Best Time To Post on YouTube: A Detailed Guide


With so many YouTubers competing with others for the most views and best reach, it gets quite challenging for your videos to get legs. YouTube has something known as the YouTube traffic which indicates how many people are posting on YouTube at a given moment. That can make uploading and viewing your video a tad more difficult. That’s why in this article, we’re going to detail the best time to post on YouTube.

The tricky YouTube traffic makes it difficult for a lot of newcomers to post videos frequently and get the recognition that they expect they deserve. However, even a good quality video made using proper equipment doesn’t guarantee that the video will be noticed, let alone recognized, even if you’re targeting the right audience.

Sometimes, the times you choose to post your YouTube videos can affect how many views you’ll get. That doesn’t come as a surprise as YouTube is a colossal network with millions of users and a lot of video content.

YouTube is also the most popular social network, with more active monthly users even than Instagram, thanks to over 2 billion active users monthly. There are an estimated 5 billion video views per day on this network, and to achieve this value, many YouTubers are trying their best to buy some time with their video content. With that in mind, the time you post your video content matters.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the best time to post on YouTube, and whether there is such a thing in the first place. Finally, read our tips about posting at the right time so that you can get more views, subscribers, and interaction with your videos.

When to Post on YouTube

When it comes to posting on YouTube, the analytics and the type of content you create isn’t the only factor that determines when is the best time to post to get the most views. Somethings depend solely on your audience.

Before you wonder about when to post videos, you should look at your target audience and when they could potentially be interested in watching your videos. Let’s look at a few examples.

For instance, let’s imagine that you’re a content creator in the education niche. You’re trying to make learning a new language easier for kids going to school, as well as adults. During the weekdays, most students are at school and they are unable to watch your videos as soon as they are living or they get notified about them coming out.

The same goes for the most employed adults, who are either working in the first shift or sleeping after working in the third shift. What is the potential solution to this problem? Either post in the late afternoon or early evening.

Nearly the same applies for other types of content like gaming, studying, and others, there’s a chance that your video will be noticed at a later time, but it’s the first hours after uploading that matter to your search engine optimization and online visibility to your subscribers and others who are interested in your content.

Also, instead of posting during the weekday, if your target audience is students, whether school or university, you should try posting during the weekend when their online presence is greater and they have more time to discover educational videos.

It’s important to perform an in-depth analysis of the content and niche that you’re posting about. That means analyzing the age group, gender, and other properties of your target audience so that you can learn about when they’re online the most. It’s quite similar to analyzing your target audience to gather info on the content that you should create on your channel.

This analysis just gives more insight into when is the best time to post, and what could be preventing your target audience from viewing the videos you’re uploading. Also, keep in mind that based on the length of the video and the file size, your video may not be uploaded as soon as you press to upload it. You can learn more about uploading YouTube videos here. – [Note: I’m providing space for linking previously written articles for better SEO.]

With all that, let’s look at the best time of the day and the best time of the week to post videos on YouTube according to the analytics and algorithm, after analyzing the content you create and who is interested in watching it.

Best Day Of The Week To Upload YouTube Videos

When the week begins, for a lot of people it’s so hectic that they hardly have time to check YouTube or keep up with their favorite creators and influencers.

A lot of people batch new videos from their subscriptions to watch them on weekends so that they wouldn’t waste too much time, which can be bad for creators who need their videos to be seen shortly after the video is published to improve their visibility.

For that reason, posting on Monday isn’t good for your video’s reach. Of course, there are still a lot of people who are online on Mondays and have time to browse and enjoy quality YouTube content. Additionally, your target audience could be most present on YouTube on Monday, but it’s still advisable to pick some other day unless you simply have to post on Mondays.

Tuesday is similar to Monday, and a bit more friendly for the new videos. Tuesdays are usually reserved for the big-name influencers to post content, so your video may not be as visible. But, if you were previously posting on Tuesdays, it’s important to continue posting so that you can be consistent with your times. It’s just important to post at a certain time that is the most compatible with the current YouTube traffic peak.

Wednesday is one of the better days. You can experiment with different times of posting, but you can never go wrong with Wednesday. People are already getting tired of their busy workdays and obligations and don’t mind sitting back and relaxing to some quality YouTube content, whether they’re taking a bus or a train to work, or having a lunch break at work.

Thursday and Friday are certainly the best days to post to YouTube. That’s because the workweek is coming to an end. People are finishing their tasks and obligations and dedicating more time to checking out social media, including YouTube, even during office hours. Friday marks the beginning of the weekend, so people will be more present on the Internet for entertainment purposes and could stumble upon your new video unless they were notified if they are subscribed.

The weekend is a great time to post your YouTube videos, but be careful, the weekend can often be considered a double-edged sword. People indeed have a lot more free time than they’ll gladly use browsing quality content on YouTube and revisiting their subscriptions that post frequently.

Still, there is a catch. It means that more YouTubers have more time to dedicate themselves to shooting, editing, rendering, and uploading video content that could press the YouTube traffic, making your video potentially obscured to other videos with more views, subscriptions, and content interaction.

If this worries you and you’re unsure about when you should post on YouTube, let’s look at the best hours in the day to post videos on YouTube and find the formula that will fit your YouTube channel the most.

Best Hour To Post On YouTube

After we listed the best days to post on YouTube, you must be left confused about posting on weekends, and whether you should do it at all because you can end up crushed by the competition. We believe it’s still worth a try, as long as you find a certain hour to post and stick to it religiously.

A lot of analytical data suggests that early to late afternoon is the best to post on YouTube. That means 12 pm to 5 pm. That’s when a lot of people at work have lunch breaks or are coming back from work, so they browse YouTube to watch interesting videos.

If the videos are targeted at children, they are starting to come back home at that time and rest before doing homework, so there’s a lot of chances for the content to be seen.

If you usually post larger videos and are worried about not being able to post in time, don’t worry. A lot of people watch videos in the evenings, so there’s a good chance for your video posted in the afternoon to get legs. Uploading in the evening can be tricky because a lot of bigger names post in the early evening.

If you’re posting during the weekend, it’s best to upload videos early to late morning. That can be anywhere from 7 am to 11 am. If your video is larger, you can get up earlier and post it in the early morning, by the time everyone wakes up, your video will be up and running for everyone to see.

On a side note, if you create content that is noticed and liked by people around the globe, it’d be good to look at the most present time zone and curate your posting times so that others could see it soon after being published.

If you’re posting it in the morning, and you live in the US, Europeans are already going through the afternoon, while Asian countries are entering early to late evening. With that in mind, posting in the morning will allow people around the world to notice your new video before people from your surroundings good.

That said, if your content is targeted at the international audience, posting in the evening may not be a good idea, because they are either deep asleep or getting ready for bed and are unable to check it out.

Although sticking to a strict posting schedule is necessary for better reach and is habitual to your regular subscribers, you’re more than encouraged to experiment with different days and times to post until you find the option that benefits your YouTube channel the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions About When To Post On YouTube

We hope that our explanation helped you decide on what’s the best time to post on YouTube. We also took time to answer additional questions about any confusion that arises about posting on YouTube.

Does the posting time on YouTube matter?

In short, yes. Your video takes time to reach your target audience and won’t appear on your subscribers’ feed as soon as you post it. That’s why it’s a good idea to post in the afternoon on the weekdays and in the morning during the weekends. That way, your newly-uploaded video has enough time to reach your audience.

How many videos should I post on YouTube per week?

A: Usually, posting 3-5 videos a week is ideal. But, not everyone has that much time at their disposal and lives off just YouTube. You should post as many times as you can, but if possible, not keep that number under 3.

Should I post on weekends?

A: As we said above, posting during the weekend can be a double-edged sword. The good part is that more people have time to check YouTube and reach your video. However, that also gives a lot more people time to post their videos on YouTube, with all of them competing for views. If you post during the weekend, try posting in the morning.

A Final Word From Run Gun Shoot

So, what’s the best time to post on YouTube? If you post every day, the day doesn’t matter much, but you should post your videos in the afternoon so that it’s easily available to your audience when they finish work or homework.

If you don’t post every day, it’s best to avoid the first two days of the week, and focus your content on Thursday and Friday. If you have to post during the weekend due to lack of time during the week, avoid the afternoon and evening hours.

What is your schedule for posting YouTube videos? What works the best for you?

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