Best Sony Vlogging Camera in 2021: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Best Sony Vlogging Camera

Best Overall
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 V 20.1 MP Digital Still Camera with 3" OLED, flip...
Best Premium Model
Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B 12.2 MP E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor, Black
Best on a Budget
Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 2.95" LCD (Body Only)
Sony RX-100V
Sony Alpha 7S Mark II
Sony A6500
Best Overall
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 V 20.1 MP Digital Still Camera with 3" OLED, flip...
Sony RX-100V
Best Premium Model
Sony a7S II ILCE7SM2/B 12.2 MP E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor, Black
Sony Alpha 7S Mark II
Best on a Budget
Sony Alpha a6500 Mirrorless Digital Camera w/ 2.95" LCD (Body Only)
Sony A6500

Are you considering taking up vlogging? This is one of the more lucrative pastimes you could dabble in — but choosing the right equipment for this is not always simple. For instance, selecting the best camera for your vlog can be a tough choice to make. After all, you need to be certain that you’re choosing a model that guarantees enough versatility and quality.

In such a situation, you can’t go wrong with a trustworthy camera manufacturer like Sony. And that’s precisely why we’ve decided to showcase the best Sony vlogging cameras you can find on the market today!

Best Sony Vlogging Camera Reviews

We’re going to introduce you to the five best models that Sony has to offer in terms of cameras — but those specifically great for vlogging. Before delving into the particular models that we want you to see, there’s another question to answer first — why go with Sony in the first place?

The reason is simple — most YouTube vloggers tend to use mirrorless cameras to do their work. And in this specific niche, Sony has definitely made a splash in the past couple of years. They’ve managed to hold their own compared to competitors such as Nikon or Canon.

It should also be noted that mirrorless cameras are excellent for vlogging for a variety of reasons. First of all, they aren’t as mechanically complex as some of the other types of cameras. Having fewer parts means that there are fewer things that could go wrong, meaning fewer nasty malfunctions.

Next up, they’re small-sized recording powerhouses. With this kind of camera, you can achieve an almost cinema-like level of quality with a camera that’s not too bulky or hefty; letting you carry them around in all kinds of situations and expand your horizons in terms of the types of content you can create.

Plus, these cameras also have a huge range of additional lenses you can attach to them, for different situations and artistic directions. If you want to use lenses designed for other camera manufacturers, there are even adaptors for Sony that you can buy.

Of course, all of this is not to say that more traditional DSLR cameras don’t have their place in the market. While future mirrorless cam improvements may push them out of the market, that’s not going to happen any time soon.

As of now, even the finest mirrorless cameras have a couple of downsides that you should keep in mind. For instance, their battery life is not as great as it would be with DSLR cameras; luckily, that’s something you can fix with a couple of spare batteries.

You may hear that professional photographers are not as fond of mirrorless cameras as most vloggers are. Don’t let that dissuade you from using this type of camera for your next vlog; for that sort of content, the cameras that we’re going to showcase here are already the best possible option — particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness.

As we move onto the actual reviews of the best Sony vlogging cameras found on the market, you should note that most of them are equipped with a handy flip screen. On the flip side (all pun intended), a majority of them don’t have a microphone port. This can be a deal-breaker for some beginner vloggers that don’t want a huge hassle when it comes to equipment — but there are always external mics that don’t require you to hook them up to a camera.

1. Sony RX-100V — Best Overall

The first camera that we’re going to take a look at on our list is one that pretty much sums up everything that the average vlogger needs. This Sony model will easily fulfill a majority of the needs that a general-purpose vlog might entail.

It’s especially great for beginners because it doesn’t require you to fiddle around with a bunch of different lenses in order to provide a decent filming quality. On top of that, this is the first model in this Sony series that comes with a flip screen.

The other perk of the fifth RX100 model is the excellent image stabilization, allowing you to record action-packed videos on the go without worrying about the infamous shaky-cam effect. Also, if you want to get a grittier aesthetic, you can turn off the software stabilization in the settings.

Naturally, one of the biggest advantages of this model is its capability to shoot videos in 4k resolutions. For a camera that’s as compact as this, you actually get a pretty decent maximum aperture of your lens. In translation, you can record clear videos on foggy and rainy days, as well as with different levels of indoor lighting. The wide aperture also allows you to create the interesting effect of a blurred background – if you want to.

The fact that the camera has an in-depth manual mode allowing you to adjust and fiddle with all of the settings makes it a perfect compact high-end camera for vlogging. Also, the video quality doesn’t leave a lot to be desired either.

And best of all, it isn’t just a camera that you can use for your vlogs. It’s actually great for photography as well — something that not many mirrorless models can boast with. It lacks some features that exist on more specifically vlogging-focused Sony cameras, but as you’ll see in the comparison below — it’s nothing that most content creators can’t do without.

Conversely, it does have a range of amazing features making it more than a worthy contender on any competition of vlogging devices. If you want to create a vlog, there are certain priorities that you have to keep in mind. First of all, high resolutions are definitely a must. And secondly, the camera in question needs to be compact enough to enable easy mobility.

On both of those counts, this model holds its own. Not only can it shoot 4k videos with ease, but it’s also small enough that you can carry it around in your own pocket. You won’t need bulky equipment bags to carry this around — and yet it does the job.

Also, sure, it doesn’t support many external lenses. But seeing as its default lens is more than adequate, you won’t need to spend time attaching the lens and lugging them around with you. This model was definitely made with practicality in mind, and that’s visible from each of its features.

We’d be remiss not mentioning the fact that it doesn’t have an external jack that lets you easily attach a microphone to it. If you intend to use this to shoot interviews and other audio-heavy content, this will obviously be an issue — so you’ll have to get another microphone to use separately. Its tiny video sensors mean that low-light performance might not be what you’d like.

Still, the camera is definitely cost-effective, which is incredibly crucial for young vloggers without a lot of funds to spend on their content creation. It’s definitely not the cheapest model out there, but it’s guaranteed to last you a while, and it’s everything you’d want if you’re looking for something efficient and compact out of your Sony vlogging camera.

2. Sony Alpha 7S Mark II — Best Premium Model

If you’re after a truly high-end camera model for your vlogging needs — the Sony Alpha 7S Mark II is definitely something that should be at the very top of your list. As you’ll see from our in-depth review below, it will definitely get you the best performance in every kind of external condition.

We’ll say this right away — you should know that this isn’t an affordable camera by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is also extremely high-quality, especially in low light conditions. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that this is the finest mirrorless cam you can find for low-light recording — so if you’re planning on shooting night time footage for your vlog, you won’t do much better than this.

This camera is perfectly capable of producing excellent 4k videos. And while you may hear a lot about Panasonic cameras that are capable of doing the same thing, don’t think that the investment into this Sony model won’t pay off.

The Sony Alpha 7S is better for vloggers due to one simple fact — while its other characteristics are comparable to the Panasonic model, the feat that sets it apart is its lightness. The camera is far less heavy than the competing models with the same set of specs.

And that’s even without taking into account its far superior image sensor, allowing for a much more satisfying Bokeh effect. If you definitely want to invest your money in a camera that’s excellent for vlogging and YouTube, you won’t do better than the Sony A7S Mark II. Vloggers such as Jake Paul are known to frequently use it for their recordings.

Its excellent features include great recording quality in low lighting, a small amount of weight for a camera with such an abundance of options, top-notch image stabilization, and a 4k video capability.

The downsides include the fact that it doesn’t have a flip screen and the fact that it’s pretty expensive.

If we weigh the pros against the cons, we definitely arrive at the conclusion that this camera is worth your time. First of all, it’s a great mirrorless model, it’s a full-frame camera, and the model boasts a wide range of lenses that you can obtain and use in different recordings.

Not only is the camera capable of shooting excellent videos, but you can also use it to score great photos as well. If you’re looking for a dependable camera, this machine actually fully justifies its expense.

We can’t praise its performance in low light enough — there is no Sony camera on the market that will get you a better night shot; especially when coupled with a high-quality lens. All of this makes it a beast when it comes to semi-professional vlogging. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start a YouTube channel or make small films; with the right lens, you’ll be able to do it with this camera. It boasts an incredible image stabilization from both the hardware and the software perspective — especially great when it comes to 4K videos.

The only major problem is that you don’t have a flip screen; meaning that you’ll have to set up your frame before you’ve begun making the video. If you’re not turned away by its somewhat high price, this is actually going to be the best vlogging experience you can find on the market nowadays.

3. Sony A6500 — Best on a Budget

This is another excellent camera from Sony — especially if you’re in a monetary bind and can’t afford to spend a fortune on your vlogging camera. As you’ll see from our detailed review, this is one of those models that are just one detail shy away from being perfect. In the case of the Sony A6500 the issue there is that it doesn’t have built-in image stabilization.

However, we should also note that this is no deal-breaker if you intend to get additional lenses with the camera — there are lenses that have their own stabilization to make up for the A6500. And this is what makes the camera so affordable compared with the other ones found on our list.

Plus, the camera has other features that separate it from the fold — for instance, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better autofocus feature on a camera of this price range. It’s incredibly accurate and quicker than you can fathom.

In addition to that, the camera has 4K capabilities at an astounding quality level — you won’t find the videos recorded with this much different from far more expensive cameras out there. And it has some of the features most often sought by vloggers — it’s not heavy, so you can take it with you and record on the go. The camera also has a flip screen that takes out a lot of preparation out of the equation. Perhaps most importantly — it also has an external port for your microphone.

Just make sure you avoid using a shotgun microphone when you’re recording with this type of camera; with this particular Sony model, such a microphone will obscure your flip screen and it won’t be usable. However, even with this kind of microphone, there are still rigs that let you set it up better so that it doesn’t clash with the small LCD screen.

All in all, this is definitely an excellent option for any kind of vlogger — particularly those on a tighter budget.

Its image quality is on par with some of the models we’ve described above, its autofocus system is more than reliable, and we’re pretty much talking about the most value you can get for your money out of an affordable mirrorless camera. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have proper image stabilization.

The fact that it’s incredibly easy to take around with you means that you won’t have trouble filming any kind of vlog — you want a compact and small camera like this.

If you’re looking to save even more money, we should mention that the previous iteration of this series — A6400 — is even cheaper; but it lacks a flip screen, which may be a deal-breaker for some people. However, that model is also pocket-friendly, and as compact as a vlogger would want it to be.

Going back to the A6500 model, however — you should also know that its maximum framerate is 120 FPS, meaning it holds its own against more specifically designed action cameras. For the money that you’ll end up giving for this camera, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. If you have the inclination to invest in a high-quality lens as well, you’ll not only get more versatility out of this model; you’ll also manage to dispel any worries regarding image stabilization.

The image quality won’t leave a lot to be desired, with a sharp and crisp picture. As we’ve said before, its autofocus will simply astound you; something that’s important for vloggers who travel a lot and take spontaneous pictures and recordings.

This is certainly one of the finest mirrorless Sony cameras for vlogging that you’ll find on the market today. It will make the experience of content creation an utter joy, instead of a hassle.

4. Sony Alpha 5100

This is one of the older models on our list — but it’s still one worth buying if you’re looking for an affordable yet reliable vlogging camera. First of all, the battery life of this Sony device will surprise you, seeing as it’s better than some of the other machines we’ve reviewed so far. Vloggers will appreciate this, as they frequently have to spend a lot of time outside, without access to a charging port.

Plus, it has a touchscreen that makes adjusting settings and light editing on the go far easier. The camera itself has a decent autofocus option and a touchscreen. That means that you can freely touch the focus point in its middle and decide where the focus of your shot will be.

In addition to that, you’ve also got the timelapse recording option. Of course, this is nothing too important when it comes to vloggers, but it’s definitely great for secondary photography; you may want to use that when you’re promoting your online profile.

One of the bigger downsides is the lack of a jack for external microphones. That’s something you can live without, though — not only because you can still use other microphones, but you can also create decent-sounding videos with the built-in mic.

However, we do need to point out that people whose budgets can support the A6500 would do a better job when blogging with that. Still, if you do opt for this model — you’ll find that it’s got one of the most amazing capabilities when it comes to portability. The camera easily lends itself to outdoors-ish content, seeing as it’s small enough to be lugged around wherever without a second thought.

On the other hand, it doesn’t allow for high-quality 4K footage, and the lack of a mic port is something that many people will find to be a deal-breaker. The flip screen is definitely commendable, especially because it’s a touchscreen; making everything infinitely easier than navigating with hardware buttons.

This isn’t a camera that you’re likely to run into on top 5 lists otherwise — it’s not one of those renowned models. Still, despite its lack of publicity, it’s one of the best Sony models for vlogging in our opinion. The value that this model provides will let you enter the world of vlogging without huge expense tying you up in the very beginning.

If we had to point out a single feature that lands this camera on our list, it would be its ground-breaking autofocus system. It works more than well enough, and it’s one of the better systems that we’ve reviewed here. This autofocus gives you access to one of the smoothest vlogging experiences that we’ve ever seen.

We’d be remiss not reminding you of its downsides, however — you won’t be able to record 4K videos with this; though you shouldn’t expect to either, considering its price tag. Also, you will have to invest in an additional microphone setup — but that’s not too big of a cost compared to what you’ll save while buying this camera instead of a costlier model.

All in all, if you’ve just begun vlogging you won’t find a better choice out there. There are some drawbacks that more experienced vloggers wouldn’t forgive, but if you haven’t got hundreds of thousands of subscribers yet; you can probably make such a compromise.

Once you look past the stuff that it doesn’t have, such as slow-motion, you will get a vlogging camera that’s more than decent.

5. Sony DSCHX80

Lastly, we arrive at one of the friendliest prices for Sony vlogging cameras on this list — DSCHX80. Let’s face it — this isn’t a camera that will conquer the Internet with amazing video content, but it’s not that bad either. For a decently low price, you get a flip screen, image stabilization, and WiFi capabilities. And it’s still capable of shooting Full HD content at 1080p.

It’s by far the cheapest camera on this list, but we didn’t list it as our model of choice for budget users because it lacks some features vloggers may find important. For starters, you won’t be able to get much of a low-light performance out of this one, and the aperture is too narrow to provide you with that artsy blurred background style that many people seem to love. It will be a hazier image than, say, the RX100 — meaning its ISO levels aren’t exactly what you’d want them to be.

Of course, seeing as you get this camera for just about half of the abovementioned’s price — it’s no wonder you need to make a couple of compromises. Still, it gets you where you need to go with a low price, a couple of nice features, and decent image quality. This is the cheapest a vlogging camera gets while still producing respectable content.

If you don’t need all of the fancier features that more expensive models have right away, you might actually be better off getting a cheaper model like this one. That’s the main reason why it’s found its way onto our list — it still has a cult following among vloggers, even if it’s not the most popular model out there.

For people who don’t need much to get their first vlog off the ground, this flip-screen camera has enough image stabilization to provide you with a decent variety of footage. Of course, don’t expect night time footage that’s not grainy for this kind of low price; nor should you hope to find a port for microphones.

Sure, it doesn’t shoot 4K videos — but in the beginning, that’s probably not the most important thing. Once your content garners some sort of following, you’ll be able to start monetizing your vlog and buy a better camera.

The fact that this is the most affordable camera you can find for vlogging is not to be disregarded. Plus, the tilt-up screen lets you remain focused on how you look while also recording a live session. The image stabilization found in the camera lets you create video content without worrying about how hazy the image seems; if you’re recording during the day.

Still, even if it isn’t the best camera you can find out there on the market — it gets the job done. And that’s more than we can say for some other cameras with a similar price tag. As long as you don’t expect to use it at night with any reasonable degree of image quality, you’re all set for your first vlog!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sony Cameras

Now that you have a rough outline of the best choices among Sony vlogging cameras, we’ll answer some of the questions about this topic that we come across most often!

Are Sony cameras any good?

The very first question that many people pose when considering what vlogging camera to buy is — are Sony cameras actually good? While many will disregard this as too broad of a question, it actually bears some merit. Brand value is important when you’re thinking about any kind of expensive purchase.

With that in mind, you should know that most Sony cameras are actually manufactured in Japan, and not in China like most hardware for electronics these days. Mirrorless models, however, are made in China. When we compare these models to vlogging cameras made by other companies, we do find that Sony has a decent head start. They’ve got more software features, better stabilization, and superior autofocus.

Canon generally makes higher-quality DSLR cameras and their selection of lenses available for models. It all depends on what kind of camera you’re looking for — though most vloggers use mirrorless models for their content.

Which Sony camera is best for video?

When it comes to filmmaking and video content, the cameras that are the best in the realm of photography may not be the finest option here. However — we must point out that the Sony Alpha A7 Mark III is probably the finest camera for vlogging you can find anywhere; though it is pretty expensive, so we can’t recommend it to everyone.

Is Sony a6000 good for vlogging?

We haven’t included this on our list because professional vloggers rarely use this older model, but it’s still a great camera for any kind of video content. It has the classic Sony autofocus, 24 megapixels in its sensor, and impressive portability due to its low weight.

Which Sony Alpha camera is best?

We’d have to go with the abovementioned Alpha A7 Mark III – because it simply provides you with everything a great vlogging camera should have.

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A Final Word from Run Gun Shoot

As you can see, Sony has more than enough to offer when it comes to vlogging cameras in its arsenal. And these are just the mirrorless models — there are heftier Sony cameras out there if you’re going to film stationary long-form content, such as studio interviews and podcasts. It really all depends on what your vlog is going to be like, but you can rest assured that Sony will have something for it.

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