15 tips for run and gun dslr docu verite shooting

  1. To begin with, choose the best DSLR camera for beginners.
  2. Shoot video-style when you have to and film-style when you can.
  3. If you can’t have two camera bodies, carry another lens in a lens pouch on your belt.
  4. Don’t carry too much at once.
  5. On your cameras, have these two picture profiles in your custom settings: one where everything is manual, and one which is Shutter Priority and auto-iris/focus/ISO.
  6. Lav mic your talent and post-sync it.
  7. Buy lots of batteries AND chargers, or if your camera takes USB power, try using a portable power pack.
  8. Use a variable ND filter in daylight.
  9. Post-stabilization can save your ass – if you use it right.
  10. Use the biggest SD card your can afford.
  11. Have a GoPro or other compact camera like the Sony RX100 in your pocket or camera bag at all times.
  12. Your body is your tripod.
  13. Your body is your slider.
  14. Your monopod is your jib.
  15. Your iPhone can be a light source.
  16. Use a gorillapod mounted to a chair back as a perfect eye-level camera support for seated subjects.

These are all great tips but the most important part you should never compromise on is the camera itself. Look at the best cameras to see the top picks.

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