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Best Low Light Cameras Of 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Panasonic2. Canon3. Sony
Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Best Low Light CameraCanon PowerShot G7Sony Alpha A6000

Photography is one of the oldest hobbies, and many people also earn their bread and butter by making photography their profession. Earlier, capturing a popular eye picture was much more comfortable during the day and in bright light while winning night and low light images were quite severe.

But with the advent of mordent camera models, gone are the days when we would require sufficient light to capture quality images. The emergence of advanced cameras has made everything easy for us. Capturing high-quality photos in low light has become quite easy now, even for amateur photographers.


However, not every camera is quite suitable for low light photography, and you need to choose the right one for this. If you are planning to buy the best low light camera, you need to take care of a few things.

We are here to help you to choose the best product for your needs, and thus we have shortlisted 15 best cameras for low light that were tried and tested with the team of our experts.

Our simple guide on low light cameras will make the task of buying them easy for you. By the time you will reach the end of this guide, you’ll be confident enough to purchase the picture-perfect camera. But before we get into the integrity of cameras, let’s explain to you why you should invest in a dedicated camera.

Why You Should Invest In A Dedicated Camera?

If you look around, you may see cameras everywhere. Starting from our smartphones to laptops and doorbells; there is no scarcity of cameras in our technically advanced world. For most people, having a smartphone with a high megapixel camera is enough for photography and there is no need to spend on a dedicated camera.

Some people, especially photo enthusiasts may prefer to try something different to enjoy high-end photography. The demand for dedicated cameras is always there and people who nurture a great interest in photography never think twice before investing in a dedicated camera. Let us highlight some reasons why you should invest in a dedicated camera.

1. Your Phone Camera Is Not Good Enough

A smartphone camera may capture quality images but that does not mean they are good enough to take on a dedicated camera. Remember, phone cameras feature fixed aperture and you will not get enough chances to play with its control and settings. Quality of lens aperture determines the quality of photographs and it works in a better way in dedicated cameras.

Though the quality of the smartphone camera is improving with time, technologies in dedicated cameras are getting better at the same time. Dedicated cameras are ideal for photographers, who want plenty of options like low-light shots, long-lasting batteries, greater zoom quality, variable aperture and more.

2. Phone Cameras Use Software for Zooming

When it comes to zooming capacity, you will find huge differences between a phone camera and a dedicated camera. One of the key differences is that phone cameras use applications to focus on an object and you cannot call it a real zoom. Smartphone cameras actually enlarge a photo when it comes to zooming.

Dedicated cameras, on the other hand, come with optical zoom facilities that in many cases come with image stabilizers. The optical zooms facility is featured in most of the digital cameras. Some digital cameras come with a long zoom option. Smartphones have limited space to utilize for the camera and you cannot expect them to come with the quality optical zoom lens.

3. Fast Shutter Speed

Fast shutter speed is one of the key features of a dedicated camera and it helps users to capture quality photos of moving objects. Capturing a good quality photo of a moving object is not an easy task and you will require a high-end camera for this. If you are trying to capture some of the actions of your favorite sports, you will need a camera with a fast shutter speed.

However, if you are looking for the best low light camera with fast shutter speed, you have to be ready to spend hugely, as only a high-end camera can give you quality images of moving objects. Fast shutter speed is one of the key reasons why people prefer dedicated cameras.

4. Powerful Sensor

The sensor is one of the most important parts of a camera and it determines the quality of a captured image. The sensor of a camera collects the incoming lights and converts them into digital signals. Sensors with a greater number of megapixels can capture high-resolution photos.

However, here you must remember that pixels alone cannot make any difference when it comes to capturing quality images, as the size of the sensor plays an important role here. If a camera features a larger sensor, it can capture more light, which is important for low-light photography.

Smartphone cameras come with comparatively smaller sensors that are not great for high-end photography. Smartphone cameras are slim and compact and they do not have the room for larger sensors.

5. Multiple Modes And Adjustment Options

Most of the smartphone cameras are automatic and they do not come with too many options like shutter settings and ISO aperture. Such obstructions will prevent you from enjoying full control over your camera. If you have a DSLR or a high-quality point and shoot camera, you can enjoy multiple modes and adjustment options required to capture breathtaking images. Multiple adjustment options will help you to gain control over light metering, white balance, autofocus, etc.

Multiple modes including low-light adjustment can be a great option for photographers who want to capture great images in low light areas.

These are some of the key differences between phone cameras and dedicated digital cameras. Dedicated digital cameras are better for low-light photography and you should check a few factors when investing in the best camera for low light photography.

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Low Light Camera

If you are an amateur photographer, then capturing some amazing images in low light conditions can be a challenging task for you. Professional photographers know how to make photography breath-taking even in low light.

As an amateur, you may find it difficult to choose the best low light digital camera from the market, as a number of factors are associated with it.

Though the skill and technique play a major role in great photography, you cannot deny the role of a feature-packed camera for this. We are here to help you to buy the best camera for low light conditions with a few simple tips and we hope this will help you to secure a profitable deal.

1. Size Of The Sensor

Sensor size plays a major role in low light photography and this can be a key buying factor for you. If the sensor of the camera is low, it will capture less light and you will get the low-quality picture as the result.

Big sensors incorporate necessary light required for high-quality photography and if you are planning to invest in a camera designed for low-light photography, never forget to conduct market research; as such a camera can be highly expensive and simple market research can help you save a lot.

2. ISO Of The Sensor

Here is another important factor to look for when buying a digital camera for low light. ISO measures and controls the sensitivity of the sensor. Higher ISO ensures faster shutter speed and high-quality photography. If you buy a camera with better sensor sensitivity, it will create great images even in low light conditions.

It is better to buy a camera with 1600 or more ISO. You can also find cameras with more than 25,000 ISO but these cameras are quite expensive and you have to be a little bit careful when choosing such one.

3. Take Care Of Megapixels

Though the capability of the sensor ensures the quality of a photograph megapixels or the resolution plays an important role in photography. If your camera comes with a larger number of megapixels, you can expect high-quality and sharp print images.

Higher megapixels will certainly help you to capture high-resolution images but a high megapixels camera will not make you an expert overnight.

Here you must remember that megapixels are just another feature of a camera that plays a role in low light photography. Do not purchase an expensive camera with higher megapixels if you do not need it. Do not get lured by high megapixels, as this can compel you to spend hugely.

4. Prefer Brighter Lenses

If you are planning to buy the best low light camera, you must pay attention to the lenses. Brighter lenses are good for low light photography, as brighter lenses come with the low depth field that allows the light to reach the sensor easily. Brighter lenses can make images impressive even in low light conditions.

The aperture value is another factor you need to look at. The aperture value is related to lenses. Greater aperture value ensures less bright lenses. If you are planning to invest in a camera for low light photography brighter lenses will be an effective feature for you.

5. Noise Control Feature

The high volume of ISO often makes more noise and you have to be careful about this when buying the best low light camera. Many low light cameras come with noise control feature that affects sensor and reduce noises. In most cases, low-light cameras feature a larger sensor and the size often determines the level of noise in cameras.

6. Options In Menu

The menu will bring the world of options for you and you must consider it an important factor. Though the nature of the menu varies from one model to another you have to make sure it is easy to understand and use. Some brands prefer user-friendly menu options for the users and you may not need to read the manuals to understand them.

1. Formats

Some cameras can save photos in either JPEG or raw format, while most of the cameras can save photos in JPEG format. Raw format is believed to be the best, as the raw format can capture all the information and allows the users to enjoy the flexibility to adjust mistakes.

2. Autofocus

Autofocus remains a key factor when it comes to high-quality photography. The autofocus feature helps users target the spot they want to target when capturing an image. Missed focus can be a major issue and the autofocus feature can help you to get rid of it.

3. Image Stabilization

Whether it is a low-light or normal light photography, vibration and shakiness can be a major obstacle for you. The digital image stabilization feature can stable the camera lens and reduce the possibility of blurriness even in low light conditions.

4. Panoramic Mode

The feature allows a camera to capture multiple images of an object or scene and joint them together to make it a panoramic shot. You can find the feature more in point and shoot and mirrorless cameras than DSLRs.

5. Video Recording

Video recording has become an option in digital cameras. You can find the options in most types of digital cameras including point and shoot, mirrorless and DSLRs. You can also find a digital camera with 4K video recording option.

7. Other Features

Along with the lens, ISO and megapixels, you need to take care of a few additional features that can play a major role in low light photography. Many brands come with low-light cameras with Wi-Fi that facilitates wireless file transfer and sharing.

You can also focus on the size and capacity of the SD card. Most of the low-light cameras now come with the maximum 128 GB capacity that will allow you to stores plenty of high-resolution images without any fear of low memory alert.

8. Durability

Low light cameras are expensive and you will expect them to serve you for a long period. Durability is one of the key factors to look at. Though the brand you have chosen may not say anything about the durability of the product you have to make sure that it features sturdy magnesium allow as material for internal frames and sealing for weather protection.

9. Purpose

Before you think about buying the best low light camera, you should have a purpose in mind. Low-light cameras are designed for those interested in indoor and low-light photography. They are expensive and come with a lot of features and options. If you are a photography enthusiast or want to explore the world of low-light photography, you can invest in a low-light camera.

10. Budget

A low-light camera can be an expensive purchase and you must set a budget before you heading for an online or physical camera shop. The price of a camera varies from one model to another and you must check all the features and confirm if you need them to fulfil your purpose.

Expensive camera models are out there and they can be great for low light photography. If you have come with a strict budget, do not choose a camera with unnecessary features and accessories.

These are some of the key factors that you must look for when buying the best low light camera from online or physical stores. Low light photography is a complex task and you may require some to become a master in this. Buying a suitable low light camera may help you capture some breathtaking images even in low light conditions.

Top 15 Best Low Light Cameras 2020

1. Panasonic Lumix ZS200

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Best Low Light Camera

Capturing low light photographs were not very common in the early days, however, with the continuous invention in the world of photography, low light photography has become favorite to many.

With a large 1-inch 20.1 MP high sensitivity sensor, new LUMIX ZS200 from PANASONIC can help you capture stunning details even in the low light and if you are searching for the best low light camera, LUMIX ZS200 should not be missed.

The pocket-size camera features 15x optical zoom and the big 1-inch MOS sensor will give you desired detail in a photograph making it a bit different from other cameras available in the market. The camera comes with a Leica DC lens and it allows the users to capture HD videos in 4K resolution.

The 15X LEICA DC Vario-Elmar Lens is equivalent of 24-360mm lens and it will be a great choice for travelers, amateurs and professionals.


  • A large sensor is the most important thing for low light photography and LUMIX ZS200 comes with a large 1-inch 20.1 MP high sensitivity sensor to give you excellent results even in low light.
  • Users can capture high definition 4K videos on ZS200. One can share the photographs instantly with Wi-Fi connectivity.


  • Since the lens is equivalent to 24-360mm, it won’t be a good choice for capturing wide-angle shots.

2. Canon PowerShot G7

Canon PowerShot G7

The mobile camera has become a competitor to compact digital cameras in recent years however there are some areas where mobile cameras still struggle to deliver the highest quality. Low light photography has become very popular and if you are about to invest in a compact camera to increase your fan-following on Instagram with stunning low-light shots, you should not miss PowerShot G7 X Mark II from Canon.

The company is known to be a leading manufacturer of high-end DSLRs and recently they are trying to capture the market of a compact camera with their latest products. PowerShot G7 MarkII comes with a 1 inch, 20.1 MP CMOS sensor that gives you satisfying details in lowlight photographs.

Manufacturers have comprised DIGIC 7 image processor and the bright aperture value of f/1.8-2.8 makes it an ideal choice for those who wish to practice low light photography.

The lens is equivalent of 24mm-100mm and it will suit the requirement of travelers and amateurs. The built-in Wi-Fi allows users to share the photographs instantly and if you are looking for an affordable compact camera for low light photography, it will be a good choice.


  • PowerShot G7 X Mark II features 1 inch, 20.1 MP CMOS sensor that makes it a perfect choice for low light photography.
  • The camera has optical zoom up to 4.2x.
  • The model comes with a high-resolution 3-inch monitor that can be tilted up to 180 degrees.


  • The camera doesn’t allow capturing 4K videos.

3. Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha A6000

The name of Sony is uttered when it comes to the best mirrorless camera manufacturers and the Alpha series has never failed to meet the expectations of the buyers. The ultrafast mirrorless camera will deliver the best performance from fast action candid to low light photograph.

Alpha a6000 features the world’s fastest auto focus technology making it the best choice for professionals.

The model can capture up to 11 photos within a second and the model feature two quick-access dials to change the settings instantly. The mirrorless camera will give you the highest convenience while traveling and the compact size will help save your space in a unique way.

A6000 comes with newly developed 24.3 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor, which gives you necessary details in a photograph. The model adopts similar gapless on-chip lens structure like Alpha7R and it results in brilliant image quality and light sensitivity.


  • Get rid of carrying bulky DSLRs and lenses and save your space with Sony a6000.
  • The model features world’s fastest auto focus6 along with 179 AF points and 11fps.
  • The camera features an ISO range of 100- 25600 that allows users to capture excellent low-light photography.


  • Since the sensor will be exposed while changing the lens, users must be careful about dust.

4. Canon PowerShot SX620

Canon PowerShot SX620

A camera is considered to be one of the most essential items of the travelers and a lot of buyers prefer investing on high-end compact cameras to get better photos compared to the cheap compact cameras.

Canon has a great collection of compact digital cameras for every type of traveler and if you are looking for the best cameras for low light performance for the upcoming trip, you should not overlook PowerShot SX620 from Canon, Digital Camera with Wi-Fi & NFC Enabled, 25x Optical Zoom.

The camera has been designed to suit the requirements of every photographer. Whether it’s an event or casual moments from daily lives, the camera will surprise the users with its optimum performance.

The camera comes with a 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor along with the DIGIC 4+ Image Processor that gives brilliant details to your photographs. The model also comprises 25x optical zoom allowing you to be more creative with the frames.


  • The camera comes with a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor that gives you stunning details in low light.
  • The unique shake reduction technology analyzes camera movement and gives you brilliant footage.
  • Users can capture with intelligent still image shooting modes.


  • The camera doesn’t offer manual control and users will be able to change the shooting modes to get the desired photograph.

5. Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon EOS Rebel T6

For many people, the camera is a onetime investment and they tend to look out for the best deals to save on the cost. Although there are plenty of options available in cheap compact cameras, some people are passionate about investing in quality products and if you are tired of searching the best deals, EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera from Canon with EF-S f/3.5-5.6 is II Lens + 58mm Wide Angle Lens +18-55mm 2X Telephoto Lens +48GB SD Memory Card + Flash + Tripod + UV Filter Kit +Full Accessory Bundle shouldn’t be overlooked.

Canon has earned the trust with their high-end DSLR cameras and the bundle package comes with EOS Rebel T6, 58mm high definition wide-angle lens, 18-55mm EF-S f/3.5-5.6 is II lens and 58mm 2x professional telephoto lens and if you have interests in portrait, landscape and wildlife, this will be a great choice for you. Investing on different lenses will be tough for common people and the bundle includes necessary accessories that will help photographers to save a lot of money.


  • The DSLR camera supports 1080P video recording at 30 fps 9-point AF.
  • The camera has NFC scene intelligent auto mode and creative auto modes to shoot in different styles.
  • The accessory kit will save your money in a unique way.


  • The quality of the tabletop tripod is average and it won’t be ideal for outdoor use.

6. Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Panasonic Lumix FZ80

A lot of buyers look out for advanced features in the compact digital camera to capture stunning details in low light and if you have similar requirements, new Lumix FZ80 4K Digital Camera from PANASONIC with 60X Zoom, DC VARIO 20-1200mm Lens should not be missed. The camera comes with a powerful lens that will fulfill everyone’s requirements.

It features F2.8-5.9 aperture range that provides excellent detail with advanced O.I.S technology. A lot of buyers check for 4K video technology and this compact camera allows individuals to capture high-quality 4K videos whenever they want.

Manufacturers have tried to make it more appealing to the users and the model comes with post focus and focus-stacking technology to become more creative with your composition.

The camera comes with full range 60x zoom that helps you capture a subject that lies far away. The compact camera can capture super-fast 30 frames per second and if you are in search of the best camera for night photography, this will be a great option.


  • Users can capture stunningly beautiful photographs and video at 30 frames per second.
  • Whether you wish to capture lowlight wide-angle landscape or wildlife photos with 60x zoom, this camera will be a good choice.
  • Impressive post focus technology will allow being more creative.


  • It doesn’t have fast charging features.

7. Canon EOS Rebel T6

Canon EOS Rebel T6

A lot of buyers seemed to be confused when it comes to investing in the best low light camera and many people look out for bundle offers that help to save the cost in an effective way.

Before making a decision, one must understand their requirements. Suppose you are interested in portrait, landscape and wildlife shots, it is not possible to get the desired images using a single lens.

New deluxe bundle package includes EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera from Canon with 18-55mm and EF 75-300mm Lens that will suit various shooting style to give you a different experience. The package includes one DSLR, two lenses, focus flash, UV lens protection filter, two SD cards and USA manufacturer’s warranty.

The quality of the image gets the highest priority among photographers and the Canon T6 18MP CMOS DIGIC 4+ Image Processor will give you highest satisfaction with the quality of images.


  • Buyers will get complete accessories along with lenses.
  • The package will be a great choice for versatile use.
  • Buyers will get two SD cards in the package.


  • The camera supports HD video recording but the highest capture resolution is 1080P.

8. PowerShot SX420

PowerShot SX420

Are you tired of searching a perfect camera that comprises excellent long-reaching zoom along with excellent imaging performance, new PowerShot SX420 from Canon IS Digital Camera comprises 42x Optical Zoom, 20MP 1 /2.3’’CCD image sensor pairs and 64GB Card should not be missed.

The camera features DIGIC 4+ image sensor to give you a unique shooting experience with HD 720P video recording at 25 fps. Many photographers prefer shooting in a wide variety of environments and the camera will be a perfect choice as it allows users to capture stunning wide-angle shots to super-telephoto perspectives smoothly.

PowerShot SX420 comes with an advanced IS image stabilization technology that helps to capture stunning photographs even in the low light. The shake reduction feature will help photographers to get crystal clear and sharp images and it has a rear 3.0’’ 230k-dot LCD and WiFi connectivity that will allow instant sharing that makes it a bit different from other cameras.

Investing in the deluxe bundle will help save the money and buyers will get SX420 IS digital camera, CB-2LF battery charger, NB-11LH Lithium-Ion battery pack, WS-DC12 wrist strap, lens cap, spare battery and charger, padded camera case, handgrip, card reader, screen protector, cleaning kit, memory card wallet, gripster tripod, the imaging world microfiber cleaning cloth.

The camera supports ISO range up to ISO 1600 and it can be used for continuous shooting at 2.2 fps. Buyers will get a limited 1-year warranty on the purchase and one should not miss it.


  • The camera comes with a unique IS image stabilization technology that helps users to get stunning shots.
  • One can capture HD videos using this camera.
  • The complete accessory bundle will help to save on your investment.


  • The Gripster tripod is not ideal for outdoor use and one should be careful about it.

9. Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60K

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60K

Unlike others, Panasonic has lately entered into the world of photography and within a short span, they have managed to emerge as a leading manufacturer in the present market.

New Lumix DMC-ZS60K from Panasonic-4K Point and Shoot Camera comes with 30x (24 720mm) LEICA DC Lens optical zoom, 18 MP sensor with high quality and lesser image artifacts that will suit the requirements of amateurs and if someone is looking for the best camera for lowlight photography DMC ZS60K will be a great choice.

The compact camera features excellent built quality and the powerful lens will be a perfect choice for varied shooting styles. This camera can be a perfect travel partner and it will allow capturing stunningly beautiful photos and HD videos that will make your journey memorable forever.

DMC ZS60K comes with 24mm LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR Lens that has 30x optical zoom and the 35mm compact camera is capable of capturing extraordinary shots with the automatic viewfinder.

Harsh sunlight or extreme low light can ruin the photograph with excessive or no light but the model allows users to manually control the aperture, focus and shutter speed to get the desired light in your photograph. The adjustable control ring aims to give you highest control on the device and it will ensure smooth operation.

In many cases, photographers face various issues with image stabilization and this model features a unique image stabilization feature that will suppress blurring uniquely.

Buyers must check the low light performance before making a decision and Lumix DMC-ZS60K will give you excellent low-light performance even in low light conditions. Panasonic has comprised a unique feature that made it a bit different from other models.

The post focus function allows photographers to adjust the focus after capturing the image. All these features make it a perfect choice for everyone and if you are looking for a low light camera, you shouldn’t miss it.


  • The 30x optical zoom will make photography easier for everyone.
  • The model can capture 4K HD videos.
  • The eye-level electronic viewfinder will give you brilliant viewing experience.


  • You cannot capture 60fps video on this device.

10. Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Many people look out for professional quality digital camera for travelling and nowadays buyers can choose from a wide variety of cameras that ensure smooth shooting experience. New Lumix FZ300 from PANASONIC with 12.1 Megapixel, 1/2.3-Inch Sensor, 4K Video, Splash & Dustproof Camera Body, WiFi, Leica DC 24X F2.8 Long Zoom Digital Camera comes with 4K photo technology and it allows capturing videos at 30 fps.

The camera comes with a powerful 24x zoom with a constant aperture of f 2.8 gives you highest freedom to capture in low light conditions. Manufacturers have improved the focusing technology over the years and the new speed focusing gives you the highest detail and sharp image as per your requirement.

It has 5 axis correction technology helps to reduce the blur for various types of movement. Buyers often lookout for 4K photo and video support when they visit a store and new FZ300 allows capturing special moments with its new speed focusing technology.

One can capture at 30fps continuously and there are different photo modes so that you won’t have to spend a lot of time for post-processing. Users have provided excellent reviews about 25-600 millimeter LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens and it ensures seamless performance in the dimly lit environment throughout the zoom range.

The high-speed autofocusing and dustproof rugged design make it ideal for rough use and 5-Axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization will efficiently prevent photographs from becoming blurred.

The camera has a level shot features that will prevent users to maintain the basic guidelines. For example, the level shot function will automatically adjust the horizon line even if you capture when the camera tilted. The camera comes with a high-resolution (1,440k-dot) OLED Live View Finder that offers high visibility with 10000:1 contrast ratio and high 0.7x magnification.


  • The camera allows capturing burst shots at 12fps and users can take stunning macro shots on Lumix FZ300. By investing in this camera, you can capture high-resolution HD videos.
  • The camera supports optical zoom up to 24x and it will help shooting in a different environment.


  • The package does not include external memory.

11. Sony DSCH300/B

Sony DSCH300/B

Over the years, Sony has surprised the users with its new inventions and new DSCH300/B Digital Camera from Sony (Black) comprises advanced features to make a compact camera highly appealing among both amateurs and professionals. The camera comes with a powerful 20.1 megapixel super CAD CCD image sensor that helps you to capture stunning details in the photograph.

Manufacturers have been trying to make the point and shoot cameras more user-friendly for amateurs and the easy mode will make your shooting more enjoyable with simple operation.

Post-processing is a vital part of photography and one needs to spend hours on post-processing to make a picture lively. The camera comes with excellent picture effects that will make post-processing easier for everyone.

There are four different modes for both photos and videos and three modes for panoramic shots and these features have made this model popular compared to others.

Image stabilization is a crucial feature to look for buyers and it can help to reduce unnecessary jerks that often damage the composition. Forget worrying about shakes and get a superb quality photograph with DSCH300/B Digital Camera from Sony.

Some photographers tend to go beyond the traditional wide-angle shots and they wish to capture stunning panoramic shots. Manufacturers have prioritized the requirements of the users and sweep panorama mode on DSCH300/B allows anyone to capture beautiful panoramic shots just by sweeping and pressing the shutter button.

The smile shutter technology is a unique feature that automatically releases the shutter when the subject is smiling and the feature will help capturing smiling faces when you are on a trip.

The feature will work even in low light conditions and users can adjust the light setting with various modes like backlighting or party mode. The camera features an ergonomic grip and if you are looking for the perfect low light steady shot, this will be a perfect choice for buyers.


  • The camera comes with a powerful 20.1 megapixel super HAD CCD image sensor that allows you to capture each and every detail even in low light.
  • The camera features SteadyShot Image stabilization technology that efficiently reduces blurring.
  • The camera comes with a powerful 35x optical zoom and this makes it ideal for use in different environments.


  • The package does not include an external memory card and you need to buy it separately.

12. Kodak PIXPRO AZ421-RD


There was a time when the world of photography used to be dominated by Kodak, but things changed suddenly and a lot of competitors have taken the market with their products. Still, there is a huge fan-base of Kodak and if you are looking for a superzoom compact camera from a reputed manufacturer, PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ421-RD from Kodak will be an ideal choice. The camera comes with plenty of pixels, allowing users to cut, crop or alter the photos as they wish.

PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ421-RD has 16 MP-camera and the CCD sensor will give you brilliant details no matter what the lighting condition is. It also features a 24mm wide-angle lens that will give you highest comfort while capturing wide-angle landscape shots.

Optical image stabilization has made photography easier and the technology allows any Tom, Dick or Harry to capture brilliant photographs without putting a lot of efforts. The image stabilization feature will automatically detect small movements and adjust it while capturing a photograph.

The camera comes with a 3 inch LCD screen that will provide easy access to your footage and you can check it from time to time. The convenience helps to reduce the errors and if you are looking for the best camera for low light you have come to the right place.

HD videos can make your videos look better and if you are about to spend on a camera to capture stunning travel videos of your travel, investment on this model will be a good choice.

The camera doesn’t require users to carry spare batteries and it runs on Li-Ion technology making it very easy to recharge. The standby time is longer compared to other cameras and it will be a perfect choice for users who want long backup while shooting videos or capturing photos.

Users have shared brilliant reviews about the performance and the large sensor allows capturing each and every detail making a photograph completely distinct.


  • The model comes with a 42x optical zoom that makes it highly popular among the photographers.
  • The model is available in three different colors and users can choose their favorite color accordingly.
  • It has advanced technologies like face detection, slow sync flash, fill flash and optical image stabilization.


  • Users can’t capture 4K video on this model.

13. Sony DSCHX80/B

Sony DSCHX80/B

Are you looking for a selfie-ready point and shoot camera with a 30x optical/60x zoom facility? Tech giant Sony brings the best product for you. The 18.2MP camera is ideal for low light photography. It features ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T Lens and OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder. The low-light compact camera comes with 3” additional multi-angle LCD screen, versatile video recording in MP4, AVCHD, and XAVC 5 formats.

Now, you can connect your camera to smartphones, laptops, desktop, Wi-Fi enabled TVs and many other devices, as the camera features Wi-Fi/NFC. The camera comes with the 5-axis image stabilization feature that will reduce the problem of shake and blur. It has customizable settings, P/A/S/M modes, memory recall mode, downloadable camera apps and focuses with Lock-on AF.

It can frame moving objects with up to 10fps and its focus range is 5cm (1.97”) and Infinity Telephoto is 2.5cm (8.20”). Its adjustable angle can move up to 180-degree, while the maximum aperture of F-number is F3.5 (W)- 6.4 (T).

You can get all important accessories like a pack of rechargeable battery, micro USB cable, wrist strap, AC adaptor, and instruction manual. Besides, it features a fast shutter movement that can capture images at 10fps, which means you will be able to capture even a decisive moment.

The lock-on autofocus will help you to focus on the target object. The product is from the house of Sony Electronic Inc and you can rate it as one of the best cameras for low light photography.

Along with high-quality photos in low light conditions, the camera will allow the user to shoot HD movies with full HD-quality recording. The 18.2MP camera is superb for those seeking low light cameras under $400.


  • Compact and point and shoot, HD video recording, Wi-Fi enabled, image stabilization


  • Not for long-range photography

14. Canon T100

Canon T100

EOS 4000D/ Rebel from Canon with accessories including 64GB SanDisk memory card, multi-coated filter (3PC), digital slave flash and more. The 18MP camera can capture stunning photos even in low light conditions. It features APS-C Sensor, AF optical viewfinder, scene intelligent auto, DIGIC 4+, creative filters, 2.7” LCD screen, 1080p Full HD EOS Movie.

You can enjoy great photography without any fear of shake or blur with an optical image stabilizer. The low light camera comes with 100-6400 ISO, Auto (100-6400) that will help you to capture high-quality photographs like professionals.

You can get f/3.5-5.6 III (EF-S 18-55mm) lens, while its Wi-Fi connectivity and camera connect app will help you to transfer or share photos with other Wi-Fi enabled devices without using any cable.

You can call it a beginner’s DSLR and best for the low light photography. Now capturing quality photos and full HD movies has become quite easy. The 18MP APS-C camera from Canon will allow you to experiment with your creativity. You can also make a point and shoot with features like scene intelligent auto and greater shutter speed.

You can also get plenty of manufacturer accessories and additional items like battery pack, battery charger, eye cap, camera strap, lens cap, lens dust cap, camera strap, SanDisk 64GB memory card (ultra), 57” professional tripod, camera backpack, memory card reader, HD macro lens attachment (0.34x wide-angle), hand strap/ padded wrist, memory card wallet, dust blower, cleaning kit and more.


  • APS-C sensor, EOS full HD movie, optical image stabilizer, Wi-Fi connectivity, SanDisk 64GB memory card


  • No 4K video recording

15. Canon PowerShot 20.3MP 

Canon PowerShot 20.3MP

Canon has brought the best low light camera for beginners. The camera comes with a powerful 40x optical zoom that will make it easy for you to capture breathtaking near and far images. You can also record 4K video and time-lapse movies.

Its 180-degree tilted LCD can keep everything at the center. The camera comes with a range of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth features that will make sharing and transferring easy for you.

The camera comes with a dedicated shooting mode that will allow the users to gain control over the aperture and shutter priorities, which can be a great option for low light photography. This advanced point and shoot camera is pretty good when it comes to recording HD or 4K videos. It comes with better low light capability than typical point and shoot cameras.

Available in two color variants; black and silver, the slim and stylish camera is ideal for travel and low light photography. Its slim and compact design makes it an ideal travel accessory. Its powerful optical zooming capacity will help you to frame far objects and capture stunning photos.


  • 20.3 megapixels, 40x optical zoom, 4K video recording, image stabilizer, CMOS sensor


  • No interchangeable lenses

FAQs on Low Light Cameras

1. Can I Capture Action Shoots In Low Light Condition?

Capturing a shot in low light conditions can be a challenging task for an amateur unless you have an advanced low light camera. If you have a camera with an adjustable aperture and shutter speed, it will be easy for you to freeze a moment in low light conditions. Though an efficient low light camera makes the task of light photography easy the quality of the images often depends on how dark the object or the area is.

2. How Can I Reduce the Noise Level?

Noise is a major issue in low light photography and you can reduce the level of noise by lowering the level of ISO. If possible try to identify the ISO at which the camera creates noise. However, apart from measuring the ISO level, you have to ensure the right exposure.

Underexposed shot often create noise in low light conditions. Lowest ISO can help you to capture great low light images and you do not have to be a professional photographer for this.

3. What Is The Importance Of White Balance?

The white balance remains an important factor in the low light photography and you have to choose the right white balance for it. You have to set the right white balance to make the environment for low light photography.

The format of your photo can play a role here. If the photo has been taken in RAW format, you will have the chance to adjust the balance later, while in JPGs format you will need to have perfect white balance in your camera.

In most cases, the camera lens cannot differentiate the color of sunlight and fluorescent and tungsten light bulb. Cameras that come with a white balance setting can adjust the difference automatically and create an image as natural as possible.

Some digital cameras also come with a manual white balance setting. In simple words white balance tells the camera how the different colours will be captured in different lights. It also helps in removing unwanted colour cast. Colour cast can make yiour image look unnatural and it can ruin your image.

4. How to Focus on Low Light Condition?

This can be a million-dollar question for a beginner and you must know the reasons why some people struggle to capture good images in low light conditions. Right focus is quite important here and a few brands do not pay attention to it.

Pouring enough light on the object can be a solution but such photographs will not be considered as great low light photography. The best way to control the focus is to use the manual focus ring that will help you to fine-tune the focus of your camera.

5. How to Find Camera Software?

It is quite easy to find a free version of the camera software. If you are looking for the complete version, you have to purchase the product key. You can get the software from the official website of the brand you have chosen. You can also look for it via Google search, Google play store or in you Iphone play store.

6. I Do Not Understand The Differences Between Optical And Digital Zoom

These two types of zooming facility can be found on dedicated and smartphone cameras. Optical zoom works differently way than digital zoom, in the optical zoom, the camera lens controls itself to zoom in or out a distant object. In digital zooming, software zooms the outer edges of a photo and deliver the expected outcome. Optical zoom is better in terms of quality and sharpness of the captured images.

7. How Many Megapixels Require For Low Light Photography?

Megapixel alone will not help you to capture good images in low light conditions, as the sensor and ISO will also play a major role here. If you are planning to buy the best low light camera, it is better to invest in a product that comes with the effective features required for low light photography. A 15-20 megapixel camera can be enough for the low light photoshoot but you have to look at other factors for a satisfactory outcome.

Capture And Flaunt Your Images With Best Low Light Camera

If you are an amateur photographer, capturing quality images in low light conditions can be a challenging task for you. If you are interested in low light photography and want to invest in the best low light camera, you should take care of all these above-mentioned factors.

This simple camera buying guild will help you to pick the product you need to get your job done. We also suggest the buyers conduct market research to secure the best deal on their purchase. Once you buy your camera before start using it learn all its functions properly and make sure that you follow users-manual properly.

Buying the right camera is utmost important and taking care of it properly is indeed essential to because it will ensure the longevity of your precious camera. Once you learn the features of your best low light camera stat flaunting your talent to the world.