How Much Does Emma Chamberlain Earn? Detailed Breakdown


Who is Emma Chamberlain? Meet the 19-year-old sensation and find out how she became a star overnight.

At the age of 19, Emma Chamberlain seems to have taken the world by storm through her revolutionary statistics and reached out to her social media platforms. She has more than 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, which is remarkable considering that her first video was only released in 2017. She also has more than 12 million followers on Instagram.

Why is Emma Chamberlain so revolutionary, you ask? Well, she changed social media by actually relating and providing viewers with a raw, unfiltered, and self-reflective look into their lives, unlike other well-known social media influences that spend a fortune perfecting their Instagram photos, makeup, hair, posting, etc. Chamberlain’s videos include travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and do it yourself.

Each of her videos garnered millions of views – her video of collaborating with James Charles and Dollan’s twins made over 30 million views since this writing. When it comes to collaborations, she has also recorded videos with other popular YouTubers, including Tana Mongeau, Jojo Siwa, and even the controversial Olivia Jade.

A super-fast rise to stardom makes everyone thinking one thing – is Emma Chamberlain rich?

Let’s take a look at:

How Much Does Emma Chamberlain Earn

What is Emma Chamberlain’s net worth?

As an American YouTube vlogger and famous social media personality, Emma Chamberlain is estimated to have a net worth of $8 million.

How much does Emma Chamberlain earn per year?

Her salaries have never been disclosed, but according to a report by The New York Times, Chamberlain currently earns between $120,000 and $2 million a year. Much of her income comes from paid partnerships with businesses on YouTube and Instagram, as well as ads on YouTube. Endorsement deals with Hollister and Louis Vuitton are just some of the sources of income.

How much did Emma Chamberlain earn the most in one day?

That day: $70,000

  • per hour: $3,000
  • per minute: $50

Did Emma Chamberlain grow up rich?

Emma’s parents struggled financially while she was growing up. She is an only child and her parents divorced when she was only five years old. Chamberlain told Forbes: “There were times when we couldn’t go to the movies when I was a kid because there wasn’t enough money.”

How did Emma Chamberlain get rich?

Emma tried to follow in the footsteps of her fellow beauty vloggers, but that didn’t take off. It was when she created a YouTube video “haul,” a popular video trend that featured vloggers’ shopping sprees. That is when she began to gain traction.

Emma Chamberlain channel statistics

Emma Chamberlain created her YouTube channel on 06/13/2016 (1,780 days ago). Since she had created her channel, Emma has gained an average of 4,659.89 subscribers per day and has averaged 466,601.67 views per day. She has obtained these figures by uploading an average of 3.32 videos per week since the channel was created.

Emma Chamberlain has had 42,519,900 visits in the last 30 days. Thanks to this, she has gained a total of 186,742 subscribers in the last month. This means that she has an average of 6,225 subscribers gained daily and an average of 1,417,330 daily visits in the last month, which makes an estimate of $350/$5,500 daily earnings in the last month.

Instagram account statistics of Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain has a total of 12,8 million followers on Instagram and follows 113 people. In addition, a total of 626 photos or videos have been uploaded to Instagram. Emma Chamberlain has an average of 1,990,750.00 likes and 12,694.40 comments per publication on her account. This means that she has a commitment ratio of 26.13%.

More about Emma Chamberlain

Eye color – Blue


  • Feet – 5 feet 4 inches
  • Meters – 1.62 m
  • Centimeters – 162 cm

Weight in kilograms – 50Kg

Figure Measurements Size:

  • 32B Hips Size
  • 34 inches Waist Size
  • 24 inches Figure Measurements
  • 32B-24-34 Shoe Size – 6 (UK)

She started her YouTube channel doing DIY projects. Although Emma is now super famous for her car vlogging and her fun collaborations, she actually started out as a “DIY girl”, posting videos like this on how to fix Vans.

Why is Emma Chamberlain so successful?

Her salaries have never been disclosed, but according to a report by The New York Times, Chamberlain currently earns between $120,000 and $2 million a year. Much of her income comes from paid partnerships with businesses on YouTube and Instagram, as well as ads on YouTube. Chamberlain has a high social media engagement rate (25 percent, compared to 9 percent for Kim Kardashian). This makes it especially valuable to advertisers.

She has her own clothing line

In July 2018, Chamberlain launched her first clothing line called ‘High Key by Emma’, made exclusively for the Dote app. “My idea for this was to make all my favorite wardrobe bases,” Chamberlain tells Fashionista. “You can’t go wrong with any of these pieces – and they’re all things I wear. I wanted them to be all my staples in one place.”

The line sold out within two hours during pre-sale and included scrunchies ($6.50), tanks ($28), a yellow denim jacket ($56), and a bear fur jacket ($64) which Chamberlain fans called “Poopy”.

She now spends up to 30 hours editing just one video!

While Chamberlain’s videos may seem casual, she actually devotes a ton of time to them. She reportedly spends 20 to 30 hours editing each video. “I cried a few times after I posted the video,” she said. “So much work goes into each video that I don’t know how I’m still alive.”

Her family was struggling financially

Despite the almost overnight rise in fame, Chamberlain admitted that her family grew up in financial struggles over growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and that it was difficult. “There were times when even when I was a kid we couldn’t go to the movies because there wasn’t enough money,” Chamberlin recalled. “And my father is an artist and got a little sick and couldn’t take pictures, so it was a tough time for our family. And now he’s doing great. But having money at certain times was weird. I’ve always been the one who fought financially, so now it’s so cool that I can make my own money and do whatever I want with it.”

She knew she would make a career out of her personality

Chamberlain knew she was meant to do something big that would allow her to be her fun and moody self, she just wasn’t sure exactly at the time. “I always had an outgoing personality. That was the only thing I was known for,” Chamberlain said. “When I was younger I had a feeling I was going to use my personality in some way, but I didn’t know how.”

She dropped out of high school to work Youtube full time

After his first viral video, Chamberlain became a sensation almost overnight and made the decision to continue Youtube as a full-time gig. Before high school, Chamberlain told Forbes she had an agent and then left high school to continue her channel.

She was one of the most influential people on the Internet of Time Magazine

Time magazine has included Chamberlain on its fifth annual list of the 25 most influential people on the Internet of the year. Other influencers included Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Donald Trump.

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A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

We could pack the myth of YouTube into one sentence like this: Publish some videos, attract viewers, and then monetize the revenue generated from the ads. It sounds simple and effortless, and it is something that everyone repeats and uses to sell the story of getting rich quickly. And looking at how fast Emma Chamberlain made her fortune, many would simply hurl to Youtube to seek the same fortunes.

However, the thing is, you can’t make a good income based solely on making money from advertising on YouTube. “Even if advertisers pay a decent amount to promote their products through video ads, only part of their costs go into the pockets of content creators,” says entrepreneur Michael Johnston. “For example, if advertisers pay an average of $20 for 1,000 ad views, videos showing those ads can only generate $2 or $3 per 1,000 views.” In other words, you’ll only make a few thousand dollars for every million views, and don’t think it’s easy because achieving millions of views is very challenging.

The good news is that advertising on YouTube is not the only opportunity to generate income for creative people who want to work hard and develop real business plans. Also, becoming famous on one social network leads to spreading to all social networks for more fame, and in consequence, more money. Hence, YouTube stars, such as Emma Chamberlain, often go to Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok for more views and more sponsorship deals.

It takes a lot of effort to become a millionaire this way, and Emma Chamberlain should definitely serve as a good example of how to achieve fortune.

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