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Rode Videomic Go
In a world where social media and video content creation play an everyday role in everybody’s life, it is only natural that more and more people are willing to choose a career path in this ever-expanding field. Speaking of social media and video content, the YouTube platform, for example,
what microphone does markiplier use
Markiplier is one of several hugely successful YouTubers with a large following who produces professional-quality gaming videos. YouTubers such as Markiplier are known for producing top-quality videos with fast edits, excellent visuals, and crisp audio – so what microphone does the successful YouTuber use? Markiplier currently uses the KSM44A
If you want quality lav mic audio, the cheapest, easiest, and most worry-free solution is to plug a decent quality lav microphone into a portable recorder and have your talent wear the recorder.  You then sync it in post with Pluraleyes or FCP X’s synchronize function.   I have found this system reliable enough
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