How Much Money Does Roman Atwood Make a Year? [2023]


Roman Atwood is one of the most popular YouTubers, comedians, pranksters, and vloggers. He is famous for his highly viewed vlogs, where he posts jokes and updates on his life. He has a vlogging channel, ‘Roman Atwood Vlogs’ with over 15 million subscribers and over 5 billion views.

It is ranked as the 50th most subscribed channel on YouTube. In addition, his old channel RomanAtwood has gathered 10,5 million subscribers and approximately 1,5 billion views. The two channels have earned him a lot of money from Google, YouTube, and various sponsors. Keep reading this article to learn more about how Roman Atwood has built his net worth and how much it is.

  • Name: Roman Bernard Atwood, on the internet known as RomanAtwood.
  • Profession: Vlogger, prankster, comedian, and YouTuber.
  • Youtuber from: 2009.
  • Subscribers: 15,5 Million on Roman Atwood Vlogs + 10,5 Million on RomanAtwood.
  • Video count: 1,662 on Roman Atwood Vlogs + 117 on RomanAtwood.
  • Category: Entertainment.
  • Net worth: $14 million.
  • Spouse: Brittney Smith (wife).
  • Birthday: 05/28/1983.
  • Age: 37.
  • Zodiac: Gemini.

How Much Money Does Roman Atwood Make a Year?

Roman is enriched by his YouTube videos, which have a very high audience. He has two channels with millions of subscribers called “RоmаnАtwооd” and “Rоmаn Аtwооd Vlоgs”. Both channels have over 6 billion views, which makes them fertile ground for Google ads.

YouTube channels give you high ad views of all the ads that appear in his videos. YouTube ads are targeting videos that have very high views like Roman Atwood’s. It has been estimated that Roman earns approximately $1 million from YouTube every year. So how rich is he?

Roman Atwood’s net worth is $14 million. Much of this wealth comes from his vlogging and YouTube payments. He also makes money from his other diversified business investments, such as selling products such as t-shirts and bracelets called Smile More.

  • Roman Atwood Vlogs is the primary YouTube channel that has a total value of $913,000, as of January 2021.
  • Roman Atwood Vlogs channel earnings: €1,79 – €10,7M
  • Roman Atwood Vlogs Estimated Earnings for the last 7 days: €2,57K
  • Roman Atwood Vlogs Estimated Earnings for the last 30 days: €11K
  • Roman Atwood Vlogs Estimated Earnings for the last 90 days: €29,4K

RomanAtwood is a secondary YouTube channel that has a total value of $354,000, as of January 2021.

Roman Atwood Bio

Personal Life

Roman Atwood’s real name is Roman Bernard Atwood. He was born on May 28, 1983, in Millersport, Ohio, to Curt Dale Atwood and Susan Atwood. Susan Atwood died in May 2020, in an accident during a family vacation.

Roman Atwood is currently married to Brittney Smith with whom they currently have a son and daughter named Kane Alexander Atwood and Cora Atwood, respectively. He had married Rhanán Riley in 2001, but they later divorced after realizing that she had cheated on him with a friend while he was on vacation. They both have a boy named Nóah Vаughn Аtwооd.

Before starting his YouTube career, he worked at his family’s rope factory called “Atwood Rope”, where he learned how to run a business. Atwood founded his product line called “Smile More” in 2013.

Featured Work

Ever since his high school days, Roman Atwood has managed to produce videos constantly. He then began his career by producing DVDs called “The Nerd Herd” which he sold in 2006 during the Warped Tour. Atwood continued to work on various film projects such as “Born Pranksters”.

Roman Atwood’s first YouTube channel was “Sketch Empire” just before “Roman Antwооd Vlogs” started. He also has a channel called ‘RomanAtwood’ which fans like due to the many jokes he posts on it. Both channels have around 6.5 billion views and around 25 million subscribers. Roman Atwood’s main sources of income come from his YouTube videos.

The channels are also open to audiences of all categories of people, as it does not use hostile language and videos for children. Roman Atwood tried his hand at the film in 2016, which did not receive high marks, so he decided not to follow the filming line. He has received two Streamy Awards nominations, winning only one of them at the 5th Streamy Awards.

Youtube Career Success

Plastic ball joke

In this video, Atwood fills his house with 2.5-foot-tall plastic balls, turning it into a huge pit of balls. This video was uploaded on January 18, 2015. This video was noticed by Nissan, who gave him a 2015 Nissan GTR in exchange for using his video in the “WithDad” campaign during their Super Bowl XLIX halftime ad. This video was awarded as the best “Brand Campaign” video for the 5th Annual Streamy Awards.

Anniversary joke

His video “Anniversary Prank Backfires!!” was published on November 20, 2013. It features Atwood joking with Smith on her fifth dating anniversary by confessing that he has cheated on her. The prank fails when he previews the camera and pranks her back by pretending that she has also cheated on him. She only reveals her own joke after a few seconds of Atwood reacting badly to the news. At the end of the video, Smith says “I thought you were going to propose.”

Kill my son joke

A joke titled “Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!” was posted on November 30, 2014. The video shows Atwood teasing Smith by tossing a mannequin in a Spider-Man costume, pretending it was her son Kane. When Smith runs up to the mannequin, she quickly removes the mask, realizing that it was not Kane, and indeed the mannequin.

At this point, she breaks down in tears when Atwood enters her room laughing at her. She then leaves, but returns when Atwood asks her “Are you really that angry?” She then starts yelling at him and tells him that she is “sleeping on the couch”. The joke was played during Atwood and Smith’s appearance on the reality series Tanked, where Smith revealed that Atwood did sleep on the couch that night.

ATM prank case and freedom of speech

In March 2014, Roman, along with his accomplices, were arrested by the Columbus Police Department for causing panic and disorderly conduct while filming a prank in which he intended to rob an ATM in public. He was released on bail and was summoned to trial. The case was widely contested, and his fans flocked to court to support and see the case out. As a defendant, he won the case on the basis of art expression and free speech, and the case was settled.


In 2016, Atwood, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, and Dennis Roady released a Lionsgate-produced film called Natural Born Pranksters that has received little critical attention. Neither Rotten Tomatoes nor Metacritic has added enough to even give the film a score.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roman Atwood

How does Roman Atwood spend his money?

Roman Atwood knows how to spend his net worth well on assets like cars. He has a collection of cars like his first car, a Suzuki, a Nissan GT-R, a Toyota Tundra, and an orange Lamborghini. Roman bought his father a Corvette Z06 in 2016. Roman Atwood bought a house in 2014 in Thornville, OH, for $360,000, where he resides with his wife and children.

How did Roman Atwood’s mom die?

Atwood said how his mother fell off a scooter while on vacation and hit her head. She immediately lost her vital functions. There was no heartbeat and her breathing stopped, according to Roman’s words. His mother died soon after all that.

When did Zeus Atwood die?

Zeus (January 26, 2010 – February 27, 2017 ) was his dog, a beautiful German Shepherd who lived with Roman Atwood, his wife Brittney Atwood, and their kids Kane and Noah Atwood.

Is Roman Atwood still on a vacation?

For almost ten years, the YouTube prankster has been regularly posting videos on his YouTube channel. On August 18, 2020, after a break from recording for Youtube, which lasted for almost ten months, Atwood has returned with a video titled “We Will Never Recover.” He has been active ever since.

Who is suing Roman Atwood?

Why was Roman Avotod sued? Although he never revealed who actually sued him, Roman states that the lawsuit was about the phrase he uses “Smile more” on products such as T-shirts, water bottles, phone cases, and hats, which can be found in online stores.

What was Roman’s former job?

Before he became one of the most famous YouTubers, he had to start with something. Atwood had a normal job like everyone else. He was a factory worker at a rope company.

What is Roman Atwood’s favorite drink?

His favorite drink is a G-fuel drink with which he also has a paid partnership. Sponsored by this company he also created his new own taste of this drink called “Bahama mama”

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A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Roman Atwood has really inspired many people to join social networks as comedians. By doing silly pranks and jokes, Roman has managed to amount a huge fortune over the years. Many similar attempts were seen on TikTok and other Vines videos, but almost none have come close to such popularity. It appears that Roman has a hugely positive approach to all of his jokes.

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