and develop longer projects.

Recently, the group has been working on a project with the sports and entertainment company Whistle, and the entertainment company E1 Entertainment, titled “Dude Perfect Trick Shots: Untold Stories”, a tour for fans behind the scenes, for 10 of your favorite tricks.

Although these may be just slight increments of income (in comparison with their main source of income – YouTube), they are income nevertheless.

About Dude Perfect

In 2009, five former college roommates decided they would start a YouTube channel and film themselves doing various tricks and stunts in their backyard. Now, almost 11 years later, these viral challenges have led these friends, known as Dude Perfect, to viral internet stardom.

The group was gambling on sandwiches via basketball shots in their backyard, which were eventually recorded on camera, and a video of trick shots at Toney’s ranch called “Backyard Edition” was finally released on YouTube. Within a week, the video received 200,000 views. Subsequently, a fake video was released for the Christian summer camp Sky Ranch, which now has more than 18 million views. For every 100,000 views the video received, Dude Perfect pledged to sponsor a child from Compassion International. Later, ESPN’s E:60 contacted the group for a segment, and on the third floor of Kyle Campo’s Texas A&M, Toney made a shot, which traveled 3.9 seconds, a world record at the time. The shooting sparked television appearances on ESPN’s First Take, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, and SportsNation.


These are the marks they have achieved:

  • Farthest throw made with the head (11.32 meters)
  • Farthest shot with eyes covered (first with a record of 21.64 meters)
  • Farthest shot from hook blindfolded (16.76 meters)
  • Record of baskets in one minute by a couple from the free-throw line (35 baskets)
  • Farthest hook shot (21.34 meters)
  • Farthest throw sitting on the floor of the court (16.79 meters)
  • Farthest launch with a boat on the ground (27.79 meters)
  • Farthest shot from the back to the basket (10.92 meters)
  • Record of triples by a couple in one minute (19 baskets)
  • Farther shot by jumping on a trampoline and doing a forward somersault (21.95 meters)
  • Launch higher, from the Cotter Ranch Tower in Oklahoma (162.45 meters). Thus they surpassed the mark of 126.5 meters of How Ridiculous. 

How could it be otherwise, the official Twitter account has recognized all the brands and has congratulated the members of Dude Perfect for their compilation of feats.


The most popular content created by Dude Perfect mainly consists of videos showing various tricks and trick cut-outs which are set up for upbeat music. The group also regularly uploads “battle” videos, where individual members of Dude Perfect compete against each other in a good-natured game or contest that typically features creative twists and turns in different sports and a unique set of rules. A series of short comedy/satire videos called “Stereotypes” feature Toney, Jones, Hilbert, the Cotton twins, and others acting out humorous scenarios meant to sound like true common experiences and situations. On January 8, 2018, Dude Perfect released a series called “Overtime,” which mixes the lighthearted aspects of their other videos into a talk show parody format.


  • Dude Perfect (main).
  • DudePerfectTV (secondary).

Dude Perfect began his YouTube journey on March 17, 2009. Since then until today, he has uploaded a total of 254 videos, gained 55 million subscribers, and 12,3 billion views.

Global Channel Ranking

The Dude Perfect YouTube channel has had an incredible activity and traction for quite some time, this increase has made it climb in the world ranking of visits to an enviable 112th position, and thanks to its daily growth it is closer and closer to To be placed at the top of the table, your channel also participates in the global ranking of subscribers by placing in 13th position and moving up.

The truth is that every day is more competitive, but with the incredible growth that the Dude Perfect channel is having, we foresee that it will be at the top of the table of the most viewed YouTube channels and with the most subscribers in a very short time!

–    The channel is located in the 13th position of the global ranking of subscribers.

–    The channel is in the 112th position of the global visits ranking.

Channel Type and Category

The Dude Perfect channel is cataloged in the vast majority of videos as a Sports channel.

Note: the category of a channel may vary since it generally works by encompassing the selected category in most of the channel’s videos, with which, in a Sports channel you can find videos of other types of categories, even what normally they will be few.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dude Perfect

In the following section, we will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about Dude Perfect. Let’s dive in!

What has Dude Perfect been up to lately?

The Dude Perfect YouTube channel has evolved over the years, from fake videos, which is what got them started, to incorporating their other passions, such as challenge videos, sports, and comedy.

Dude Perfect has collaborated with various athletes and celebrities including actor Paul Rudd, the NFL team Seattle Seahawks, and tennis star Serena Williams.

Recently, the group has focused on producing more projects where they can show off their personalities and give fans access to behind-the-scenes shots.

Dude Perfect has expanded its YouTube content by launching a variety show in 2018 called “Overtime” and a series titled “Bucket List,” where the members challenge themselves to do things they’ve always dreamed of.

How does Dude Perfect stay relevant on social networks?

“We’ve seen a lot of changes during those 10 years on YouTube,” Coby said. “The biggest piece of advice I’d give to someone considering getting involved, or maybe a young creator right now, is to enjoy what he’s doing and then mix it up.

To stay relevant on the web, Dude Perfect continued to mix the subject of his videos, hosting new series, and adding additional content to new social media platforms, such as TikTok.

 “We want to entertain people on whatever platform they choose to consume that entertainment and TikTok is one of our fastest-growing platforms right now, with more than 3 million followers,” Toney said.

With the introduction of new platforms, the group has reached out to meet and entertain a much broader demographic across the globe.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Off-shelf projects, branded products, and tours have proven to be lucrative sources of income for many digital creators, including Dude Perfect, and a way for influencers to diversify their income streams outside of endorsements and income directly obtained from YouTube.

Cross-platform reach can also help a creator maintain a long-lasting professional career and develop their income streams across major platforms like YouTube, Instagram, podcasting, and traditional media.

It’s easy to fall into the pattern of creating the exact same content for a platform when you’re a digital creator, but Dude Perfect obviously isn’t the case.

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