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Best Motovlog Camera
Best Motovlog Camera Vlogging has its challenges and requires a certain kind of camera depending on what you want to film. Motovlogging is no different, yet the criteria for what makes a great camera for this purpose won’t be the same. Racing around rugged landscapes and tearing through urban

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Rode Videomic Go
In a world where social media and video content creation play an everyday role in everybody’s life, it is only natural that more and more people are willing to choose a career path in this ever-expanding field. Speaking of social media and video content, the YouTube platform, for example,
Best Gimbal
The Best Gimbals Since the rapid expansion of the Internet throughout the globe (the name ‘World Wide Web’ perfectly depicts this phenomenon), a vast number of technological possibilities and job opportunities have emerged.  Today, in the year 2020, it is impossible to imagine a day spent without using some

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what microphone does markiplier use
Markiplier is one of several hugely successful YouTubers with a large following who produces professional-quality gaming videos. YouTubers such as Markiplier are known for producing top-quality videos with fast edits, excellent visuals, and crisp audio – so what microphone does the successful YouTuber use? Markiplier currently uses the KSM44A
voyager 8200 uc review
Why Should You Trust Poly? Poly is a company that specializes in creating reliable headsets and headphones that are intended for clear communication and crisp audio. The company focusses specifically on creating ergonomic headphones that are suitable for office workers and those who spend a lot of time on

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best compact cameras
Best Compact Cameras The addition of cameras to smartphones has led to a revolution with more and more people taking up photography as a hobby and as a medium to share their personal moments with others. While smartphones are considered good only for selfies and routine photography because of

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If you want quality lav mic audio, the cheapest, easiest, and most worry-free solution is to plug a decent quality lav microphone into a portable recorder and have your talent wear the recorder.  You then sync it in post with Pluraleyes or FCP X’s synchronize function.   I have found this system reliable enough
Best YouTube to Mp4 Converter

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