Fujifilm XP120 Review: Is This Compact Underwater Camera Worth it?

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Today we’re going to review the Fujifilm XP120.

Photography has improved drastically in recent times, as more and more people are getting new ideas on the internet and camera manufacturers are allowing them to implement such ideas with their fantastic high-end products. All kinds of new styles are being created every month, and professional photographers will certainly go through a lot of trouble to get that perfect shot.

These trends tend to require a lot of dangerous climbing, swimming, and a variety of other difficult conditions to work in. Photographers who enjoy in these extreme conditions will certainly want a single camera that will go through everything with them and take fantastic photos in the meantime.

One such camera is certainly Fujifilm’s XP120. This camera is so tough that it will endure an incredible amount of damage and can be used pretty much anywhere! And will provide fantastic photos, of course!

This Fujifilm XP120 review will go through the camera’s main features, in case you might be interested in buying one.

Fujifilm XP120 Review: An Overview

As stated above, this camera is suitable for a wide variety of outdoor uses as it is robust enough to shoot in all situations. It incorporates four excellent protection measures:

·   submersible to a maximum of 20m/65ft,

·   resistance to freezing of a maximum of -10ºC/14ºF,

·   resistance to drops of a maximum of 1.75 mm/5.8 ft (75-75 mm)

·   dust resistance to prevent sand or other particles from penetrating.

Additionally, Fujifilm XP120 is a perfect companion for your active lifestyle with:

·   5x optical zoom with 28mm wide-angle

·   16.4-megapixel 1/2.3 inch BSI-CMOS sensor

·   New Cinemagraph Mode

·   Shot with interval timer and Time-lapse

·   3.0-inch 920,000-dot LCD monitor

·   New Wireless Communication

Main Features

Fujifilm XP120 boasts a fantastic range of features and writing about them all would take forever. Instead, here are some of the main features that this great camera can provide for you.

High-performance Fujinon zoom lens

With the 28mm wide-angle, 5 times optical zoom, and 10 times intelligent option digital zoom you can expect a lot! The indomitable FinePix XP120 features an internal FUJINON lens with a 5x optical zoom (28 – 140mm), allowing you to get the image right where the action is happening, even underwater. Its impressive technological advances include the additional function of intelligent digital zoom. The Fujifilm XP120 combines the 5x optical zoom with the intelligent digital zoom, in order to double the maximum zoom range to 10 times while offering fantastic image processing capabilities as well to counteract that boring degradation that traditionally occurs with the use of digital zooms.

16.4-megapixel high-resolution sensor + Continuous shooting mode

Thanks to the 16.4-megapixel BSI-CMOS sensor, even dark scenes can be captured clearly. The camera automatically adjusts shooting parameters according to the scene and features a continuous shooting speed of 10 frames per second.

Large 3-inch 920,000-dot LCD monitor

Although a large 3-inch high definition LCD monitor (920,000 dots) is present, the camera will manage to maintain the compact design, weighing approximately 203g. The LCD monitor also features a coating that ensures clear and easy use, even in bright and sunny conditions. Brightness adjusts automatically in response to lighting conditions to maintain optimal visibility while avoiding unnecessary power consumption battery.

New Cinemagraph Mode

The FinePix XP120 incorporates a completely new mode – Cinemagraph, which allows you to produce still images with some moving elements. This innovative photographic technique gives images an intermediate appearance between photography and video that attracts enormous attention. To create cinematographies with moving elements, shoot videos of up to 5 seconds, and indicate which elements you want to move. The contrast between moving items and still items accentuates image content effectively.

New Instax SHARE to print and share data easily and instantly

The camera lets you send images to the Instax Share printer wirelessly and directly for instant printing and sharing. Print images when you are at parties or on vacation and share them instantly with your family and friends.

Additional Features

Pretty cool features so far, right? Now, for more tech-savvy-oriented people, here is an incomplete list of additional features that this camera provides. Again, naming everything is pretty difficult, and reading all of that would take quite a lot of time. Nevertheless, here is some additional cool stuff.

Optical Image Stabilization (Sensor-Shift)

OIS reduces that blur that can occur when any camera zooms in.


Automatic scene recognition ensures that the optimal settings are always applied to obtain the best possible images of a given scene.

Fujifilm exclusive color reproduction

The “Underwater” and “Macro Underwater “modes are also designed to optimize the capture of images underwater, creating color reproduction that is of human eye-quality.

“Burst mode button” for a smooth active shooting session

·   Capture the action quickly and safely with the continuous shooting selector

·   Continuous shooting at a rate of up to 10 frames/sec. (max. 10 frames) at full resolution

·   Ultra-fast speed bursts at a maximum of 60 frames/sec. (max only 70 frames S 16:9)

“Speed ​​Up Time” with Built-in Interval Timer Shooting Features

The interval timer shooting mode allows you to capture multiple images of a scene at defined intervals. Capture a beautiful sunrise or clouds moving across the sky and the new “Time-Lapse Video” feature will automatically convert these image sequences into a video clip showing the passage of time. Simply select “Still Image + Video” to set interval timer shots. Of course, still-images from a conventional series of interval timer shots can also be saved. The speed can be changed by selecting a frame rate of 10, 30, or 60 fps, with various video sizes, including Full-HD.

Full HD Video and Video Record Button

Thanks to the CMOS sensor, the FinePix XP120 can record 1920×1080 pixel full HD video. A dedicated video record button makes it easy to switch to one-touch video recording mode.

Advanced Filter

A selection of 11 special filters allows you to apply unique effects to your photos. The effects of the filters can be verified on the LCD monitor to ensure that you get the exact results you want. Seven types of advanced filters can also be used in video recording.

High-speed Video

Some things happen so fast that they go unnoticed by the human eye. With the FinePix XP120, you can capture any moment in your life thanks to an incredible frame rate of 320 fps. Thanks to this you can thoroughly appreciate every detail of the action and reproduce it in slow motion.

Scene Recognition

Scene recognition is available during video recording.

Video Editing

The camera also integrates a number of advanced video editing functions, including “video trimming” to cut unwanted footage from the video, and “video merging” to merge several separate clips into a single video.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation will eliminate all the sounds that are made by zooming during recording.

Wind Filter

Wind noise is reduced during movie recording with the wind noise reduction setting.

Share photos from your Smartphone

You can transfer the photos to your smartphone or tablet by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the camera. This feature does not require a username or password, it is easy to use and very convenient when you want to share your images on social media or via email fairly quickly.

Camera remote control operations

Use the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app on your smartphone and tablet to shoot the camera, adjust zoom settings, or switch to remote video recording mode. This feature is useful for capturing flora and fauna in nature or taking group or self-portrait photos.


Install this Fujifilm application to enjoy your photos on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Stable one-handed shooting

The grip on the front of the camera and the thumb rest on the back of the camera allows users to have a firm grip on the camera. When you’re playing a sport and you only have one hand free, the grips will help you shoot the camera better.

Double locking safety mechanism for the battery compartment

The extra-secure double locking system prevents accidental opening of the lid.

360 motion panorama

Select the “360 Motion Panorama” mode, press the shutter button, and pan to pan the scene. The FinePix XP120 takes an incredible 360° panoramic image automatically and easily.

Versatile shooting modes

In addition to the wide variety of shooting modes, the FinePix XP120 offers a selection of versatile scene positions that ensure optimal results regardless of the scene.


The easiest way to take pictures. Use this mode for your regular photos.

AE program

An automatic mode for adjusting white balance and exposure.

Action camera

Use the wide-angle to capture stunning photos and videos of your adventures.

Low lighting Pro

Choose this option to capture a poorly lit subject using a telephoto zoom.

HDR (Dynamic Range)

Every time you press the shutter button, the camera will take a series of different exposure shots. They are combined into a single image, preserving the detail of highlights and shadows.

Natural light and flash

Two images are taken continuously, with or without flash. It is very useful to capture the same image with a certain margin of optimization in one of the images taken.


Setting for taking portraits. Skin tones soften as the natural effect is enhanced.


Ideal function for effectively capturing sharp and clear daylight scenes of buildings and mountains.


It allows you to quickly recognize people or objects in motion and thus achieve a faster shutter speed to capture the perfect moment.


Mode for taking pictures in the evening and at night. Pictures are taken with a slower shutter speed.

Night (Tripod)

Clear shots of scenes in dim light using a tripod.


Capture colorful sunset scenes.


The mode best suited to snow scenes. Prevents unnatural darkened images or completely white scenes from appearing.


Clear shots of people and no darkened images caused by intense sunlight.


Ideal for shooting underwater and capturing clear images of the blue sea.

Underwater (Macro)

Capture images of underwater subjects with clarity and vivid color.


The best mode for celebrations or parties indoors. In low light conditions, it preserves the natural environment.


Capture close-up flower images in full color.


The clear text captures on documents or whiteboards.

Tracking and autofocus

Keeps moving subjects framed and in focus, even with an extended 5x zoom. Great for capturing dynamic close-ups.

Low light mode pro

Ideal mode for capturing static subjects in low light. The mode automatically takes a series of four high-sensitivity, low-noise exposures and combines them into an image with less noise than single exposures.

Dynamic range (HDR)

With this mode, Multi-Frame technology will capture 3 consecutive photos at incredibly high speed, with high, normal, and low exposure. All three images are layered to achieve an optimal balance of shadow and highlight detail, eliminating the “blackened” or “washed out” effect and creating beautiful natural gradients.

Natural light and flash

Can’t decide if flash is better? Choose this mode, press the shutter, and automatically capture the same scene twice: the first with high sensitivity and natural light, and the second with smart flash. Pick one or keep both below!

Face detection

Face Detection optimizes images of people by identifying faces and adjusting focus and exposure to ensure bright and sharp results.

Instantly detect up to 10 faces

Face detection can recognize up to 10 faces in a photo simultaneously. Share group portraits with the zoom function available for playback and checking detected faces. Each valuable expression can be cropped and saved in a clear, high-resolution image.

Face detection timing function

The face detection timer turns off automatically after detecting the number and position of faces, taking the photo at the right time, with the faces in focus, and with the correct exposure.

Red-eye removal on detected faces

Red-eye removal will automatically detect and correct flash reflection to get a perfect result.

MyFinePix Studio

MyFinePix Studio is the image viewing software included with the FinePix XP120. You can manage, view, and print numerous images.

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A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

If you live in a place where it snows a lot or if you enjoy swimming, you will need to bring a weatherproof camera. Fujifilm believes you only need the new FinePix XP120, a robust compact camera that will be the perfect companion in your outdoor adventures, and we believe so too. It is an all-around great camera for all conditions and situations with a plethora of great features. Definitely worth trying.

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