How Much Money Does Addison Rae Make?


The beautiful American Adisson Rae dazzles with her dances and charisma on social networks, she has managed to position herself with one of the most famous TikTok accounts in the world. The dancer has managed to gain to this date a plethora of fans that amounts up to 75,423,389. Having so many followers makes us wonder – how much money does Adisson Rae make on TikTok?

In addition to this, the actress has consolidated her fame on all social networks (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook) and has to her credit large digital properties in her name. The beauty of the networks – Adisson Rae is sponsor-listed for her content and what is surprising is the sums that she has managed to obtain at her young age.

It is incredible to think that with only 19 years of age, using one of the newest social networks, she could capitalize sums of millions of dollars;  So much that the young model saw a great return to it, and she decided to forget school and studies to dedicate herself fully to her dances on TikTok. 

Thanks to the same platform, she became a famous celebrity in the United States. She has huge groups of fans and paparazzi that constantly follow her actions. The most extraordinary thing is that the star Adisson Rae bequeathed this amount of followers in a short time in comparison to what we normally see – the American began publishing at the age of 18, and within a year, she positioned herself as the richest TikToker of them all.

How Much Money Does Addison Rae Make?

In a very unexpected way, the influencers and social media celebrities’ desire for publicity and the capitalization of their content on social networks are brought to light by Forbes, a magazine that knows everything about famous people. The magazine managed to gather enough information to know that the young woman’s assets amount to incredible 5 million dollars. Note that she has managed to achieve this in just slightly over a twelve-month period.

According to Forbes, two-thirds of her income is due to advertising contracts with brands such as Reebok and Daniel Wellington watches. In addition, in July she became the worldwide representative of the American Eagle clothing company.

Addison Rae also appeared on David Dobrik and Jason Nash’s “VIEWS” podcast to discuss all things about TikTok and its secrets. In his interview, David Dobrik asked Addison Rae how much a TikTok star can earn from just one post. “A TikTok that I know of …” Addison Rae began before the others tried to guess.

She finally said she had heard of a star on the platform who received $ 90,000 for a sponsored video. As she was always secretive about her earnings, there is a strong belief she was talking about herself, and being the richest TikToker on the planet, it is quite possible that she earns $90,000 per video, if not more.

Her earnings are expected to increase with the launch of her cosmetic line called Item Beauty, with which she hopes to further monetize her image.


Easterling grew up in Lafayette, in the state of Louisiana. Her parents, Monty Lopez and Sheri Easterling, as often happens in these cases, also have their respective accounts on TikTok. Her family is also made up of her two younger brothers, Enzo and Lucas, with whom she lived before moving to Los Angeles in December 2019 to dedicate herself fully as an influencer.

The story of Addison Rae Easterling is quite peculiar because two years ago she started studying Journalism at Louisiana State University. In that period, her profile on the social network already had a little more than 1 million followers. The girl who grew up watching the dance show “Dance Moms”, and who was engaged in hip-hop, jazz ballet, classical ballet, noticed the first waves of popularity while attending the State University of Louisiana. Little by little she began to make paid publications and promote brands, without imagining that with the passage of time she would be very popular at the University. Colleagues from the faculty recognized her, and she didn’t mind at all.

After seeing her success and popularity, in December 2019, Addison Rae Easterling decided to drop out of the University and move to Los Angeles, California, United States, to further develop her media career. She was already positioned high on the network that is mostly used by Generation Z and whose stars are also becoming the main names in pop culture.

Later, along with other Tik Tok stars, he founded a creative group called Hype House – a mansion located on a closed street in Beverly Hills, where a score of TikTokers coexist, who create videos for the Chinese platform. This allowed her to further enhance her profile and gain followers more quickly, so currently, Rae Easterling has a total of 75,423,389 followers on TikTok and several contracts with major brands, thus multiplying her earnings in record time.

The whole family is on TikTok! Addison is currently in self-isolation in Los Angeles with two brothers, and her family follows the practice of other families of TikTok stars – they are all on this social network.

Popularity is also cost-effective. Addison cooperates with well-known cosmetic and sports brands, she has joined forces with the yamkoko.la clothing brand as well, followed by cooperation with the influential e-commerce name “Fanjoy”. She signed a contract with the Hollywood talent agency WMA.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Addison Rae

In the following section, we will answer some of the questions about Addison Rae people frequently ask online.

Is Addison Rae with Bryce Hall?

In March 2020, the content creator Addison Rae finally responded to rumors about her dating TikTok star Bryce Hall.  At the NBA All-star event, Addison did address rumors surrounding the two of them – Bryce Hall, a frequent collaborating star in her videos, and herself.

The popular TikTok star revealed that the rumors that the couple was dating were not true, explaining that they were actually “just friends”. “Okay, we’re just friends,” she admitted, turning off some of the rumors. “Once I moved here, we really started hanging out more and got really close. Things happened and we decided that we are better off as friends for now because we both have totally different lifestyles right now, as apart from social media we both seek to branch off to different things.”

What happened with Smash or Pass?

In June 2020, a great scandal was made after Sebastián Topete and Isaak Presley recorded a YouTube video “Smash or Pass”, which they later deleted. But in said video, the boys rated the TikTok girls for their appearance and when Addison Rae’s name appeared, both Topete and Presley said they would definitely have something with her. Topete added: “Everyone knows she’s fire.” Many considered that to be quite inappropriate, especially because he was objectifying women for their physical appearance. Then Addison Rae’s friend and partner, Bryce Hall, went to Sebastian Topete’s house to confront him.

The thing did not stop there because Addison Rae spoke with Sebastián Topete who apologized if something had hurt her, and she accepted those words without any problems. But later again, the drama came when Topete showed the conversation where Addison apologized and she got upset, saying: “I’m not sure why my text messages are posted on the internet,” she added, calling out Sebastian for exposing these messages. “I hate having bad blood with someone, but I don’t think anyone should post private conversations without the other person’s consent. “

What is Addison’s formula for success?

Addison Rae’s recipe for success is in three steps: “First, go viral! This is crucial, and there are some tricks to learn. Another important point is to be constant, upload at least once a day, or even post new content several times a day. The best way is to use the TikTok algorithm. And finally, luck. Even the most consistent TikTokers need a bit of luck to reach the top.”

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

A 19-year-old dancing girl has managed to achieve all of this and has made TikTok an obsession for young people who want to succeed on social networks. The magic of TikTok was evidenced by this dancer who promises to be the person with the most followers on the network very soon, currently, she is only behind Charli D’Amelio, also an American celebrity who to date has 107,159,787 followers. 

It is very interesting how much money you can sell a property for if you have famous Instagram accounts, Facebook profiles, and especially that of TikTok! Lately, the majority of houses of this caliber manage to bequeath millions of dollars in auctions, just for being owned by a very popular internet sensation. A celebrity could get to have valuations of their properties of up to 10 million dollars! According to Forbes, this is due to the great interaction a TikToker has with their audience, and it would not be surprising if these values ​​would double in the next few years.

Who knows? If Addison manages to sell something of hers, she will be hugely rich!

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