How Much Does David Dobrik Make?

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If you follow YouTube creators at all, then you’ve probably at least heard of David Dobrik.

He’s one of the most influential content creators on YouTube, and subsequently one of the highest-earning creators out there. Despite being only 23, he has managed to rack up over 17 million subscribers and bag several lucrative endorsement deals. He is also incredibly successful on other social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

In short, in order to measure David Dobrik’s real net worth, we need to look at variables outside of YouTube in addition to the money he generates from monetized videos every year. David has had multiple lucrative partnerships and endorsements over the years, including brands like Chipotle and Seatgeek. In the article, we’ll answer the question ‘How much does David Dobrik make?’

When it comes to any YouTuber, the lingering question on everyone’s mind seems to be ‘How much do they make from YouTube? However, it has always been a bit tricky to measure the net worth of any YouTuber because of so many variables. 

It’s often not just about the number of views or subscribers they have. For example, it depends on if and how many of their videos are monetized in the first place. With a saturation of content creators on the platform, YouTube has been a bit stricter on the content they allow for monetization. 

Secondly, it depends on how well a YouTuber is able to leverage followers and success from YouTube on to other platforms like Instagram and traditional media. This will give rise to lucrative endorsement deals and partnerships. Several YouTubers have found success in this regard, with some getting their own late-night talk shows (Lilly Singh) and starting their own successful product lines (e.g. Huda Beauty, Jackie Aina, Michelle Phan).

Difficult though it may be, we’re going to do our best to crunch the numbers and ascertain how much David Dobrik makes.

How David Dobrik Got Started

Though a lot of people tend to think YouTubers started off as kids who were bored at home with their regular life, David had more humble beginnings. David Dobrik was born in Kosice, Slovakia on July 23rd 1996. He moved to America with his family when he was just six to Illinois. There, he attended Vernon Hills High School, where he was an avid tennis player.

David Dobrik actually gained notoriety on another social media platform-Vine. Vine was known for its signature 6-second video clips that users could upload and share with each other. Though the site no longer exists, it was hugely popular as a result of young people sharing funny videos of themselves dancing, making funny faces or carrying out pranks.

In 2013, Dobrik first joined the site and uploaded funny vines. He often collaborated with other popular Vine creators like Gabbie Hanna, his then-girlfriend Liza Koshy and Jason Nash. He started by creating different accounts where he could upload little clips of popular sports highlights.

 It wasn’t all fun and games though before he got his Vine fame. 2013 was also the year Dobrik graduated and was faced with an ultimatum from his parents–either attend college or move out. Dobrik chose the latter and decided to head out to LA with a group of friends. They soon discovered that LA wasn’t the cheapest of places for fresh high school graduates, often having to eat peanut butter sandwiches to save money.

Fortunately, Dobrik soon found success with Vines and was making between $1,500-$2,000 a month. He then decided to move from sports to comedy vines, which is where he collaborated with other Viners. At this point, David and his group of friends decided to carry their Vine fame over to YouTube in 2015.

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YouTube Rise To Fame

In 2015, Dobrik launched his first YouTube channel–David Dobrik, which was a great move because Vine shut down in 2016. However, his first videos were not that elaborate because he couldn’t afford high-quality video production equipment and sets. This was when fellow Vine star and soon-to-be girlfriend Liza Koshy convinced him to start vlogging. 

Vlogs were simply videos of someone’s daily life, where they recorded themselves and their day-to-day happenings with their friends. Unlike other types of YouTube videos like skits that needed great editing and production software, vlogging allowed Dobrik to make engaging content at a relatively low cost.  Dobrik has stated that the key to his vlogging success was that he wasn’t trying to make it work, and actually enjoyed what he was doing.

He soon created another YouTube channel called David Dobrik Too, where he posts funny content with his friends and blooper reels. Over the past five years since he created his YouTube channel, he has accumulated over 17 million subscribers on his main channel and over 7 million on David Dobrik Too.

He is also famous for creating The Vlogging Squad consisting of his former Vine friends like Gabbie Hanna, Scotty Sire, Toddy Smith, and Josh Peck. Today with over 20 million YouTube subscribers in total, he has also been the recipient of many social media awards. 

Awards And Recognition

At the end of 2018, YouTube presented Dobrik with a Diamond Play Button for surpassing 10 million subscribers. He also got a shout out from PAPER magazine for being one of the top 10 ‘Social Media Personalities Making the Most Noise’.

He has been the recipient of multiple Shorty and Streamy awards over the past couple of years. In 2019, he was presented with a Kids’ Choice award for Social Star. Aside from this, he has been a presenter at numerous awards shows, including the Teen Choice Awards in August 2019. He was nominated for Teen Choice Male Web Star. 

He has also made cameos in  popular films like The Angry Birds Movie 2, where he was the voice of Axel. He has appeared on popular late-night talk shows like Jimmy Fallon.

By the end of 2019, Dobrik’s main vlogging channel had over 6.4 billion views, making him the fifth most-viewed YouTube creator in 2019. 

Recently, Dobrik became a celebrity guest judge on the hit Nickelodeon show ‘America’s most musical family’, largely due to his expertise in the digital world. As such, his fame and celebrity have transcended YouTube and reached a much wider TV audience.

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David Dobrik Net Worth

The burning question everyone wants to know is–how much does David Dobrik make? Well, considering most 23-year olds wouldn’t be able to afford a $2.5 million home in LA or a Ferrari, it is safe to say he’s amassed a fortune from his YouTube career.

There were several things that were integral to Dobrik’s lucrative career:

  • His audience was quite young and more likely to watch YouTube videos and be loyal to his content
  • He was a part of a YouTube power couple with his girlfriend Liza Koshy, who was wildly successful in her own right
  • His YouTube channel took off at the right time, when YouTube ad revenue was more generous as it wasn’t saturated with content creators yet at the time

How much does David Dobrik make a year? If we just take his videos, which can easily rack up to 10 million views, Nailbuzz estimates that he makes about $24,000 daily from his main channel. For his second channel–David Dobrik Too, the estimate is around $4,750 per day.

Considering Dobrik uploads an average of 8 new videos a month, this could net up to over $10000-$150,000 a month. This, of course, assumes that all his videos receive monetization in the first place. 

Another thing that makes him a great earner is how seamlessly he integrates brands into his content. For example, Chipotle partnered with Dobrik in May 2019 for their ‘Lid Flip Challenge’ on TikTok. The video ended up with more than 230 million views by June 2019.

However, it’s important to note that YouTube ad revenue is not as lucrative now as it used to be. In what is known as the Adpocalypse, Dobrik saw his earnings plummet from almost $300,000 per month to just under $2,000. This is in spite of him having more views now than he used to. 

The Adpocalypse saw many sponsors leaving YouTube and hence bringing down ad revenue for creators. Of course, things can’t be too bad for Dobrik as he was able to gift his best friend a $290,000 Lamborghini as a result of his partnership with EA Sports.

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Frequently Asked Questions About David Dobrik

What is David Dobrik’s net worth?

As outlined before, answering ‘How Much Does David Dobrik Make?’ is a bit more complicated because the details about his brand partnerships aren’t widely known. However, his total net worth is now estimated to be around $7 million. Although other sources like Nailbuzz put this figure as high as $30 million.

What does David Dobrik do for a living?

He makes highly engaging and funny vlogging content, oftentimes collaborating with his famous ‘Vlog Squad’ friends who are massively popular in their own right. He predominantly posts content on TikTok and YouTube. He posts highly popular challenge videos, such as the ‘Elephant Toothpaste’ science challenge he did with Nick Uhas. He also does a lot of brand endorsements and partnerships on his social media platforms.

Who is David Dobrik’s girlfriend?

David Dobrik was dating fellow YouTuber Liza Koshy for several years, forming a YouTuber power couple that brought in many views. The couple called it quits in 2018 in a heartfelt video to their fans. David hasn’t disclosed if he is or who he is dating as of 2020. 

However, there is a lot of speculation about him and Natalie Noel, who is his best friend and full-time live-in assistant. Neither Dobrik or Noel have confirmed the rumors.

David Dobrik had achieved far more success than what he probably expected when he first started his YouTube channel in 2015. It was partly down to his luck, starting at a time YouTube ad revenue was highly generous. But, it also has more to do with his ingenious content ideas–creatively collaborating with other popular content creators and seamless integrated advertising.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Dobrik is a great example of a YouTuber whose fame has carried across into traditional forms of media, such as TV.

The former Vine star has also co-founded an app called Dispo, proving that YouTube can be a stepping stone to further success and enterprise.

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