What Camera Does Alisha Marie Use? [Gear Breakdown]


Alisha Marie created her YouTube channel in 2008, two weeks after her 15th birthday. Ten years later, or to be precise, on May 13, Alisha posted another video on YouTube named “This is not goodbye…”. This video saddened many of her fans as she said that she won’t post new videos for an undisclosed period due to exhaustion and lack of creativity. Until then, Alisha Marie has been incredibly popular.

Nevertheless, she is back again (many presume due to the COVID situation) and remains popular still. Her videos are a joy to watch and many admire her creativity, video editing, and video quality. But to do that, you will need good equipment.

What camera does Alisha Marie use?

  • The first camera she used was the Canon EOS 70D. But the upgraded camera that she has been using since is the Canon EOS SD Mark IV.

Let’s see what these cameras are like.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

With its 30.4MP full-frame CMOS sensor, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV makes a significant step forward over its predecessor, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The new sensor primarily raises the already fairly high quality of the photo of the previous iteration, brings ISO sensitivity in the range of 100-32000 (expandable to 50-102400), and in combination with the new processor – DIGIC 6+ comes the long-awaited 4K video (4096 x 2160 with 30 fps). The 8.8MP photos can be extracted from 4K videos thanks to the 4K Frame Grab option as well. With the new processor, it also gets faster, so the burst is now 7 fps (compared to 6 fps with the 5D Mark III).

In terms of focus, the Canon 5D Mark IV boasts a High-Density Reticular AF II system with contrast and phase detection, improved over the previous generation and very similar to that of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II; however, the number of points remained the same as in the predecessor – 61 AF points, of which 41 were cross. What is important is that this AF system provides focus on all points (61) in combination with a large number of lenses, even with EF telephoto lenses that are combined with EF extenders, up to an aperture value of f/8. And when it comes to video focus, there’s the phenomenal Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which provides perfectly smooth focus when shooting video and – for the first time with a Canon FF body – continuous focus when shooting in live view mode.

What makes the 5D Mark IV revolutionary compared to other models is the fact that it specifically records data with two photodiodes, each pixel composed of it, which provides some innovative post-processing capabilities to correct some minor focus errors, reposition bokeh, or remove the effect of ghosting created by the lenses. This option is called Dual Pixel RAW and requires the use of Digital Photo Professional 4.5 software. It is difficult to surpass the Canon 5D Mark III, but the Canon 5D Mark IV has succeeded in some other fields.

It is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi (with NFC) and GPS functions, which is the first such case in the EOS 5D series, and which provides easy communication with smart devices, ie. easy positioning on the map and synchronizing time with other cameras.

The body of the new full-frame DSLR is sealed and made of magnesium alloy, and the back is dominated by a fixed LCD screen of 3.2″ and a resolution of 1,620,000 dots. In addition to better resolution than its predecessor, this screen is also touch-sensitive, which makes the perfect combination with the aforementioned focus in LV mode. Framing can also be done through an optical viewfinder (pentaprism) with a magnification of 0.71x. Like its predecessor, the Canon 5D Mark IV has two memory card slots – one reserved for CF and the other for SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I) cards.

A truly powerful camera for all your needs.

Canon EOS 70D

The Canon EOS 70D is the successor to the Canon EOS 60D, but in essence, it is significantly more than that. The EOS 60D seems to have been insufficiently better than the “three-digit” Canon DSLRs to justify its higher price, but the good news is that the 70D brings some unique features that still can’t be found on the more expensive, and especially not on cheaper Canon bodies. In addition, the 70D takes many of the positive features of the legendary 7D camera, which has been justifiably sold continuously for five years.

The Canon 70D is finally bringing a new 20MP resolution sensor, which means it hasn’t used the somewhat timeless 18MP sensor that Canon has built into many of its DSLRs. This sensor has a unique “Dual Pixel” technology, which will be useful for both photos and video, and which will allow beginners to avoid mistakes that are made on the DSLR much easier (when you are a beginner ) than on a mobile phone or compact camera.

From other important items from the specification, we will single out the photo recording speed of as much as 7 images per second. By comparison, the 7D records as much as 8fps, but that’s why the more than twice as expensive and much-loved 5D Mark III records “only” 6fps. It is pointed out that the 70D has an AF system from the 7D model, which, despite the timeliness of this camera, is still to be commended. These are 19 AF points, which are solidly distributed and are of the “cross” type.

The Canon EOS 70D records 1920×1080 video resolutions, at a maximum of 30fps, with 25fps and 24fps options available. The screen can be fully rotated, and there is built-in WiFi. However, in order for the 70D to be positioned halfway between amateur and professional bodies, some trade-offs had to be made, so only one SD memory slot is used, and there is no headphone output that can be useful for video recording. Fortunately, the microphone input is still there.

All in all, a fantastic camera for beginners.

More About Alisha Marie

Alisha Marie, who uses her middle name as her brand, told her audience of over 7.3 million subscribers how she used to see her fellow YouTubers slow down her posts. That decision of her friends to create fewer videos of hers prompted her to diversify hers and do some things about travel tips, tips to decorate your room, social issues, etc.

Eventually, this took its toll. She was no longer happy with the quality of the videos she posted and she felt she was only uploading them to meet the schedule and achieve views. For YouTubers, this is incredibly important, as it will bring more fans, more views, and more revenue. Her most popular video has 29.8 million views.

Her break was only to be on her main YouTube channel as she made it clear in the “This is not goodbye …” video. She then continued to post to her secondary channel, AlishaMarieVlogs, which had over 2.7 million subscribers at the time, but she did so on one condition: she wanted to post only when she wanted to, not when she felt like she had to.

After taking a short break on Instagram, she has returned to being active on this platform. Her account (@alisha) has 3.5 million followers. Of course, she is now active on her YouTube channel once again, and fans are happy to see that.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

Can you imagine hearing that people will become millionaires by simply posting videos on YouTube 15 years ago? That idea seemed ludicrous back then! But the Youtuber phenomenon has only grown. Do you like what Alisha Marie is doing and want to follow her steps? Well, the first step is to have a proper camera as she does.

Depending on the type of content that you are going to want to create, it is advisable to bet on one model or another. Those two cameras that Alisha Marie uses are just for you, pretty much regardless of the type of content you wish to create!

The importance of a good camera cannot be emphasized enough when talking about YouTube vloggers. See what other cameras your favorite YouTubers use and pick the one you like best for your career.

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