How Much Money Does Dream Make?


During 2019, Minecraft had a rebound in the section of the most viewed games online. It was very easy to go to Twitch or YouTube and find a stream with a gamer doing some kind of a crazy thing. What was the most remarkable video that stood out? A boy getting electrocuted every time he takes damage.

This all begins when Dream and GeorgeNotFound made it possible for a player to play Minecraft in the cruelest and painful way possible. Just like you read it – every time you take damage, you get electrocuted.

Dream, a Minecraft YouTuber, and his friend GeorgeNotFound worked on a way to attach an electrified dog collar to an arm and then vibrate it remotely whenever a player takes damage in Mojang’s game.

Well, one thing is to read it and the other is to see it. It is worth giving it a chance to understand how funny and painful this exercise can be for the player that goes through this. Millions of people have watched it, and this has made Dream quite a popular person in the world right now. But who is Dream?


Mr. Dream is an American YouTuber best known for his Minecraft content and speedrun videos. He started his career on YouTube in 2014 and gained popularity in 2019 and 2020 by posting videos based on the Minecraft game. Its YouTube channels have more than 22.6 million subscribers and more than 1.61 billion views. YouTube elected Dream as the Breakout Creator in 2020.

In December 2020, in place of their annual YouTube Rewind series, YouTube released a list of their most popular videos and creators. On the US list, YouTube ranked Dream’s “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE” video 7th in the “Top Trending Video” and ranked Dream as #2 “Top Creator” and #1 “Breakout Creator”.

A Dream live stream on YouTube in November 2020 with 0.7 million peak viewers is the 6th most-watched game stream of all time. A Polygon article from December 2020 stated that “2020 was a great year for Dream ”, describing it as“ the biggest YouTube gaming channel around”.

In January 2021, he was named by the American newspaper Insiders as being “one of the personalities who have increased the most in the number of subscribers on the YouTube platform”.

Going from 1224 subscribers (June 2019) to 1.030 Million (January 2020) to 15.1 Million subscribers in January 2021 – in almost a year, he has gained more than 15 million subscribers in total on the platform.

Minecraft Manhunt

The best-known and most-watched series of Dream is Minecraft Manhunt, a game mode in which one player – usually Dream – attempts to speedrun (finish) the game with a single life, while another player or a team of players (the “Hunters”) attempt to prevent the speedrunner from beating the game (killing the Ender-Dragon) by hunting him down or killing him. Hunters have endless lives and a compass pointing to the speedrunner. They win the game if the speedrunner dies before finishing the game.

“Beating Minecraft But My Friend Tries to Stop Me” was the first video of this series that Dream uploaded. He would repeat this style of video over and over again, increasing the number of hunters over time. Many videos have garnered tens of millions of views. One of his Manhunt videos was sixth in YouTube’s most popular videos in 2020.

Dream SMP

The Dream SMP server is a private survival multiplayer Minecraft server owned by Dream, launched in May 2020. It is played by Dream and other Minecraft content creators. The server is split into factions and features a role-playing game with major events freely scripted in advance with most of the other elements being improvised. This has been live streaming on YouTube and Twitch.

Minecraft Competitions

Throughout 2020, Dream competed in the Minecraft Championship, a monthly Minecraft competition hosted by Noxcrew. In 2020, Dream came first in the 8th and 11th Minecraft Championship. At the 10th Minecraft Championship In September 2020, he raised around $3,400 for charity.

How much money does Dream make?

Dream’s estimated net worth in February 2021 is between 5 and 6 million dollars.

YouTube users are paid between 2 and 7 USD for every 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes what is theirs. Monetized views are ranging from 40 percent to 80 percent of total views. This is all influenced by various factors such as the device used, time of year, viewer location, ad inventory, number of ads in the video, number of people ignoring ads, type of ads, participation in advertising, type of content, etc. The cost of displaying an ad is based on the bid between the advertisers. Advertisers must bid at least $0.01 per watch.

Google Preferred is a program in which companies with a lot of money can target 5% of the most popular content with ads. Advertising rates are higher than normal here. In addition to ads, YouTube users earn additional income from YouTube Red viewers who will pay monthly fees for displaying premium content on YouTube and watching videos without ads. Here, they are paid according to how long they watch their videos. The longer viewers watch videos, the more money they make.

At the beginning of 2021, Dream’s channel has had more than 16 million subscribers and has collected more than 2 billion views to date. It is capable of making an average of 5 million visits per day from a variety of sources. This is expected to generate estimated revenue from ads shown in videos of $25,000 per day, making it up to $9 million per year.

This so far has only been a rough calculation about his YouTube earnings. Dream earns additional income by competing in tournaments, selling goods, and by streaming on Twitch. It is impossible to have a precise, or even an approximate number of those incomes as those are very much private.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dream

What happened in Dream and the Minecraft cheating scandal on YouTube?

What sparked the Minecraft YouTube cheating scandal? The problem with breaking records is that now the same people who were in charge of keeping those records are challenging it. 

Video game logs are maintained by speedrun.com. This site keeps a record of different runners or people who speedrun in different games, all divided by categories. In mid-December, the team that is in charge of monitoring Minecraft logs released a 14-minute video that summarizes an extensive two-month investigation involving Dream.

This video serves only as a brief introduction, and an incredibly lengthy document follows that investigated Dream’s speedrun through various means. How long is this document? it has 29 pages of standard format, and some incredibly elaborate graphics have been included as well.

From Geosquared they explain that the team of moderators is formed by volunteers who study mathematics and computer science, which explains why these kinds of presentations are so detailed.

Dream himself denied everything he is accused of. Even from Twitter, he assures that he is taking all the time necessary to give a quality answer and points out that the statements specified in the video are incorrect. 

How did Dream cheat?

In the debatable video, we can see a stroke of incredible luck while Dream is doing a speedrun, so incredible that many consider it extremely unlikely. In order to get to the very end of Minecraft, it shall take two specific items.

Apparently, to obtain these two items, it is the fastest way to Trade with Piglins, the creatures that will randomly give items by trading. There is only 5% of a Piglin granting you the specific item you need to go to the end of Minecraft.

The second item has a much better 50% chance to drop against specific enemies.

Looks like Dream has been incredibly lucky when obtaining these very rare items. The experts in question did run a series of various calculations that clearly suggest that Dream’s luck at achieving this is extremely unlikely.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

YouTube streamers seek in more ways than one to keep the audience watching their videos, and the idea of ​​a gamer receiving electrical attacks upon crashing in Minecraft sounds like an idea many people would see.

Perhaps thanks to Dream who has more than a million subscribers on his channel and the reach of “I Get Shocked When I Lose Hearts in Minecraft…” it is possible that the message to a good number of Internet users who want to see a little entertainment through YouTube.

The result just hurts to see it, however, apply that legendary technique of seeing a person suffer when they make a mistake. Just watch the Batsu Game of the Downtown Japanese comedians when you think you can’t laugh at a joke. It is a similar case.

Be that as it may, a silly video has skyrocketed Dream into an immense YouTube popularity, granting him a loyal fanbase, numerous awards, and, of course, crazy monetary gains. Amazing how a computer game can change someone’s life just like that.

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